75th Birthday Invitation Wording

My grandpa is 75
And still going strong
Let's celebrate his birthday
With wine, caviar and a song!
Our (name of the celebrator) turns 75 soon
And we say there's a party on the sea-shore
Beheld by stars and the moon
As friends, family 'n' revelers galore!
Come join the celebration
of my dear friend's 75TH birthday (name of the celebrant)
coming Sunday with family and friends.
It's spring! It's spring!
Birds are chirping and flowers blooming
Let's not forget another occasion we're celebrating
Our dancing daddy turns 75
And we're all singing, dining and grooving!
There's lots to cheer, and lots to hear
As Aunt (name of the celebrator)
Wears her platinum gear
We'll be drinking and making merry
Dancing wild and shouting loud
With no hearts so heavy 'n' no faces so weary
So come join the crowd!
The world's most adorable mother
prances her way to the 75th year of her life.
All of us will be there to raise a toast on this special occasion.
Don't forget to join us.
The sun'll shine brighter
Our moods'll be lighter
As we toot the horn 'n' blow the whistle
And friends and family mingle
Come celebrate our dear father's 75th birthday at our rooftop
It's my best friend's 75th birthday celebration
and I say we must all be a part of the revelry and rejuvenation.
Do join!

My beautiful aunt turns 75 soon
And it seems that age is just a number for her!
We are organizing a birthday celebration
for this gracious soul and hoping to see you there too!
Let's come together to witness my brother turn a year older
with the charm, grace and dignity
that he has always exuded.
Do join us for his 75th birthday celebration.
Poor (name of the celebrator) thinks turning 75 is a quite a bore
He knows not
What surprise is in store!
Come celebrate his 75th birthday as we indulge is some fun,
play and sweet reminiscence!
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