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What’s Special on Diwali…

Decorations of Diwali Diwali gives a wonderful chance to people to decorate their homes tastefully. As passion of Diwali is not restricted only to India, people adorn their …

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November 4, 2010

Five Days of Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights. Indians celebrate throughout the planet with great zeal and passion. Diwali not only brings a lot of enthusiasm but also five days …

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November 2, 2010

Diwali Celebrations

India celebrates Diwali with joy and gaiety but fervor of festivity of this fiesta of lights is no less in other countries. As this festival of light approaches, …

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November 2, 2010

All Saints Day

The festival of All Saints Day is celebrated by the church to remember and honor all the faithful men of Christianity. The liturgical color for All Saints’ Day …

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November 1, 2010

Have a Scary Samhain

Samhain marks one doorway out of the two great doorways of the Celtic year. The Celts separated the year into two seasons: the light and the dark; at …

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October 29, 2010

Halloween- A Creepy Carnival

A frightening festival that chills the spine is Halloween. It is observed on 31st Oct. This festival has its roots in All Saint’s Day-a Christian holiday and the …

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October 26, 2010

Diwali-The Extravaganza of Lights

A beautiful display of lights and fireworks portrays a picture of Diwali night. Literally, Diwali means rows of clay lamps. This festival signifies its connection with the uplifting …

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October 18, 2010

Dusshera-The Victory of Good Over Evil

Generous shower of lights, blaze-burn, sizzle-scorch followed by a fabulous show of fireworks celebrate the victory of good over evil. This is Dusshera, one of the favorite festivals …

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October 12, 2010

Navratri Celebrations

The entire Navratri Festival ceremony is carried out with the chanting of mantras conveying the theme- “This is my offering to God”. The day following Navratri is hailed …

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October 7, 2010

Commonwealth Games Wallpapers

Commonwealth Games 2010 has Shera as the mascot. Shera is a loving name given to sher (Hindi) and Tiger (English). The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal …

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October 5, 2010

Mantra of Commonwealth Games 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 have ushered a sporty season in India. Throughout the country the athletic cheer and sporty spirit can be seen and felt. This international event has …

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September 30, 2010

Sukkot – Jewish Thanksgiving

Sukkot is a Jewish harvest festival. Celebrated four days after Yom Kippur, Sukkot begins at dawn of the 14th day of Tishri. This period usually takes place in …

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September 23, 2010

It’s time for a Birthday bash!

Birthday parties are getting more unique everyday. New birthday themes, special locations, glossy décor; they seem to be the new party flavors. Are you planning a birthday party …

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September 20, 2010