Last Updated: 22nd January, 2020

First Birthday Invitation Wording

The first birthday of your child is always a special occasion and demands a great party to make the event a memorable one. You need to invite everyone you know and to make sure that they come. You can choose some exciting and interesting words and thoughts to convey your invitation:

Our baby doll is turning one
and we are throwing a big party
to make it special.
Please grace it with your presence!
We will have cakes, games, and snacks
and lot of fun and frolic
Hope you can come and celebrate our
daughter's birthday with us.
Join us as we celebrate our baby boy's 1st Birthday!
It's our little baby's first birthday
All the joy we've seen this year
We'd like to celebrate with all those near and dear.
His first tooth is out
and he has learnt to crawl.
We are celebrating his first birthday
with balloons, a big cake, and lots of fun.
Please be there and make it memorable for him
It was tough bringing him up
because he was so naughty and
always up to some mischief or the other
But, we are celebrating the first birthday of our son with a grand party
and would like you all to be present when he blows his first candle.
First Birthday Invitation Cards
We expect you to come to the first birthday of our little darling
as we want to celebrate it with people who care for him.
I am celebrating my first birthday
I hope you can come
and see me blow my first candle.
The cake might have only one candle
but we will have loads of fun and food
when the little apple of our eyes
celebrates her first birthday.
First Birthday Invitation Cards
You were there when I smiled for the first time
You were there when I took my first steps
I want you to be there
when I celebrate my first birthday.

The year has gone by pretty quick
and she has had a lot of fun growing up.
Our little darling has turned one
and we are going to have a blast.
Do turn up at the party.
Please, come and join us
as our princess welcomes
the second year of fun and games
called life.
First Birthday Invitation Cards
The year that went by
has been full of happiness, fun, and love
We are sure you will come and enjoy with us
at our daughter’s first birthday
I have just learnt to laugh
and walk to my momma
when I want to
Now I am celebrating my first birthday
and I want you to be here with me.
He’s so cute and so much fun to be with
We think he is our best gift ever
Come join us as we celebrate
the first birthday of our prince.
First Birthday Invitation Cards
Time really flies when you are
trying to raise someone
as naughty as this
But we think we did a good job with our princess
Now, we want you to come
and celebrate her first birthday with us.
The first birthday of our daughter is here.
It is hard to believe
that the year went by so fast!
We hope you will be there to
enjoy with us.
First Birthday Invitation Cards
We are throwing a pool party
to celebrate our son’s first birthday
Hope you will be there to
join in the fun.
The cake may be small
and the host even smaller…
but the fun will be huge
and the food more than you can eat!
Put your best clothes on
and look the best you can
We are throwing a grand party
to celebrate our princess’ first birthday
and we want you to be there.
Our little birdie is turning one
We hope you come with your family and friends
and make it a memorable occasion
for all of us.
We are throwing the best party
with balloons, fun, and games
and the biggest cake ever
Hope you too are there
to see and eat it.
First Birthday Invitation Cards