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Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Ideas

Sweet sixteen…a magic age that sets your daughter ready to step into adulthood! It’s an age to bid good bye to the juvenile pranks and mold oneself into a lovely young lady or a cool young man! The tiny one is ready for college now, and definitely deserves a special gift on the 16th birthday.

Choosing a gift for a sixteen year old can be a bit difficult, as all your ideas keep coming back to toys and other kids' stuff.
In fact, what strikes you as a great gift, might seem too back dated for the birthday guy. So consider the tastes and hobbies of the person turning 16, and get something trendy to make the birthday truly a special one. Given below, are some great ideas for the 16th birthday present:

The sixteenth birthday girl is a princess in her own way and deserves something to make her feel so! Sixteen is an age when the little lady starts wondering about fashions and looks. So why not take her for a photo shoot and print a magazine with her picture on the cover?
The magazine can have little bits and pieces from her life, with her friends and parents contributing warm notes about her.
She would love a trinket box of her own. You can stuff the box with her birthstone pendant or a necklace with her name on it. A personalized bracelet and a thumb ring would also do great.
As the young lady gets her first rounds of make up, a personalized make up kit would be a perfect birthday present.
You can even pamper her with a day in the spa.
A sixteen year old would be thrilled to have her portrait painted after she dresses up. The framed picture would actually be a gift to preserve forever.

A sweet tote bag would be a good companion for her shopping day outs. Though she vaunts to have grown up, it is difficult for her to resist a fluffy teddy bear, especially a one with a sweet sixteen message. A box of assorted chocolates would also do the dame magic as they did in her childhood.

The 16th birthday is special for the guys too! If you are looking for a gift for the birthday boy, sports goods and electronic gadgets should be your first preference. If the young man has an interest in any particular sport, your job becomes easier.

A personalized jersey of his favorite team would be an ideal gift for the lad. You can even personalize a sports kit, or baseball bat.

  • The bike accessories would be useful items for the new rider.
  • Video games are all time hits for boys, and go great as a birthday present.
  • He would be thrilled to have a sports watch with a compass in it.
  • A CD pack stuffed with some of his favorite rock numbers are sure to set his party rolling.
  • As the young man is soon to have his first taste of shaving, why not gift him a personalized shaving kit?

    With these fabulous gifts, the sixteenth birthday is sure to be a sweet and exciting one!
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