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80th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays always bear special significances in one’s life and the milestone birthdays are the special ones people love to commemorate. When a person turns 80 years old, the birthday is a day when loved ones express their love and respect. Milestone birthdays are times when you let other people know how precious they are. Here are some ideas that can make the 80th birthday party a day to remember.

80 is the perfect age for recollecting the golden years in the past and getting excited for good times ahead. The 80th birthday is the perfect time to make the birthday party a time for nostalgia. 80th Birthday Ideas
The best way to accomplish a successful trip to the past for a family member turning 80 years old is to ask guests to contribute something meaningful to an album composed specifically for the occasion. Guests can scribble some fond words about the birthday man or woman and share some of their experiences with them in 80th Birthday Ideas.
Treasured pictures from family photo albums should be included in the album. Decorating the party venue with pictures framed on the wall can add to the nostalgic theme. A home video recapping the life of the person will add a nostalgic note to the party. The album can be a party favor, along with personalized key rings or bookmarks.

If the birthday person was a great dancer during their youth, you can give them a chance to dance to their favorite songs. Select some of their favorite tunes and divide the guests in pairs. Dancing with friends and family would be a great treat, and they will love to set their feet pattering after so many years.

An antique theme for the 80th birthday party is another appropriate theme idea. The décor should include old paintings and corner pieces. Lanterns hanging would give a quaint light to the party.

A youthful theme will help the birthday man or woman feel young again. A bright décor with games to play and some lively dance music will definitely bring back memories of celebrated a few decades back.

A lifelong favorite restaurant or café can serve as an excellent birthday party venue. If the place is available to rent out, ask your guests to the place and treat them with some favorite dishes on the menu.
A simple idea is to use the number 80 as a theme. All the supplies, be it the decors or the crockery, should have the number printed boldly on them. You can even fix the guest list to eighty people.

The 80th birthday party need not be an elaborate one, as an 80 year old would probably appreciate simple, thoughtful gestures. So make the party simple yet elegant, with good food and good friends and family. Whatever be your party theme, make sure it focuses on celebrating an important person's incredible longevity milestone.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas

When your dad, mom or your dearest grand parents reach the ripe age of 80, it’s in fact a time of great celebration marked with great family gatherings and feasting. The occasion needs to be truly cherished for it’s the time to look back at the wonderful moments you shared with him or her over the last decade or so.

And to make the event more memorable, Dgreetings shares with you some of the 80th birthday gift ideas that would go in a long way to recall and appreciate the companionship shared between you and your grandpa or grandma all these years.

Whether you’re 8 or 80, gifts form an integral part of birthday celebration.

As a matter of fact, they represent the untold feelings and emotions which are otherwise difficult to express. So, here’s a wide collection of gift ideas for 80th birthday as

1. Coffee Mugs--- A unique 80th birthday gift idea would be a decorated coffee mug with personalized messages inscribed on it in the form of a short poem or a note Such coffee mugs are also available in a set or two. You can easily wrap this in cellophane paper and tie it up with a red ribbon so that it looks more attractive.

2. Hats--- If your grandpa is a sport loving person; you can surely surprise him with a hat with a few lines inscribed on it in the form of poetry. This would definitely be a special 80th birthday gift idea. He can forget all his old age lethargy and weakness when he receives such a sport gift. Let him go back to his youthful spirit which was full of vigor and zest.

3. Photo Album---80th birthday is truly a time for great celebration and to capture those happy and memorable moments, the best gift would be a lovely pair of photo album with photos of all the family members captioned on each page.
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