Outdoor Birthday Party Games

There are so many special days in our life that we want to celebrate in the best way, enjoying each and every moment of the occasion. Among several special days, our birthday is a very exceptional day for us and we love to celebrate our birthday with all our near and dear ones.

Birthday is the best time to celebrate and have fun with near and dear ones. Your birthday can be the best time to organize a get together by planning a birthday party. If you have a big list of invitees then an open arrangement would be a better option to host your birthday party. The outdoor birthday venue will help you to organize some outdoor birthday party games that all your friends and relatives will surely enjoy.

Organize your outdoor birthday party in such a way that all your invitees remember it forever. The best way to organize a unique birthday party could be, to make use of some creative ideas and utilize your time in the best way.
Keep your guest busy with activities like outdoor birthday party games so that they do not even realize how time passed by.
Organizing some outdoor birthday party will surely make all your guests enjoy your birthday party. Let every body participate in the outdoor birthday party games on your birthday party and make it a memorable birthday party. Some of the outdoor birthday party games that you can organize on your birthday party are given below:
Balloon War
In this game all the participants are divided into groups and each group is given a fixed number of balloons. Each team chooses a person to guard their balloons and the other team members of the team try to snatch balloons from other teams. This process of snatching balloons continues between the teams and in the end the team that has the maximum number of balloons is the winner.

Man Hunt
This is a famous outdoor game that resembles to the well-known game, hide and seek. In this game all participants are divided into two teams with equal number of players. One team is “it” and the other is “hide”.The “hide” team members go in hiding and the “it” team members are supposed to look for them.
The game continues as after each turn the role of the team’s changes. This game is very exciting when played as team of boys and girls.

Catch One Catch All
In the beginning of the game a single person is “it”. This person runs around to tag all the participants. As he tags the participants, they join “it” to tag the other participants. The game continues till all the participants are tagged and no one is left.

Musical Chair
This is a very famous outdoor game that people love playing on any occasion. You have to arrange the chairs and play the music. As the music stops participants look for a chair to sit and the one who cannot find a chair is out of the game. The game continues till one chair and two participants are left. In the end the one who gets the chair to sit is the winner. This game has a lot of movements but it really exciting.

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