Last Updated: 5th October, 2020

Birthday Balloons


Birthdays are a time to cherish and celebrate life, and no matter how young or old, a birthday is never complete without colourful balloons. Balloons of different hues and colours always fascinate us, but do you know how they came into existence?

Let's find out some interesting facts about a toy with no age restrictions:

1. Balloons have been mentioned in classics Moby Dick from the early 19th century, much before they were invented.

2. Long before the rubber was introduced balloons were made from pig's intestines.

3. The first rubber balloons were made by Michael Faraday in 1824, for use in the laboratory. They were invented for use in military communications, scientific experiments, and transportation. It was only in 1889 that people could buy a balloon for fun.

Birthday Balloons

There is no doubt that Balloons are fun, and an integral part of a birthday, or for that matter any celebration. They are cheap and colourful, and enchanting as they fly away in the sky. But Balloons do have some significance in birthday celebrations:

1. They denote a lightness of sorrow. Just as the balloons are light, so should the lives that they touch be light, and be devoid of the weight of any burden.

2. When you make a wish during your birthday and release balloons, they carry your wishes to God and help you fulfil them.

3. Balloons are synonymous to joy and cheer. Just the sight of balloons is enough for positivity.

Happy Birthday Balloons

Types of Balloons

Balloons add cheer and happiness to every occasion. There is no celebration which is complete without balloons. Even though fragile, a balloon is powerful enough to paste a smile on every face. The word balloon found its origin from the French word Ballon, meaning a ball. Balloons have evolved over the years and have come a long way from the very first ones made out dried animal intestines.

The colourful and beautiful balloons which manage to enchant us come in a number of varieties today. Some of them include:

Metal Balloons -

A beautiful and adorning decoration at a party always earns the praise of the guests. The use of balloons in decoration is the most affordable way to add fun and attraction to any event. Metal balloons are extremely fun. They are not made up of metals rather they are of metallic colors. There is a myriad of collections of such types of balloons available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can get a plethora of possibilities for decorations using these balloons. Decorating materials like colorful flowers, curling ribbons and different kinds of threads can also be used along with the balloons for enhancing the look and imparting a fresh touch.

Foil Balloons:

These balloons have a metallic finish and are made of nylon sheet. Normally used when helium is used to fill the balloon, as the material is more suited for the gas. The material is also perfect for images and messages to be printed on them.


Helium Balloons:

In this case Balloons made of rubber or foil is filled with helium. Helium being the lightest gas in the atmosphere helps the balloons float up in the air. Perfect for floats and to create a festive environment, these balloons have an interior coating which helps retain the helium gas longer and thus helps them to float for a long time.


Birthday Balloons:

Last but not the least is the Birthday Balloons. An integral part of every celebration, balloons are especially significant in birthdays. Symbolising a lightness of sorrow, joy and cheer, birthday balloons come in different hues and colours, and shapes and sizes. The latex, mylar and helium balloons are more popular in birthdays.

So add that extra zest to your celebrations by decorating with balloons. Cheers!!


Decoration Ideas

  • Instead of the mainstream Happy Birthday banners, use multi coloured balloons to write the words. Using different coloured balloons will add vibrancy to the surroundings.
  • You can form arches, flowers and even streamers with balloons and hang them on walls.
  • Fill the balloons with helium. Tie them with long strings and attach photos you cherish of the child at different ages. Rest the balloons right on top of the table where the cake is placed.
  • Fill the balloons with heliums and attach paper bags on the other end with the return gifts for the children. Place the bags on a corner table in the room. It will look inviting and beautiful.
  • Buy the smallest size balloons (the kinds you get for Holi) and after they are inflated place them on the birthday cake with the help of toothpicks.

Games with Balloons

  • Catch the balloon game:

    Make the children stand around you and throw the balloon into the air and call out the name of a random child. The aim is for the child to catch the balloon before it touches the ground.

  • Pop your friend's balloon game:

    Give an inflated balloon to every child and put the music on. The children have to dance and while dancing try and burst others' balloons. The child with a balloon at the end of the game is the winner.

  • Race with your friend and a balloon game:

    Make pairs of all the children. Give an inflated balloon to each pair. They have to run balancing the balloon between them without touching it with the hands. The winners would be the ones to reach the finishing line with the balloon intact.

  • Balloon Popping:

    As the party is coming to an end, fill the floor of the room with balloons of different colours, and allow the children to stomp and pop them. This causes a lot of cheer among the kids, and most importantly, everyone is a winner.

Indeed, Balloons depict life through a prism of colours. So go ahead and enhance the cheer and happiness of birthdays through balloons.

Games with Balloons

Balloons As Birthday Gift

  • Balloons are known as a symbol of love, joy and happiness. It actually spreads the message of enthusiasm and liveliness in any celebration party. Balloons with wonderful messages written on them are a wonderful birthday gift idea. Cartoon-faced, round shaped, heart-shaped balloons are a big hit as a birthday gift idea.

  • Balloon bouquets are an arrangement of balloons that are attached together with a ribbon to give it a decorative and attractive touch. There are various shapes and styles of balloon bouquets available in the market, so make an appropriate select.

  • Balloons not only add value to the ambiance of the birthday celebrations but are also defined as a great birthday gift option. Balloons can be attached anywhere because of their light weight. Their bouncy and vivacious aspect adds more charm to the celebration effect making it more magnificent and spectacular.


Balloon Quotes

God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them, any more than a boat without steam or a balloon without gas.
Henry Ward Beecher
Love is like a balloon,
easy to blow up and fun
to see grow.
But hart to let go and watch fly away.
Life is like a balloon if
you never let yourself go,
you'll never know how
far you can rise.
A good mood is lie a balloon...
one little prick is all it takes to ruin it!
Life is like a balloon; you must put something into it to get the best possible results.
William Cranch Bond
Let the worst part fly away just like balloons.
Life is like a balloon.
Watching the balloons is a therapy for soul.
The balloons only have one life and the only way of finding out whether they work is to attempt to fly around the world.