Arbor Day
Planting more trees and turning the earth green is the message celebrated on the Arbor Day. Arbor in Latin means tree and hence, is the name. Every year the day is celebrated across the world to show love and caring for the mother earth. In 2012, the Arbor Day will be celebrated in the US on 27thApril.
History of Arbor Day
The concept of Arbor Day originated during 1872, when J. Sterling Morton, a journalist and a nature lover, started observing the day on 10thApril in Nebraska City, Nebraska, United States. The day was later officially proclaimed on March 12, 1874 by the Governor of Nebraska and the birthday of Morton, April 22ndwas selected as the date of observance. It was declared as a legal holiday in Nebraska. During the 1870s the other states also adopted the idea of celebrating the Arbor Day and the tradition of celebrating it in schools began in 1882.
Birdsey Northrop of Connecticut made Arbor Day a worldwide celebrated event when he traveled to Japan in 1883 to spread the message of Arbor Day and Village Improvement. He is also responsible for introducing the Arbor Day celebration in Australia, Canada and Europe. When he was appointed as the Chairman of the campaign in the same year by the American Forestry Association he took it on him to popularize Arbor Day celebration across the US. Today in many states of USA the Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April – it being the most suitable time of the year to plant trees.
In many countries across the globe similar observances occur at different dates depending upon the climate of that country.

Arbor Day Celebrations
Arbor Day celebrations take place in schools where programs and special classes are organized to educate students about the objective and benefits of the celebration. Group activities and beautification projects are organized involving school children. Poster drawing, poetry writing, tree trivia contests are held along with Arbor Day processions and parades.
In many neighborhoods volunteers gather to celebrate the day by planting new trees. Classes are organized on gardening and farming to educate people on how to care for trees.
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