10 great movies on mothers that you will enjoy watching with your Mom

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Movies are a great way to spend some precious moments with your mommy dear and bond over a tub of popcorns and slurpy summer drinks concocted by mom and kids together!!. Here we are listing 10 great movies that you should watch with your mom and share some unforgettable moments of joy and tears and thank god even more for the amazing woman who have nurtured your life. Read On!!


A most impressive, Oscar winning film “The Blind Side” is a true life story of how a homeless black teen, with the keen eye and selfless love of a family that takes him in and later becomes his legal guardians, help him realize his potential and help him become a pro football player. This homeless teen is none other than “Michael Oher”.

Why watch it with your Mom:  because this movie depicts the sense of love that only a mother can shower on her kids, come what may. Whether the kid is biological or adopted, a mom will stand by them forever.


Merida is an ardent, yet valiant, lionhearted daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. She craves to follow on her own path and defy all the ancient traditions and in this quest falls prey to an erratic witch and everything goes haywire. In her effort to right all her deeds, Merida discovers the real meaning of ‘Brave’.

Why watch it with your Mom: Because, Brave teaches a lesson to all the young girls to stand up for themselves and reveals a truth about moms that however nagging and aggravating they may seem to you all she wants is in your best interests . But whenever struck in an hour of crisis, mom will always be by your side and the bond between you will always be hard as nails for anyone to break.


This movie is a true life story of Erin Brockovich, who exposed plight of illness that a local community was facing. She courageously brings down a California based power company arraigned of contaminating the water and resulting into calamitous illness of the residents of the community.

Why watch it with your Mom:  Erin Brockovich is not just any average mom one comes across day in and day out. She is a courageous woman, that inspires one to fight with all might and that’s the reason why we should watch this movie.


During World War II, America’s athletic young men are serving at the War; an all-female baseball league springs up, where two sisters join the first Women pro baseball league. While struggling to help their team succeed, the women face harsh rivalry among themselves.

Why watch it with your Mom: It is an ideal movie that reveals all the women their existence and the inherited capability of multi tasking. Amidst splitting laughter and tears of joy, this is an ideal movie to watch with your mom.


A heart touching story, of the pre World War II era, “The Sound of Music” is based on the true story of Von Trapp Family singers, world famous concert singers of this era. Miss Julie Andrews has flawlessly played the role of Maria, who becomes a duenna to the seven motherless children of naval captain and brings lots of music and love into the home.

Why Watch It with Your Mom: Because this movie reveals the loving side of motherhood which touches every child’s life.


A Movie set in the era of 1960’s, Mississippi, a girl Skeeter with dreams of being a writer returns from college to her hometown.  Lurking for a topic to write, she starts interviewing the black women who work as help in white families and turns the whole town’s anticipation on the outcomes of the interviews.

Why Watch It with Your Mom: “The Help” is an excellent movie about women empowerment more so because this movie has an all female star cast portraying women from all walks of society, from poor smart housemaid to foolish rich housewives.


An unforgettable movie of flawless acting by Audrey Hepburn, She plays the role of the main protagonist Eliza Doolittle with great aplomb. The transformation of a colloquial working class girl into a cultured member of high society by Professor Higgins is an applaudable part of this movie.

Why Watch It with Your Mom: For the love of Audrey Hepburn and the flawless representation of a woman, who is not afraid to reach new horizons.


An emotional comedy-drama movie of how a terminally ill mother trusts her husband’s present flame to take on the role of a stepmother in her three children’s life.

Why Watch it with your Mom: A must watch flick of the journey of how trust builds up among kids towards a caring woman in their father’s life who will be their stepmom.


Pop diva Rachel Marron is stalked by an obsessed fan to the extent of disturbing threats. She hires a hardnosed ex-secret service agent as her bodyguard. After initial resentment from both sides, the bodyguard soon becomes an integral part of the divas life.

Why watch it with your Mom:  For the dreamy voice of Whitney Houston, you get to hear the amazing songs of her as well as watch handsome Kevin Costner, playing the title role of bodyguard.

10. Georgia Rules

It is a movie about three generation women; Georgia, the family Matriarch, who is a strict disciplinarian, Lilly who is a mother of a rebellious teenage daughter and Rachel, who is a wild child and a real pain for her mother. Lilly decides to send her daughter to her mother Georgia, to learn a few harsh lessons of life.

Why watch it with your Mom: It’s a beautiful movie about a relationship between women of three generations. This flick  tells you that even in the imperfections of life one thing that will never change is the love of a mother for her children.

Hope you enjoy watching these beautiful, full of emotions and comedy movies with your Mommy dear and cherish the time spent together.

Happy Mother’s Day

Adieu !!

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