4th of July Activities

4th of July Fireworks
Celebrate 4th of July

Celebrate July 4th with this collection of great games, decorations, crafts, and more — all perfect to get into the holiday spirit! Kids of all ages will enjoy these patriotic-themed games. Have a fun, happy and safe Independence Day with these easy 4th of July Activities.

The 4th of July or the Independence Day of America is celebrated with events and activities like parades, festivals, picnics, barbecues, fireworks, patriotic songs, and other such patriotic displays.

4th of July barbecue
Fun 4th of July Activities for Family

It is a national holiday, so it generally means a fun-filled day for all the people specially toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids. Concerts, basketball tournament, pizza eating contest are some of the popular activities of this significant day enjoyed by the adults and kids

People take the opportunity to relax and celebrate the freedom of the nation with family and closed friends. Hometown parades usually mark the beginning of the celebrations of July 4th. The parade is followed by picnics, gatherings and barbecues. Next it is time for some fun in the sun. Boating, fishing, swimming are some of the common activities which are famous among the kids and the school going children. Amazing firework displays are termed as the grand finale of the entire July 4th celebrations.

Adults and kids gather in nearby parks to watch the magnificent firework displays. The fireworks are one of the mode through which one can truly recognize the independence of the nation. Some people say that it is a great way of ending the eventful day of 4th July.

4th of July Activities
Here is a list of some of the annual events and activities of 4th July


  • Several Major and minor league baseball games are organized and played on 4th July.
  • An annual event of ‘Peachtree Road Race’ of 10 kilometer is held in Atlanta on Independence Day.
  • International Freedom festival is jointly organized in many places like Michigan, Ontario as a part of the celebration of this important day.
  • The ‘America’s Freedom Festival at Provo’ is supposed to be one of the biggest freedom festivals that is held in Utah. This event includes parades of Independence day and the ‘Stadium of Fire’, an annual event.

July 4th Activities for Children

July 4th Activities for Children
Fun 4th of July activities for kids

  • 4th activities for children usually mean some creative ways for getting the kids involved in the celebrations of the Independence day.
  • Kids can make some flash cards and can put the pictures of the Presidents into it. They can also include some pictures of the states and the map of US into the cards. While doing this activity, kids would automatically get involved into the mood of the July 4th celebrations.
  • Children can do one more interesting activity that is writing the names of the US Presidents and a single fact related to them.

While doing these activities children would need the help of the parents. So, the parents must help the kids in preparing the spreadsheet, collecting the pictures and names of the Presidents, framers of constitution, pictures of the original colonies of America and pictures of the early American flags, etc. It would help the kids in learning a lot about their nation and history and that too very quickly.

Check out some beautiful 4th of July Cards and wonderful 4th of July Messages.

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