11 Tips for good luck on Saturdays

Good luck tips for everyday of the week
Tips for good luck on Saturdays

Good luck tips for Saturdays.

Saturday is the sixth day of the week and it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend with your family and friends. Follow these steps in order to attract Good luck for the day:

1. Eating sesame seed paste or grilled black brinjal is a great way to get lucky on Saturday.

2. Keeping purple flowers at home or simply wearing black clothes, is likely to bring success on this day.

3. An easy remedy for good luck on a Saturdays is to eat have some ghee before leaving the house.

4.  Avoid shifting or changing the house on Saturdays.

5. To enhance your luck on Saturdays you can wear diamonds.

6. Patients in hospital need to avoid leaving on this day,if you leave the hospital on a Saturday chances are high to find yourself back in the hospital soon.

7. Avoid starting on a new project or job on this day. It will take you forever to finish.

8. Try to avoid moving into your dream home on a Saturday. According to old superstition that would foretell a shorter stay than you planned for.

9. Some say that if you dream something on Friday night and told someone about your dream Saturday morning, it will come true.

10. In Thailand Saturday is a good day for a haircut. The superstitious in that country claim it will bring you success.

11. Do not start building a house on a Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday in Thailand. It will only bring you misery according to Thai astrology.

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