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60th Birthday Party Ideas

Many people dislike celebrating their birthday as they grow old as it reminds them of old age. But honestly speaking, this is a very wrong idea because a 60th birthday party means 60 years of valuable experience. So the 60th birthday party must be grand, celebrating every precious moment of your life. Many refer to the old age as second childhood. So why not take advantage of your 60th birthday party and fulfill all your childhood dreams. You can have a blast with interesting 60th birthday party themes or ideas.

60th Birthday Ideas

You can invite all the childhood friends of the birthday boy/girl. The fun will be greater if the party is planned as a surprise 60th Birthday Ideas. You will be surprised by the fun filled enthusiasm among the aged guests.
A 60th birthday party will be a carefree moment when the birthday boy/girl and his/her friends can discuss about the childhood days- the days spent in school, embarrassing moments, the pranks they used to play and even childhood crushes. A well planned 60th birthday party is actually a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends, grandchildren and relatives.
It is actually a brilliant idea to bridge the generation gap between the grandchildren, parents and grandparents.
There are some brilliant 60th birthday party themes. A retro- theme is a great 60th birthday party idea. You can ask the guests to dress up as in the 1950s. Most of them will naturally have their collage dresses with them.

The guests will love the idea of trying the dresses of their youth again. Its like living the youth again. Many of the dresses will not fit and believe it, everyone will have a hilarious time trying to put on colorful outfits of collage days or collage prom nights on old drooping bodies.

To match the retro theme, you can visit the music library to get the music CD of the 1950s.

If you can, try to arrange for a gramophone. A gramophone will suit the party theme better than a CD player. You can also arrange for appropriate food to suit the retro themed 60th birthday party ideas.

As it has already been said, old age is second childhood. So you will really make the old crowd happy if you arrange for candies popular during their times. This will help in reviving memories of good old days. There are several confectioneries that still sell candies of the 50s. Some of the popular confections you can try are as follows:
  • Necco Wafers
  • Wax Lips
  • Charleston Chews
  • Candy Cigarettes
  • Paper Tape Candy Buttons
  • Wax bottles filled with flavored syrup.
However there might be few guests who cannot have sweets due to old age restrains like diabetes or obesity. So to be on the safe side you can order for sugar free candies. This 60th birthday party idea is bound to be a great hit.

You can also order for party items like plates, napkins, balloons and birthday banners with '60' printed on them. For party decoration you can use old fashioned lamps, lanterns and paintings. If possible then you can also put up pictures of childhood and collage days of the birthday boy/girl and friends on the walls. Many will laugh at the difference in their appearances from their collage days to the present day. Few may have put on a lot of weight, few have got glasses or few may even be without few teeth. It is very effective in making the guests nostalgic and it is also fun to hear different stories associated with those days.

Planning the party as a kid's party with lots of cartoons, balloons and colorful decorations is also a very interesting 60th birthday party idea. A grand and fun filled 60th birthday party is the best way to thank our parents and grandparents for being there and making us what we are. For more interesting birthday party ideas check the other articles in
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