4th of July

4thof July is celebrated in United States in the honor of America’s Independence from the Great Britain. On 4thJuly 1776, America found its independence and a democracy was born
The people of United States get worked up in patriotic fervor to celebrate the spirit of Independence. Largely, the Independence day in United States is observed as a Federal holiday. Banks, schools, offices and some businesses also remain closed due to this event. If 4thof July is on Saturday, it is observed one day prior to it, and if it is on Sunday, the celebration is observed on Monday. 
Very few people in US actually work on Independence day. It is a day to spend with family, hang out somewhere away from home, enjoy barbeques, picnics. One can exhibit a great emphasis on the American tradition of political freedom on this particular day. American flags fly high outside many houses and buildings.

People arrange games and competitions in their localities. These activities include America’s favorite outdoor games like Baseball and basket ball. To take a dip into the cool in the warm summer independence day, they arrange for swimming competitions as well. Parades and cultural activities are also a part of celebration on the independence day.

Independence day is also a day for celebrating the positive aspect of Political freedom of America too. Many political leaders make appearances in the public events to show their love and regards to American history, culture and origin and their citizens. The people in US on this day thank their first generation people for fighting the liberation movement for the democratic independence of America.

Fireworks display plays a large role in the festive atmosphere on 4thof July. There’s also fireworks display competition in America where the best show gets aired on different American Television.
Some employees even takes one-two days off early to plan a weekend vacation during this time. All together it is a festive day for the people of United States. 

Send 4th of July Cards to your family and friends and celebrate the spirit of freedom on this grand day.
4th of July US Independence Day US Independence Day US Independence Day

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