Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are under a tight budget and still want to get your dear ones a special gift on their birthday, look for presents that are inexpensive but good enough for such a happy occasion. Get some ideas on the options you can have for cheap birthday presents.

Ideas for Cheap Birthday Gifts

There are birthday photo cards which come with images of birthday cakes and candles along with the words “happy birthday” printed on them.

Recipe in a jar:

Cook your dear ones’ favorite recipe like gingerbread cookie mix, hot chocolate mix, or cajun seasoning and put it in a jar. The recipients will appreciate your efforts and love such a present from you.


Get a scrapbook and fill it up with the photos of your loved ones. Try to use those photos which remind them of precious memories. Add a special touch to your gift by writing down your warm thoughts about the person who is going to get the gift. It will indeed bring smiles and make their birthday a special one.

Assortment of goodies:

A pack of chocolates and sweet treats is one of the cheap birthday gifts you can get for kids. For adults, you can arrange for an assortment of finger foods and cheese from the local grocery store.

A bundle of magazines:

If you are looking for cheap birthday presents for your friend or colleague, well then a bundle of her favorite magazines is what you can look for. You can choose magazines based on subjects of his/her area of interest like sports, fashion, or politics. Along with these magazines, you can present a bunch of key chains or tickets to a recently released popular movie.

Arts and craft items:

Kids and teenagers will enjoy getting arts and crafts items as birthday presents. You can choose coloring books with a set of crayons and activity books which help kids indulge in exciting activities! There are websites which offer free coloring pages or printables. Just take printouts of such pages, tie them with a colorful ribbon, and place them in a decorative box. It will make a great gift for kids’ birthday!
For teenagers, you can choose a painting kit including paints, paint brushes, drawing pencils, pastels, a sketchbook, and other artist’s tools.

Creative gift baskets:

Create a gift basket for your dear ones and fill it with items of their choice. For example, if the recipient is a bookworm, place 2-3 books, bookmarks, and a reading light in the gift basket. In case the person is a foodie, put a wine bottle in the basket and add some wine crackers, cheese, a chocolate bar, and a chocolate pretzel stick to give your present a special touch. Alternatively, you can create a gift basket having dessert wine, chocolates, and a wine bottle stopper as well.

Cheap birthday gifts for lovers

If you have a girlfriend or wife and you want to look for a cheap birthday present which will actually make her feel special, take your lover or partner to a picnic or go on a romantic stroll. As an alternative, you can get the tickets to a famous movie which your lover will simply enjoy. A candlelight dinner at home is among those cheap birthday presents which are sure to impress your girlfriend or wife.

Funny presents:

One of the cheap birthday gifts for kids is a comic book series which they will love to read. CDs and DVDs of funny movies or animated films can make them feel extra special on their birthday. You can also look for CDs and DVDs of funny movies that will appeal to adults.

A special poem:

Gift your loved ones a special poem you have written for their birthday and show how much you treasure them. It is not something expensive but sure to touch the heart of your dear ones.

Coffee mugs:

Get a pair of coffee mugs for the birthday person and let him/her enjoy a cup of the hot drink whenever he or she feels like. Choose coffee mugs which are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Birthday presents range from the extravagant ones to those which are less expensive, but still thoughtful and creative. Surprise your dear ones with a priceless birthday gift that will receive a lot of appreciation.


Ways to Get Cheap Birthday Invitations

There are a number of ways to find cheap birthday party invitations. They are mentioned below.

1. Create Your Own Invitation with Image Program Software

You may create an image on your own and design your birthday invitation with Adobe Photoshop. If you’ve decided upon a theme for your birthday celebration, create an image based upon it. Your invitation should have images and text which reveal the tone and theme of your celebration and share how you’re planning your birthday party. The text should have words implying that your dear ones always find happiness and good luck coming their way.

2. Use Personalized E-Cards as Cheap Birthday Party Invitations

A variety of personalized e-cards is available online and can be used as birthday invitations. All you have to do is choose the invitation template and layout. Next, you should personalize the card by changing the graphics, font and color. When you do this, make sure the changes match the theme of your party. For example, if your birthday party has a fairytale theme, you should choose a fancy card decorated beautifully and having a pink and silver font. Once you personalize the image on the card, provide the details regarding the invitation. Include the date, time and venue of your birthday party. You may add a special birthday quote or poem to your birthday invitation.

Once you're ready with the images and text you'd like to include in your birthday invitation, have them printed and send them to your guests in a creatively designed envelope. Alternatively, you can send the cheap birthday invitations through your email address. That'll be faster and cheaper than sending your invitations through postal service.


3. Create Handmade Cards for Birthday Invitations

Here are a few steps to guide you on how to create cheap birthday invitations by yourself.

  • Glue cardstock to a bright and colorful scrapbook paper.
  • Fold the cardstock either vertically or horizontally, thus keeping the scrapbook color on the outer part.
  • Decorate the cardstock cum scrapbook paper with embellishments that make your invitation adorable.
  • Include important details of your birthday party, such as the date, time and location, in your invitation.

Your cheap birthday invites are now ready to be sent to your dear ones!

Birthday invitations should be such that they appeal to your guests and let them know that a great party is ahead! It doesn’t matter if you go for cheap birthday invites. What’s important is to make your invitations look exciting, so that your guests feel the urge to come and join your birthday celebrations.