Last Updated: 26th March, 2020

Kids Birthday Invitations Wording

Birthday Invitation Wordings
Join us as we celebrate our baby boy's 1st Birthday!
Calling all cowboys, spurs, ropes & cowboy hats. Saddle up Don't forget your chaps! Come celebrate our buckaroo, (Name) is turning TWO!
Loads of color and, lots of sweet let's make her birthday a wonderful treat. We invite you to our daughter's birthday party on (date).
After 12 months in the minor leagues
is hitting the big O-N-E!
I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand.Now I can walk if you hold my hand.But the fun has only just begun...Look out, I'm turning ONE!
Birthday Invitation Wordings
Balloons and whistles, chocolates and candy, our darling is turning three. We are icing the birthday cake You are invited to celebrate!
There will be a birthday cake and, there'll be a clown Let's spread the news 'cross the town Our little one is turning five Please join us for fun and jive!
Please join us for frolic and fun Our little angel is turning one.

It is a great pleasure for us to declare that our little daughter is turning five. Please join us in celebrating her birthday on (date). There will be lots of fun events for the young guests.
It's my birthday. Won't you come for the celebration
I'm turning one. Hope you can come to my birthday party and see how much I have grown up.
Birthday Invitation Wordings
Please keep your evening free on (date) as you are requested to join us for celebrating little (name)'s birthday.
Mickey mouse and Winnie the Pooh Our sweetie is turning two. Please join us to make it a grand celebration!
It seems like yesterday that our little one was born. Please join us for the grand celebration of the first birthday.
Birthday Invitation Wordings
She was only a tiny one wrapped in pink but she can now walk laugh and speak.
We are celebrating first birthday of our daughter.
Please come to the party and do the honors to (name of the celebrator).
Please come to my
birthday party
as I'm turning two
It'll be no fun
without you!
Birthday Invitation Wordings
You all are invited for a pajama sleep-over party
on our little girl's birthday.
There will be pizza and burger, coke, and a movie.
Every year this day brings most happiness to us. It is our kid's birthday and you all are invited!
There is not one but two birthday parties as our twins will celebrate their birthdays on (date). Please come for the double celebration.
Maybe, he has grown up but he doesn't mind receiving birthday presents.
So, you all are invited to celebrate (name)'s 10th birthday!
Hello all! I'm going to blow a birthday candle for the first time. Hope you all come to say your wishes.
Cakes and candies
what fun it'll be,
Please come to my birthday
I am turning three!
Birthday Invitation Wordings
I'ts my birthday
and I'm turning two
Please come to the party
I want to celebrate with you!
Our little pirate will set out for a treasure hunt party and we invite you on board.
Let's have a day full of fun and games.
Please come and celebrate our son's sixth birthday.
Not a year more, not a year less, (name of the celebrator) is turning three.
Please come and make the celebration a memorable one for him/her.
Birthday Invitation Wordings
You all are invited to (name of the celebrator)'s birthday party.
Please come to shower your blessings upon him/her.
Our little son/daughter
is turning one
Hope you'll be there
to wish him/her a year
full of fun!
Birthdays are bright and funny
with candy, sweets, birthday cakes that are yummy!
There will be only one candle on the cake but that doesn't mean that it will be small.
(name of the celebrator) will have a cake large enough to give big slices to you all!