Valentine’s Day

February is the month to celebrate love because 14th February is the Valentine’s Day. On this day, lovers around the world celebrate the wonderful relations of love and companionship. It is celebrated with great festivity, and fun. Couples go for gifts like sweets, flowers, greeting cards, candies as tokens of love and Valentine’s Day themed nights, parties and fun competitions are organized everywhere. Common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts (preferably red painted), doves, roses, chocolates, and cupids.

Evolution of the day of love

According to the popular belief the day commemorates the day of martyrdom of St. Valentine, one of the earliest martyrs of Christianity. The celebration of the day was started by Pope Gelasius I during 496 AD. The event was first associated with romantic love by Geoffrey Chaucer during middle age period.

Although there were more than one Saint Valentine during the early ages the closest association was found with Valentine of Rome in AD 269. He was a Christian priest and his remains were buried in Via Flaminia. However, the earliest Valentine day celebrations weren’t associated with romantic relations between couples.

The concept of romantic valentine flourished when courtly love became a part of medieval lifestyle. During this period lots of mention of Valentine’s Day can be found in poems and letters.

Modern day celebration

Nowadays Valentine’s Day gives a great opportunity for business as it has become almost customary to gift your beloved on this day. Many take the opportunity to express their love for the first time or make their marriage proposals on this day. Although it is not an official holiday couples can be found enjoying moments of togetherness in parks, restaurants and other places. Some celebrate the day by escaping to romantic gateways. Shops are decorated with hearts and balloons and a great display of gifts and chocolates are arranged to attract love-struck couples.

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