60th Birthday Invitation Wording

Turning 60 isn’t that bad (name of the celebrator)
is celebrating her birthday
and we are glad!
You are cordially invited to the golden birthday party of (name of the celebrator)
60th Birthday Cards
Guess what?
Another year has passed.
Join us for a party
as my mum is turning sixty.
Sixty and still going strong! Hope you come to celebrate (name of the celebrator)’s 60th birthday.
Please join us on 60th birthday celebration of my uncle, (name of the celebrator).
60th Birthday Cards
It’s (name of the celebrator)’s golden birthday. Let’s have a rocking party.
Join us as we raise a toast to (name of the celebrator)’s 60th birthday.
Please join us as we wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to our grandma, who’s turning sixty.
60th Birthday Cards
You’re cordially invited to (name of the celebrator)’s 60th birthday celebration.
Let’s toast and wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to (name of the celebrator) as he is turning 60.
(Name of the celebrator) is throwing a party on her 60th birthday. Please come and do the honors.
60th Birthday Cards
Join us as my uncle (name of the celebrator) blows out 60 birthday candles on his cake.
Let’s us celebrate my best man (name of the celebrator)’s golden year birthday.
Help us wish (name of the celebrator) a very Happy 60th Birthday.
She’s sixty and still loves surprises. So, join us as we are organizing a surprise birthday party in honor of my mum, (name of the celebrator).
She has crossed six decades of a very successful life. Join us as we wish my granny many more years of happiness.
With age, comes experience and judgment. So, growing old is actually fun.! Let’s join the celebration of (name of the celebrator)’s 60 glorious years.
We are getting a large cake so that we can put all the 60 candles in it. Join us for the golden year birthday celebration of (name of the celebrator).
Let’s toast (Name of the celebrator)’s 60th birthday as he made a successful transition from the era of black and white movies to HD. Don’t miss it; we will have lots o’ fun.
It’s never too late to celebrate!
We are gathering for a birthday celebration in the honor of (name of the celebrator)’s 60th birthday. Hope you join us and make the day special.
A whiff of the apple pie
and the smell of stew
It always reminds me
of you!
Grandma, you are the best,
So let’s celebrate
her 60th birthday
He has always filled our lives with love and compassion. Now, it’s time to make my dad’s 60th birthday celebration special. Join us for a fun filled birthday bash.
A celebration is due as (name of the celebrator) is turning sixty. Join us for dinner and fun.
Please book your calendar as you are invited to the surprise birthday party of my sister, (name of the celebrator). She is turning 60.
My best friend (Name of the celebrator) is celebrating the golden year with his friends and family. Please join us for fun, food and some nice memories.

Last Updated: 20th May, 2017