Last Updated: 7th March, 2020

16th Birthday Wishes

Sixteen candles on your cake,
one for ever wish you'll make.
It's your birthday, and you're the star,
for Sweet Sixteen is what you are!
Happy Birthday!
Happy 16th Birthday
Wishing you much love and happiness,
On this wonderful day!
My wish for you is
simple to say but not so easy to do;
I hope you live a full life..
full of joy and wonder,
full of loving family and finally,
full of trustworthy friends.
Happy 16th !
My Wish for you..
On your 16th Birthday!
Sweet 16 is what you are!
Today's your turn to be the star!
Sixteen candles on your cake today.
Sixteen wishes coming from far away.
Enjoy today and remember it well.
May your Birthday be as special as you are!
Happy 16th Birthday!
Sweet 16
From the little girl
that we once knew;
look at you now,
how time flew.
Memories cherished
of the years past,
stay in our hearts
where they will last.
Sixteen candles
brighten the day;
wishes of happiness
are sent your way..
No matter how many birthdays come after this,
always remember this one as the first stepping stone towards being an adult.
We're all so proud of you for coming so far,
and we're all excited to see
where you take yourself from here on.
Happy 16th birthday!
16 is very lively age filled with
magical adventures and never ending energy.
So live it up to the fullest extent.
Have a ball on your birthday and
even on the day coming after that.
I wish that your 16th birthday is made of all
those things that you dreamt of..
Have a sweet 16th birthday!
Much love and blessing coming your way.
A Birthday wish is sent your way
hoping you'll have a wonderful day.
Surrounded by people you hold most dear,
gathered to celebrate one more year.
A happy day is wished for you,
I hope it lasts the whole year through!
I' m sending
16 hugs and 16 kisses
your way for your 16th Birthday!
Enjoy and celebrate this fantastic day!
You are the craziest teenager
I have ever come across.
I'm pretty sure that your 16 Birthday
is going to be just as much crazy and fun.
Sweet 16th Birthday, Darling.
Our little girl
May be all grown up,
But we know she's still made up of
Sugar, spice and everything nice..
Come celebrate her very Sweet Sixteen.
May 16 bring you laughter and cheer
for a Happy Birthday and an even happier year!
Wishing you a very Happy 16th Birthday.
You are the most special person today.
Enjoy it to fullest.
Happy 16th Birthday
from all the people who love and cherish you!
Hey Dude!!!
You are 16 now
So got the license for fun...
Fasten the seat belts ..
And zoom off
Have a Smashing Birthday!