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Last Updated: 4th June, 2020

50th Birthday Party Ideas

By the time you're 50, you've seen life in all of its colors. It's time to move into a new phase of life, and celebrating your birthday with your near and dear ones is the best way to mark the occasion. Start preparing for a fantastic birthday party that'll create lovely memories for you to cherish for years to come.

What is the color for 50th birthday?

Fifty is often referred to as the "golden age." So use gold as the primary color to decorate your birthday bash. Use golden champagne glasses, plates and silverware for meals and snacks. You can also use gold tablecloths and banners to ensure that the golden theme is present throughout the party venue.

Below, you will find interesting ideas on 50th birthday party for men and women.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Men who'd like to celebrate their birthday the in a fun way should explore some of the options below.

Costume party

If you throw a costume party, you should require your guests to attend in colorful costumes based on their favorite hobby. For example, if a guest loves fishing, they should wear waders and carry a fishing net. If your guest is an athlete, they can come dressed in shorts and sneakers.

Slideshow themed party:

A picture slideshow of the birthday person can be created for this theme. The slideshow can include photos from his school yearbook, baby and childhood photos, and wedding photos. Group photos are particularly fun to look at for attendees. Projectors are needed to run the slideshow. Guests will appreciate such a unique party, and the birthday person will also enjoy the nostalgic theme created.

Sports Theme:

One of the best 50th birthday party ideas for men is to choose a sports theme for the celebrations. The party decor depends on the birthday person's favorite sport. Ask guests to arrive in sports attire to suit the theme of the party.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

Read on to find interesting 50th birthday party ideas for women.

A retro party:

If you're organizing a retro-themed party for your dear one, you can create an enjoyable 1960s or 1970s party ambiance. You may decorate the party venue with striped wallpapers or polka dots. Disco balls can be used as decoration for a 1770s party.

The guests should come in retro clothes like granny skirts, bell bottoms, and bell sleeved blouses. You should play music released 40 to 50 years ago. The retro theme is indeed an exciting way to celebrate someone's 50th birthday.

Picnic party:

A picnic enjoyed with loved ones is an excellent outdoor 50th birthday celebration for women. Choose a location that has beautiful scenery and provides the opportunity to enjoy activities like fishing, swimming, or boating. The celebration will be an adventurous one.

A formal party:

One of the most popular 50th birthday party ideas is to organize a formal party with close friends and family members. Decorate the party venue with balloons, streamers and banners with the message "Happy 50th birthday!". Choose sophisticated color schemes like pink and gold, or gold and black.

You can hire a local orchestra to play jazz music. Invite everyone to dance to the tunes and enjoy slideshows or video clips from the birthday person's childhood, youth and her current life. Be sure to organize a presentation before you organize the party. You'll also need to find photos featuring the birthday person's childhood and youth.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

A 50th birthday is one of the biggest milestones in life.Make it a point to enjoy the day your way, alone or in good company, at home or traveling. Here are various ways to do it.

  • Spend the day at a spa
  • Go to the beach and listen to the waves
  • Travel to a country that you always wanted to see
  • Make reservations at a high-end restaurant
  • Go on a shopping spree
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Spend the night at a 5-star hotel
  • Renew your wedding vows
  • Go on a Grand cruise
  • Get a complete makeover
  • Go skydiving
  • Get a tattoo
  • Host a costume or theme party
  • Play board games with friends
  • Spend the day at an amusement park
  • Go for a long bike ride
  • Camp in the woods
  • Ride a hot air balloon

    50th Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

    Party room decorations:

    You can buy a 50th birthday decorating kit that consists of balloons, streamers, confetti, paper garlands, printed cutouts, honeycomb centerpieces and honeycomb balls. The balloons and cutouts can be inscribed with the number "50". Hanging swirl decorations can serve as a good ceiling decor choice, with cutouts that resemble the number "50".

    Table Decor:

    You can use table decorations like mini foil centerpieces with star cutouts adorned with the number "50" and a silver foil cascade. The centerpiece is based on a colorful box covered with a blue and black lid. You can use plates and cups with multicolored stripes and the number "50" carved on them. Table decorations can include napkins in bright colors. Reusable cutlery in colors of Bermuda, ivory, or peach colors are often used for 50th birthday party. These bright colors are a reflection of the fact that a 50th birthday doesn't signify the end of life but instead marks a new phase of life begins at 50.

