13th Birthday Party Ideas

The birthday is very special for everyone.. A 13th birthday party can be difficult. Your child is not really a little kid anymore, but they also aren’t a teen yet. Below are some  ideas about 13th birthday party.

A 13th birthday party is a special occasion, so it should be celebrated with fun and enthusiasm. When your children turn 13, they would like to explore things in their own way and develop an opinion of their own. So, you should sit down with them and find out how they would like to celebrate their most important day.

Check out 13 birthday party ideas for girls and boys so that you have a great celebration planned for your children.

13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl
Here are some ideas on how to celebrate your daughter’s 13th birthday.

Luau party:
Such a party can be arranged by decorating the party room into a tropical atmosphere. You’ll need inflatable palm trees and tropical flowers for the decorations. Request your guests to come in tropical dresses,bikini tops, and grass skirts. In addition, you may organize a limbo and hula-hoop contest to create the perfect luau party.

Spa party:

Spa massage
Spa party

If you’d like to celebrate your daughter’s 13th birthday with her alone and you won’t invite any guest, just take her to a spa or create one in your home itself. Let your daughter enjoy a facial massage, pedicure, hair styling and other treatments which can help her relax and feel rejuvenated on her special day. Use candles for the decorations and play some soft music so that your daughter enjoys the ambience.

Partying like a hippie:

13th birthday party themes
Partying like a hippie

One of the most exciting 13th birthday party ideas for girls is to organize a hippie party. Such a party is all about using plenty of bright and beautiful flowers and items that symbolize peace. Invite your daughter’s friends and let them celebrate together and have fun on this day. Allow your daughter to wear dresses that hippies use, like bell bottoms and hip huggers. You may create tie and die shirts and gift them to the guests as party favors. As for the music, play something that was popular around 13 years ago when your child was born.

Makeover theme party:

Birthday Party Ideas for 13 year olds
Makeover theme party

Throw a party at your home on your daughter’s 13th birthday and make sure all guests come in fancy costumes. Request your guests to go for a makeover and then attend your party. You may suggest a theme for the makeover, which your guests should follow. Let there be a contest where the person with the best makeover wins an exciting prize!

13th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys
Find out some ideas for 13th birthday party for your son to celebrate and enjoy.

Sports theme:
If your son loves sports, try to get tickets for the game so that he and his friends can enjoy the game. Once the game is over, take your son and his friends somewhere to have cakes, pastries, and soft drinks. Alternatively, you may take them for lunch at their favorite restaurant.

If your son loves fishing, rock climbing, or skiing, take him for a short trip to a location where he’ll get to indulge in these activities. This will be a unique way to celebrate his birthday.

13th Birthday Ideas

You can take your son and his friends for camping. Hire some tents and start a campfire. You’ll need lanterns or flashlights and sleeping bags as well. Let the boys sit around the campfire and have fun playing music and dancing. Let them enjoy hotdogs, marshmallows and other snack items and celebrate your son’s birthday in a unique way.

A poolside party:

Pool party
A poolside party

One of the most popular 13th birthday party ideas for boys is a poolside party. If you have a swimming pool at your backyard, you can arrange the party there or else, you’ll have to rent a venue that helps you to enjoy a pool party. A barbecue is the best choice for a poolside party and it can be supplemented with soft drinks and fruit juices, especially if the party’s held during summertime. Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizzas, and shredded chicken are the food items that can be included in the poolside party menu.

A magic trick theme party:

13th birthday party ideas
A magic trick theme party

One of the best 13th birthday party ideas for boys is a magic trick theme. You’ll need some playing cards, coins, and handkerchiefs for the magic tricks that’ll be performed during the party. Just print out the guidelines for magic tricks from various websites and let your son and his friends practice these tricks. Pass a magic hat around and play some music. As soon as the music stops, whoever holds the hat needs to perform the trick. The child who performs the best gets to win an exciting prize.

                                                   13th Birthday Party Decorations
Room decorations:

Room decorations
13th Birthday Party Decorations

As for the decorations used in your child’s 13th birthday party, you may go for a large banner hung over the front door, which says “Happy 13th Birthday!”. The banner can be decorated with glitters and colorful balloons with a special message – “Happy 13th Birthday” imprinted on them. You may use 13th birthday danglers which come in black, silver, and purple colors and can be hung from the ceiling. One of the most interesting 13th birthday party ideas for girls is to use Disney Princess and Friends dangler cutouts for the ceiling decorations.

Table decorations:

Birthday Party Decoration
Table decorations

As for the table décor, you may use a 13th birthday mini honeycomb centerpiece that can add to your party decorations. Mini cascade centerpieces with cutouts of animals and cartoon characters are the best 13th birthday party ideas for boys. Other 13th birthday table decorations are centerpieces having bright colored candles that are available in red, yellow, and orange. These centerpieces also include stars in multiple colors plus a cutout having the number “13” inscribed on it.

Cake decorations:

Best 13th birthday party ideas for teens
Cake decorations

As for the 13th birthday party ideas for cake decorations, you may go for a star shaped cake having sparklers for candles. Alternatively, you may get a cake shaped in the form of a film reel and having a camera on top. This is especially meant for a Hollywood theme birthday party.

Some interesting 13th birthday party ideas for cake decorations are hot pink candles (for a girl’s birthday party) that can be placed around the birthday cake. For your son’s birthday party, you may use blue candles for the decorations. Cute edible sugars shaped in the form of a palm tree can be used for topping birthday cakes. Royal icing roses in red, blue, pink, yellow, and lavender are popular choices for cake decorations.

As for the food in your child’s 13th birthday party, you may use hotdogs, pizzas, burgers, nachos, and popcorn – everything that a teenager would love to savor! In addition, get a pack of candies, chocolates, and other sweat treats ready for your children and their friends to celebrate the party with fun and frolic.

13th Birthday Messages
Hope you really enjoy your 13th Birthday. Hop along and have a great time. HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY.

Have a groovy 13th Birthday! Hope your year is filled with fun and friends and all you like to do.

Happy 13th Birthday and welcome to the teenage years!

Welcome to the ages of teenagers. Happy 13th Birthday!

You are no more a little boy; you have grown up! You are a teenager now! Wishing you happy 13th Birthday!

As the days of childhood passed by
And you step into your teen
May your life ahead is smooth
and hope you always win
A very happy birthday to you,
Today as you turn thirteen.

With another candle on the cake
You turn thirteen
And before you set yourself on a tide
Wait back and count all the blessings,
Wherever you go, may you win
And life offers you plenty reasons to grin.

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