Last Updated: 20th February, 2019

Birthday Gift Ideas

A special day like a ‘Birthday' is indeed a day of rejoicing. This day also demands that the ‘star of the day' be showered with gifts. Finding a suitable gift for your loved one doesn't come easy though, and a lot of thought goes behind choosing the right one!

We came up with these birthday gift ideas that would be loved by your closed one and make your task of choosing a tad simple.

Gift Ideas for Her

A women who makes your heart skip a beat, surely deserves some pampering, right? You can gift her, a beautiful platinum bangle or a craft skin leather bracelet studded with Swarovski crystals.


Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is the person whose very presence brightens up your world, whose single smile takes you to the seventh heaven, and whose words are a comforting melody for you. She is the special lady in your life, and her birthday is the perfect excuse for letting her know how much you feel.


Gift Ideas for Wife:

She dabbles in many roles in your life, which itself makes your wife special! An ideal gift for her could be a set of blue agate rings set in silver or white gold. Agate has healing properties and a gift like this would sooth her senses. Another great gifting idea is a bath caddy, hand carved in wood with her favourite Bodyshop lotions and potions!


Gift Ideas for Sister:

Sisters are special aren't they? If your sister is a ‘pretty young thing' and loves to glam up, you can look at a beautiful maxi dress or you can choose a skull candy headphone. If your sister is a little older a classic tote bag would just be the right thing to gift .You can choose from a classic floral print to a more fashionable one with an ikat print.


Gift Ideas for Mother:

It's a mother's heart that heals everything, and the most important women in life need to be treated like a queen on her birthday! You can buy her a beautiful mother of jewellery box or a yearly subscription of her favourite magazine. A pair of extremally comfortable sneakers is again a very thoughtful gift.


Gift Ideas for Him :

He is the special person in your life, the person who always finds you the prettiest and is there to wipe your tears away. This most precious guy in your life is worth having a fabulous birthday present to make him feel how much he means to you. Finding a suitable present for a guy can be a bit difficult, and all your ideas tend to nestle back to the same old sports kit and electronic gadgets or some other great Birthday gift ideas for him .

However, if you are a bit thoughtful and try to focus on what he likes, you would surely come up with a present he would love to have on his birthday. -


Gift Ideas for Boyfriend:

Unique plant gift for plant lovers :

Does your boyfriend have a fascination for plants? If so, then buying plants for him as a gift on his birthday. we've got 6 leafy ideas that he will ... to spruce up his home then this could be the perfect gift for him – Bonsai tree, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Red Bromelia, Confetti Hanging Air Plant Terrarium,peaceful lily.

On his birthday hit the outdoors. You can make the most of this day by indulging in a pre-booked scuba diving session. Another ideal gift for him could be a portable smart phone photo printer or a tie clip.


Gift Ideas for Husband:

He is the one who constantly thrives to keep you happy! You can gift this wonderful man a necessary gadget like a power bank. Another great gift option is a beer stein or a mixology set to create cocktails.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Gift Ideas for Father:

There are numerous options that one can choose for their fathers. You can creating DIY gifts like a hand painted movember mug! You can also look at giving him some quirky memory sticks where he can save his valuable data. You can also buy him a good luck hamper that he can show-off with pride. This can include a horse shoe paper weight, a feng-shui bamboo or yin-yang balls.


Gift Ideas for Brother:

Siblings are the first friends that we make, and the relationship is quite unique with brothers! You can gift him framed posters of his favourite movie, a travel bag with accessories like headphones and a preloaded iPod.


Boss Birthday Gift Ideas:

So you have your boss’s birthday coming up. Thinking of what to gift him/her? There are plenty of birthday gift ideas for a boss. You just need to make the right choice and the information that you have gathered about your boss will help you in taking the decision. Relation with bosses differs from one person to another. Many share a personal relation while some other shares an entirely professional relation with their boss. In our work station it is very essential that we maintain good relation with our bosses. Presenting your boss with a special gift, on a special occasion will definitely be a warm gesture on your part. It is a great way to express your thanks and regards for all the wonderful things that he/she had always done for you. Remembering him on his/her birthday will definitely be a pleasant surprise for your boss. So, if you are on a lookout for a boss birthday gift, take a look at some of the gift ideas listed below:

Gift Baskets:

As birthday gifts, they are superb choice. There are birthday gift baskets available in plenty at the market place. You can also have the gift basket made at home too. Depending on your boss’s hobbies and interests fill the basket to the brim and make it look attractive. It might be his favorite food, cookies, chocolates, snacks, fruits etc.


Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas:

A birthday is always a special occasion. Hence, as a friend or philosopher or guide, it is your moral responsibility to cheer up the birthday boy/girl to his/her heart on this day. Birthday brings you the memories of that wonderful bond you shared with your friends and beloved over the years.

A homemade birthday gift is the best way to reach across your friends or close ones and it shows how much you still care for him and love him. Your sister, friend or brother may be far away from you, but you can surely bridge the gap with unique homemade birthday gifts.Hand made gifts at home are always very dear because they are laced with great care and love on behalf of the sender to the recipient and if it's an occasion of birthday these gifts have to be matchless.