    Cake decorations:

    No birthday is complete without a cake, and we recommend that the 50th birthday party includes a birthday cake decorated with colored sugar sprinkles and 50 candles placed around the cake. Choose candles with colorful dots and stripes and placed on top of a toothpick base. You can use an old vinyl record and models of miniature cars to decorate the 50th birthday cake, but be sure to protect the record by placing a parchment paper in the shape of the record underneath it. Colored frosting and designer icing can be used to decorate the 50th birthday cake.

    50th Birthday Party Favors

    Memory themed party favors:

    Assemble a photo album with lovely photos from the past, which will help guests recollect the fond memories they've shared with you.

    Gift boxes with sweet treats or wine:

    Pamper your dear ones on your 50th birthday by offering them gift boxes complete with candies, sweet treats, and chocolates. Alternatively, you may offer gift baskets with a couple of bottles of wine, gourmet cheese, and fancy crackers.

    Votive candles:

    White votive candles that come in frosted white glass holders are one of the best 50th birthday party ideas for party favors. The candle holders are decorated with sparkling gold glitters and have the number "50" carved on them. Your guests will love to receive such an exciting gift from you.

    50th Birthday Party Invitations

    Use invitations with a floral design that resembles the number "50" for a festive inviation look or create invitation cards with the image of a pink tiara and some stars along with the number "50" imprinted on the cards. Know more about 50th birthday party invitations.

    50th Birthday Invitation Wording

    • I'm turning 50. I know I'm a little oldie. But I am still ready. To jive and party. Come and party with me!
    • She has spent five decades in spreading love and warmth. Now it is our turn to make her birthday a special one. We invite you to our grandmother's birthday party.
    • 50th Birthday Please join me as I celebrate fifty golden years of my life with food, beer,music and dance. Inviting you to share in the joy at my 50th birthday party!
    • You're warmly invited to celebrate As I complete 50 golden years of my life Do join in for the cocktails and dinner!
    • Birthdays are indeed great! Come and let's celebrate (Celebrant) is turning 50. We will have a joyful party!
    • There are things that improve with age. Just like (celebrant) as he/she celebrates His/her 50th Birthday! Let's make it memorable. Come and join us.
    • Celebrations become fun and jolly When surrounded by friends and family. That's why we invited you. To rid the gloomy and blue. Come to (celebrant)'s 50th Birthday Party.
    • Fifty years of good memories Fifty years of God's overflowing blessings. Golden moments to capture. A night that ______ will surely remember. You are gladly invited.

    50th Birthday Party Ideas for Food

    A 50th birthday party menu should include easy-to-eat food: finger foods, pizzas, sandwiches, and fruits. The sandwiches can be filled with ham and cheese, chicken salad, or various vegetables. Sliced cucumber and carrot can be included in the fruit platter. Cheese bread, salmon roll ups, and maple scallops are other food items you may have for the 50th birthday celebration.

    50th Birthday Party Games and Activities

    You can play musical chairs with your 50th birthday party guests to music from the birthday person's decade of birth played by a DJ. You can host a dance contest in which the guests perform to the music played by the DJ. The best contestant will be rewarded with a special prize.

    These are the 50th birthday party ideas you can use to organize the birthday party of a lifetime.

    50th Birthday Gift Ideas

    Birthday gifts are always tokens of your affection for the person whose birthday it is. But the gifts for the fiftieth birthday are extra special ones as they mark a special day - a day when one jubilantly steps into the second innings of his life. The gifts for the 50th birthday should be the ones that remind the birthday boy or girl how precious he or she has been to you. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect 50th birthday gift ideas for a fifty year old- Since the fiftieth birthday is the golden anniversary, it would be a good idea to stick to the color for the birthday gift. Gold pendant or bracelet with the initials of the birthday person, or any jewelry with a touch of gold in it would be adored by a fifty year old lady.