Birthday Candles

The tradition of using birthday candles has been broadly accepted by various cultures and countries across the globe.

  • The history of lighting candles goes back to years ago. With time, illuminated candles have become an obligatory part of birthday celebrations. 
  • Early Greeks embarked on the custom of placing candles on a birthday cake. They offered a beautifully lit candle to Artemis - the Goddess of Moon. The brightly lit candles made the round cake shine like the moon.
  • Germans started using candles on birthday for religious reasons. A big candle was placed in the center of the cake. The glowing flame represented the 'light of life'.
  • Another common belief is to make a wish before blowing the candles. It is believed that while blowing out the candle the wished message traveled straight to the god above. The beseeched prayer or request is answered by the almighty Even today the birthday person makes a silent wish while blowing out the candles. If the person blows out all candles at ones, in one breath, it means that the wish will definitely come true.

  • Another appealing option would be the aromatic and floating candles. They are extremely stunning and spread an aura of tranquility.

  • Birthday candles are available in various attractive colors too. So, you have the privilege of choosing candles in the favorite color of your near and dear ones. It is always preferred to choose those candles that are bright and complements the birthday cake. Bright colored birthday candles become even more bright while blowing. Birthday candles spread a lot of inspirational messages about aiming big.

  • Apart from the common traditional birthday candles, dinosaur shaped birthday candles, Cinderella dreamland molded candle, black cake candles, mickey's clubhouse molded candle, safari mini cake candles, and more such varieties are very popular birthday candles. Birthday candles can also be regarded as an unique birthday gift idea. Candles in numerous styles and designs especially the designer floating candles with a nice fragrant can be given to your loved ones on his/her birthday.
  • Birthday candles make a great birthday present. They mark a new start that is full of glowing wishes and dreams just like the gleaming flame.

    Birthday Messages

    Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know.
    Happy Birthday to my great friend.
    Have the happiest birthday ever!
    Happy Birthday
    Quick! Blow the candle and make your wish
    May the flame of joy never blow out of your life.
    Blowing out another candle
    should mean that
    you have lived another year of joy
    and that you've made this world
    a better place Make every day of your life
    and every candle count.
    Have a delightful Birthday.

    Last Updated: 20th November, 2020