Last Updated: 2nd November, 2020

Birthday Postcards

  • Birthday Post Card

Birthday postcards are an excellent way to express your warm greetings to your nearest and dearest ones. Postcards are available with photo as well as graphics. So, depending upon your choice of image and text, you can actually get an exciting postcard to wish that your loved ones have a happy and prosperous birthday.

Birthday Cake Theme:

There are birthday photo cards which come with images of birthday cakes and candles along with the words “happy birthday” printed on them.

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Sweet Treats on Birthday:

Birthday cards having images of sweet treats like chocolates and cookies in gift baskets can be a great way to send warm greetings to your dear ones. If your friends or family members like chocolates and cookies, they’ll love to receive birthday postcards having images of sweet treats.

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Cards with the Flower Theme:

You may choose birthday cards having images of bright and colorful flowers like daisy and sunflower. Your loved ones will surely appreciate such beautiful cards which will actually make their mood jovial on their special day.

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Sports Theme:

If your dear one loves a certain kind of sport, you can choose images which feature that sport. The card recipient will surely love the birthday postcard and appreciate the fact that you have taken care of his interests when choosing the card.

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Colorful Balloons:

Birthday postcards with pictures of colorful balloons are an ideal way to express special wishes to your loved ones on their birthdays. You can have your dear one’s age printed on the card. This is to signify whether it is the person’s 15th birthday or 50th birthday.

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Cartoon Pictures:

Birthday postcards with cartoon pictures are best to wish kids a happy and prosperous birthday. If your loved one is a kid, you may choose a card having images of his favorite cartoon. He’ll love the design of the card and feel excited to have received it from you.

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How to Choose the Wording on Birthday Postcards

Birthday postcards must have suitable text that goes well with the images used. You can keep the text simple by writing – “Happy Birthday” on the card. Alternatively, you can include birthday quotes in the card. You may as well write a poem about your dear one and include it in the birthday postcard.

Since birthday is a special occasion, therefore you should go for cards which have text reflecting the mood for sparkling celebrations. The words in a birthday postcard should actually brighten one’s day and make him feel happy on this important day.

Birthday postcards are meant for a special occasion. So, you should choose a card that best conveys your warm wishes to your loved ones and enlivens their birthdays.

Wording on Birthday Postcards

I wish for you
tremendous love,
luck and laughter,
For today, tomorrow
and for days thereafter.
Have a wonderful birthday!

May all your birthday wishes come true!
Wishing you a special birthday.

On your Birthday
I wish that...
May success be always by your side,
May the lady luck be always kind,
May troubles always be at bay...
As I wish you a
Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday!
As you look back on yesterday,
May your memories be warm ones.
As you celebrate today,
May your heart be filled with happiness and joy.
As you look ahead to tomorrow,
May your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!.

So many blessings,
So many wishes,
May you find yourself
Amidst grace of God
I wish all your dreams and desires come true
And you reap happiness in whatever you do
Happy Birthday..