Girl's Birthday Invitation Wording

Girls are the blessings of God - they are cute, loving and adorable. Celebrate your princessís birthday in a grand fashion and invite guests with special girlís birthday invitation wording.

Birthday Invitation Cards
Our little princess is turning three and we are organizing a fun tea party in her honor. You are cordially invited to it.
Finally it's summer
and itís time for some fun
Weíre having a birthday party
hope youíll come!
Sparkles and glitters
glam and style
Our little darling
is turning five!
Birthday Invitation Cards
Beach and waves
party on the sand
Sun and music
and one ice-cream stand.

Our little Princess is having a Hawaiian birthday party.
Toot the horns
and beat the drum
Itís a birthday party
Hope youíll come!
Birthday Invitation Cards
Little (name of the celebrator) is having a gala birthday bash. Hope you come for the celebration and join the fun.
(Name of the celebrator) is turning nine
Come to the birthday party
Itís her time to shine!
Balloons and candles
icing on the cake.
Itís my birthday party
hope you can make.
The party has just begun
Our little darling
is turning one!
Take out your party hat
because youíre invited
Itís (name of the celebrator)ís birthday
hope you can make it!
Birthday Invitations
Please come for a mermaid birthday party as (name of the celebrator) is celebrating her (age) birthday.
Youíre invited to (name of the celebrator)ís jungle safari birthday party.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Whoís celebrating her birthday
on the fall

Itís (name of the celebrator) as you say
Youíre invited to make her day!
Please come and share the joy, (Name of the celebrator) is celebrating her (age) birthday on (date).
Invitation Cards
We will sail for a treasure huntÖ
There will be fun, food and joy
(name of the celebrator) is celebrating bíday
Everyone ahoy!
She is little but full of fun
(name of the celebrator) is turning one
A year has passed and she is turning one
Hope you come and add to her fun!
The first birthday is always so special.
Please join us as we celebrate our daughterís first birthday on (date).
Birthday Wishes
There will be one little candle on a small cake.
(Name of the celebrator) is celebrating her first birthday and inviting you to the party.
Fairies and wizards, flowers and butterflies -
a fairytale party for our little darling as she is turning three.
Please come and make her day special.
You can bring me a teddy, sweet or doll but itís more important that you come to my birthday.
I want to celebrate with you all!
Never too small
never too big
A birthday is always
a special treat.
Join us for a great birthday bash!
Hope youíll come
Iím all set to have
some birthday fun!
Lullaby and cradle
teddy and rattle
There will be more fun
as I am turning one.
(Name of the celebrator) is growing up to be a poised lady. Come to celebrate her (age) birthday on (date).

Last Updated: 28th February, 2019