14th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every anniversary year has its own special theme. The traditional 14th anniversary gift is ivory.

Fourteenth anniversary gift ideas help you to memorialize the love-journey from your wedding day till the day of fourteenth anniversary. It gives you time to celebrate and strengthen the years of togetherness. A period of thirteen years is not a short one. When you step into another year of your marriage with fourteenth anniversary, you feel proud and happy to be together throughout these years. You are eager to give something precious and memorable to your spouse. When you have to gift a couple on their fourteenth anniversary, then also you feel like giving something that will respect their long term bond. Here are some gift ideas for fourteenth anniversary that will assist you in giving a wonderful gift.
Traditional Gifts for Fourteenth Anniversary

Ivory jewelry
Traditional Gifts for Fourteenth Anniversary

Ivory is the traditional gift material for the 14th anniversary. But make sure that you are buying only imitation ivory stuff. Purchasing real ivory would support elephant poaching industry.

Imitation ivory jewelry will be a gift to treasure by your wife. If you want an alternative for imitation ivory; agate, bloodstone and opal will help you.

Gift a bouquet of imitation ivory roses to your wife.

A bar of ivory soap will pleasantly surprise her. If an elegant bracelet is wrapped around it, it will be more pleasing.

Modern Gifts for Fourteenth Anniversary
Gold forms the modern theme for fourteenth anniversary gifts. You can have ideas from following lines-

A bracelet, wrist watch, cuff links or a necklace of gold will be a precious gift.

Watch Gift
Wrist Watches

A heart shaped pendant of gold with photos of both of you will be a forever lasting memory.

Gold pendent
A heart shaped pendant of gold

A bouquet of gold paper roses will give her the feeling of being on the ninth cloud.

Fourteenth Anniversary Romantic Gift Ideas
On this day, watching the CD of your big day and looking at your wedding album will make you relive the past. You can also sit together and reflect on the past years while going through your family album.

Wedding album
Fourteenth Anniversary Romantic Gift Ideas

Give a bouquet of fourteen roses to your spouse.

Give a bouquet of fourteen roses to your spouse.

Give fourteen gifts to your spouse. This will signify your fourteenth anniversary.

Dahlia is the flower for fourteenth anniversary. A fresh bouquet of these flowers will refresh your memories and add scent to your day.

Gifts for fourteenth anniversary give you chances to show that you care. So, with the help of fourteenth anniversary gift ideas make your spouse or a couple feel caressed.

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