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First Birthday Invitations Ideas

First Birthday Invitation Cards
First Birthday Cards First Birthday Cards First Birthday Cards First Birthday Cards

First birthday of your baby is a wonderful and unique day that should be celebrated in a very special way. Your joy and excitement as your child steps into his second year must be overwhelming!

A child's first birthday invitation is something parents are always excited about. You'll want to craft that perfect invitation that'll attract your guests! You may want to use your creativity and create handmade first birthday invitations, but make sure you create a draft of the invitations before they are finalized. Add the finishing touches, and you'll have your child's first birthday invitations ready to be sent to your guests!

  • Your baby's first birthday celebration should be unique and memorable.
  • Invitation cards of your child's 1st birthday party have to be special in every respect.
  • You'll need eye-catching party invitations to entice your child's friends and family to join the first birthday celebration.
  • The first birthday invitations come with a variety of designs, themes, and phrases.
  • Choose an appropriate theme, design and choice of words for an invitation that will attract guests to your child's very first birthday party.

Read on for tips on creating an exciting invitation for your child's first birthday party

First Birthday Invitations Ideas-

Photo Invitation

Your baby's first birthday should be an event not only to celebrate, but to remember for a lifetime. So make it a special one, and use photo invitations to share your joy and happiness with your loved ones.

Theme based invitation
In case it's a theme based party, choose the design and photo based on the theme. You can include pictures of your child on the invitation card. There are websites where you'll get first birthday invitation templates, and all you need to do is upload your child's photo to make your invitation look appealing and exciting to all your guests. 

The wording on your child's birthday photo invitations should go well with the theme of the party. If you'd like to get a bit creative, you can try writing a poem or a few interesting lines of your own making. Alternatively, you could look at online resources for poems and quotes that would suit the photo and theme of the invitations.

Photo Collage Invitation
Alternatively, you may get personalized invitations with a photo collage of your child. Another interesting idea is to include the photo of cartoon characters which your child may love to check out. Also, the kids invited to your child's first birthday party will love the idea, and you can surely expect them to be excited to attend a cartoon-themed party. You may include images with the photo embedded to the top of the cake topped with candles.

Listed below are some ideas for the photos that can be used - 

Photo collage of your baby:
The invitation can have several photos of your baby, all taken in various moods and poses. You can get the texture and quality of the photos improved through online photo processors, who will do it all for you as soon as you upload your snapshots.

Animals and Cartoons:
Try using pictures of zoo or farm animals on your first birthday photo invitations, which the kids are sure to love. Alternatively, you might use popular cartoon characters or teddy bears. If your budget is small, you can cut these characters out of coloring books and magazines and paste them on the invitations.

Prince or Princess:
One interesting idea for your baby's first birthday invitations is to give them a prince/princess theme. A photo of your baby wearing a crown and a lovely outfit is a brilliant idea to capture the attention of your guests, including the other children who will be coming to your baby's birthday bash.

Cupcakes and Confections:
The cupcake theme can be used to create a deliciously tempting birthday invitation for your baby's first birthday party. This idea can reflect your personal choice and taste: use pictures of cupcakes, ice cream, cheesecake, frosting flowers, or strawberry shortcake.

Decorations for First Birthday Invitations

  • If you'd like to get the first birthday invitations printed, you may decorate them with ribbons, glitters, and other embellishments.
  • Make sure you're using bright colors on the invitation.
  • If you have a baby boy, go for red or blue colors to be used on the birthday invites.
  • If you have a girl, choose pink or white colors.

First Birthday Invitations Wording -

First Birthday Invitation Sayings – Few Samples
Your child's first birthday invitations should have phrases that best match the photo or the graphics used in them. For example, the invitations can have the phrase – "It's great to be number one" with a photo of your child. The first birthday sayings should be placed on the front part of the invitations so that it's the first thing your guests see when they receive the invitations.

Below, you will find first birthday invitation samples or the wording you can use to invite others to your child's birthday party.

1) Our little one has turned one year old,
So come and join us for a party,
as we celebrate the day with
fun, food, and games.

2) Please come and join
our celebrations at ,
because our little is turning One!

If you want to use first birthday invitation sayings as if your child is inviting your guests, here's how you can craft the phrases:

3) Gear up for a special treat,
and lots of fun and enjoyment,
because I'm turning One,
and you'll be a guest of mine!

2) Come to my party,
because it'll be fun!
I'll be a year old,
and I'd like you to join
my first birthday celebrations.

First Birthday Invitation Poems
You may include poems in your child's first birthday invitations, so that the verses appeal to your guests, and they expect to have a fun party on your child's birthday.

1) Surprises are so much fun!
So you wouldn't like to miss this one…
Our little child's
surprise 1st birthday celebration.

2) Here's a little cake, and a lot of fun
for you and a little host who's
just turning One!

Just in case you have twins and you'd like to invite the guests for their first birthday party, you may use the following poem for the first birthday invitations.

3) We'll have a double celebration for
our little girl and boy.
So join the fun and excitement,
and share the happiness and joy!

First Birthday Invitation Quotes
You may find first birthday invitation quotes from a poem composed by your favorite poet or a book full of various kinds of quotes. Here are a few quotes you may use in your child's first birthday invitations.

1) "B" is for Birthdays, bright and sunny, With lots of fun and sweet treats!

2) A birthday party with fun galore. Our little baby is turning ONE!

3) Ice cream, cake and fun with you, all for our little girl who's turning ONE!

4) Rock-a-bye baby in the treetop… our baby's one and the growing won't stop!

5) We're blowing up balloons and decorating the cake...There's a big party that we hope you can make!

6) Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is what we've come to find in our sweet baby, one year old. Help us celebrate their heart of gold!

What Else to Include in First Birthday Invitations

Aside from poems, sayings, and quotes, your child's first birthday invitations should have the following details:
  • Your name and your spouse's name
  • Date of the birthday party
  • Time when the guests should arrive
  • Birthday party venue
  • Theme of the party, if applicable
  • RSVP information shares with you interesting details on 1st Birthday Party Invitation. Keep navigating the pages of our website for further information.

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