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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a sweet 16 birthday party ideas is a very difficult task. At sixteen the people are at the doorstep of maturity. So the party cannot be like an ordinary children party. At the same time it should not be formal also. So balance is a key point for the success of the fun filled sixteenth birthday party. There are several interesting sweet sixteen birthday party ideas that are fun filled but at the same time acknowledge adulthood.

Gone are the days when sweet sixteen birthday party ideas meant only dance party. Nowadays people invite DJ or live bands. Other ideas like live caricatures and candy bars have also become very popular.


Sweet 16 Birthday

Earlier the eighteenth birthday or the twenty first birthday were considered major social events when the parents used to throw grand birthday parties.
But nowadays when people just need an excuse to celebrate, different sweet 16 birthday party ideas have become very popular. They are no longer restricted to tea parties or gatherings of family members. Themed parties for the sixteenth birthday have taken its place.
What makes a birthday party interesting is the sweet sixteen birthday party ideas. However before deciding upon the party idea, firstly it is necessary to keep the season and the weather in mind. A beach party in winter is not advisable at all. Moreover the hobby and the interests of the birthday girl should also be kept in mind while deciding upon the sweet sixteen birthday party ideas. Some of the interesting sweet sixteen birthday party ideas are as follows:

  • A retro- birthday party is a very popular birthday theme nowadays. The invitation cards can be written on cards and attached to the big sunglasses of the 1950s. This will make it different from the regular boring invitation cards.
  • The guests can be asked to dress up in the fashion of the 1950s like poodle skirts, leather jackets and glitter tops. Big golden wigs can also be worn. You can also arrange for a juke box and a soda corner to further spice up the party. Popular music of the 1950s can be played to create the mood.
  • Cocktail party is an interesting sweet sixteen birthday party idea. Different kinds of non-alcoholic drinks can be arranged. Strawberry margarita and frozen cola are very popular in teenage parties. Mint tins can be given as return gifts.
  • Nowadays with more and more people learning international dances like salsa and tango, a salsa birthday party can be very popular. Guests can be formally dressed and make sure that there is enough dancing space. Small flower and grass bouquet can be given to every guest. You can even plan a special gift for the best dancing couple.
  • A starlit musical night party can be a sweet sixteen birthday party idea. The party can be arranged in your garden or backyard on a full moon night. If there are not much stars in the sky, then you can intensify the mood by using wax candles for lighting instead of electric light. You can also have a music corner where songs can be played and dedicated on request.
  • For super-creative teenagers Halloween or pirate ship birthday party can work extremely well. The guests can dress up like ghosts or pirates. Dim light in place of bright light should be used. Jewelry boxes with artificial pearl necklaces and fake gemstones with a 'thank you for coming' card can be given as return gifts.
  • For mature teenagers, a Las Vegas birthday party theme, will be greatly appreciated. Guests can be gorgeously dressed. You can arrange for some lottery games. If you have a movie player or if you can hire one, then a movie can be played.

    Sweet sixteen birthday party ideas do not always mean a party in your garden or the party hall. You can take your friends for a movie or a picnic to make your sixteenth birthday memorable. Getting together and enjoying your hearts out are the key to any successful sweet sixteen birthday party idea. If you want to know more about different birthday parties then check the other articles in
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