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Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are always fun, but if it is an adultís birthday, there is of course a lot more freedom and excitement to happen. The adult parties can either be more sober and matured than that of the kids, or can be even crazier! If no kids are included in the guest list, you can get the party go really wild. There are some really cool ideas for rocking the adult birthday parties. A surprise party is always the most exciting one for the birthday boy or girl. You can throw your dear one a surprise party with the guests suddenly springing up!

If itís the birthday of a person nearing mid-adulthood, you can very well give him an over the hill party.

For the older ones, it would be a good idea to bring back the old memories on the special day. Old snaps from the family albums and little recollections by the guests will make the party a pleasure to attend.

Black & White theme has a charm of its own. The entire dťcor and the dress code for the party can be made in the two colors. A room lit with candles and furnished with Black and white is sure to set a different mood for the party.

For an older adult with a good sense of humor, the party can even be made in the form of a funeral to youth. Mock tomb stones and funeral songs could make the party a truly hilarious one!

Holding a bachelor party with bachelor friends only can be real fun, and the birthday boy can indulge him with all the fun he wants.

Casino night makes another good theme for an adultís birthday party. You can invite your friends to a local casino, or build a mock casino at your place. A good game and a good game will make the evening worth remembering.

Dressing up for birthday parties is exciting for kids and adults alike! You can ask your guests to dress up in like the Hollywood stars, or in some bygone fashion. Dressing up like pirates or other characters can be fun too!

The party can also revolve round the hobby or interest of the person whose birthday it is. For instance, if the person loves fishing, it can very well be made the theme for the party, with fishing rods and nets hung around.

Mardi Gras is perfect Adult birthday party ideas. Mask, beads and hurricane glasses can make the party a real festival!

Masked balls are great for adultís parties.

You can also have a blast from the past. With guests turning up in the old-fashioned clothes, and the oldies to dance to, the party would be an outstanding one. As a party theme, you can even call up the decade the person was born.

If there are no kids to worry about, why not go for beach parties with surfing and diving?

Adult Birthday Party Themes

Adult Birthday party planning is fun. Infantile wavering is past us and we look forward now to engaging fully with pleasures of the grown-ups. Planning an adult birthday party is fun in the sense that preparations themselves are a quest into the adult within us. The adult kid in all of us peeps out from the deepest marrows of our heart. There is a variety of adult birthday party themes and ideas that can add zest to the birthday celebrations.

Dgreetings offers you some of the greatest and rocking adult birthday party themes that are sure to make your party a gala event.

Adult Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties can be quite drab without games to play, and even the adults love to forget their age for a while as they play the Adult birthday party games. However, not all games are suitable for the grown ups, so here are a few of the most commonly played games that could make the party real fun!

Treasure hunts are exciting for all age groups. So if your guests are adventurous enough, and you can think of a mystery to solve, set your guests moving on a treasure hunt with clues to hunt out the treasure.

Card games would be the best for a casino party.

Dumb charades are exciting for kids and adults alike! Divide the guests into teams and give them topics to act out.

Musical chairs can be an interesting activity to entertain the guests. If you have enough room, arrange the chairs and let your guests rush to grab theirs.

Dart games and hooplas are great as birthday games. Set up a hoopla stall with little prizes to give away to the winners.

Balloon stomp is a common party game, and can turn into a crazy game with the guests running about and balloons popping!
More Birthday Party Ideas

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