Birthday Gift For Sister

There must have been times when you thought mom loved her more, or couldn’t help being jealous when she looked prettier than you in that party…there must have been times when she gave you the shoulder to cry, times when she saved the candy for you…your sister had been the one constantly by your side, at times a dear friend and at times an annoying sibling. Now its time for Birthday Gift for Sister.

She had been there sharing every moment of your life, and now when it's her birthday, it's for you to share her joy with a special gift.The best gift for your sister would be the one to make her feel that you care in spite of all those rows.

You can actually make up for all your tantrums with a picture of you two framed to keep on her desk.

An album with your snaps, right from your baby picts to the present ones, and few fond words scribbled in between would make the loveliest birthday gift ever.

Hand made gifts are always the most treasured ones, and your sister would prize something you made especially for her.

Bead a necklace for her or embroider a handkerchief with her initials, and even if it's not the best crafted one, she will be sweet enough to honor your effort. Personalize her gifts to make them extra special. If you are giving her a bracelet or a pendant for her birthday, try to get one with her initials or her birth stone in it.

Even for the other present like a wine glass set, or scented candles, the customized ones would always be the better.

If you are customizing the gift with a picture, why not go for one with the two of you together? Your first picture or the one where you are hugging each other would be the best for the purpose.

Your sister is sure to adore a cuddly teddy bear that has a sister bear by its side. This would be the cutest embodiment of you two!

The ideal birthday present for your sister is the one to strengthen your sibling bond. Be it your bossy big sister, or the ever fussing younger one, your sister is one of the most special peoples in your life, and certainly deserves a special token of your love on her birthday.