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50th Birthday Invitations

Turning 50 marks a new phase of life. It's a new beginning you would like to celebrate with family, friends, and people who matter to you. While you plan a party to enjoy the day you reach 50 years old, you should choose 50th birthday invitations that can best convey your message to guests.

Ideas for 50th Birthday Invitations

Read on to get invitation ideas for 50th birthday celebrations.

Photoshop Templates:

Explore birthday invitations available in online Photoshop template stores and choose the one that best fits your style. These online stores allow you to personalize your invitation with your choice of text, font, and colors. The templates have a boutique look and they can be printed using your home printer. However, you may need to know how thoroughly use Photoshop to create 50th birthday invitations that look attractive to your guests.


Musical And Animated Invitations:

You'll find musical and animated 50th birthday invitations online. They are sometimes available free of cost. Use these cards and personalize them with your choice of images, text, and colors. You'll have a perfect 50th birthday invitation that's sure to entice your guests to attend. You can simply send these invitations by mailfor quick and easy delivery. You may need to be a premium member to use all the features to customize your invitation!


Use Handmade Cards For Birthday Invites:

A handmade invitation designed to attract your guests to your 50th birthday party can be fun and exciting! All you have to do is buy colored scrapbooking paper from an arts and crafts store. Choose cute photos from your childhood and have them printed on the scrapbooking paper. Fold the paper in half and print your invitation in a special font.


Images and Styles Used in 50th Birthday Invitations

Learn about the images and styles you can use in your 50th birthday invitations.

Baroque Pattern:

An invitation with a baroque pattern is sure to look sophisticated and appeal to your guests. The baroque pattern is used to create a stylish double bordered frame around the text printed in your invitation.


Fuchsia Color Block Invitations:

If you'd like your 50th birthday invitations to be stylish and classy, then you can try Fuchsia color block invitations available online. Since it's your 50th birthday, you can personalize the invitation with the number “50” at the top. This can be followed by your text and then you can affix your photo. You can add more than one photo if you think that it'll enhance the look of your invitation. The entire invitation should have blocks of bright colors.


Invitations With a Damask Design:

You may choose invitations adorned with a damask design at the top and bottom. Across the center of the invitation, you can have a thick stripe with your name printed on it. The text of your invitation should be printed below the stripe.


Striped Cocktail Style:

You may opt for online invitations with a white colored background with green and teal stripes and a cocktail design. A brush stroke effect on the invitation will make it look unique indeed.


White Gold Invitations:

A white gold birthday invitation can really appeal to your guests and make them want to join your party. Such an invitation simply has a white background with golden designs around the borders.

These are some of the ideas you can explore and to mail 50th birthday invitations that appeal to your guests and entice them to your party.


50th Birthday Invitation Wordings :

  • Like a fine wine, she just gets better with age
    Our beloved Joan is turning 50 years young!

  • Look who's 50!
    Please join us as we celebrate (name of the person) 50 years of excellence!

  • Let us rejoice with food and wine
    (name of the person) is turning 50
    Partying with him!! Wow it's Fun!

  • Psst…Did you hear?
    (name of the person 50th Birthday is almost here!
    Let's celebrate in style
    Join us for dinner and drinks

  • It's finally here, her 50th year
    Though you could never tell, she wears it so well

  • He's seen half a century of time pass
    Join us for (name of the person)50th birthday and raise a glass

  • Celebrating fifty years of wonderful!
    Join us for a birthday celebration honoring the amazing
    (name of the person)

  • Getting old isn't easy
    Let's at least make it fun
    Join us for (name of the person) 50th birthday

  • Join us and celebrate At ….. (name of the Venue).
    As ….. (name of the person) turns half a century

  • Please join us as we honor
    (name of the person
    For his 50th birthday
    We'll delight in fond memories, delicious food and toast to the next 50 years


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