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Last Updated: 26th November, 2020

Birthday Ideas

Birthday Ideas

Birthday fun facts That You Didn't Know!

  • "Happy Birthday To You" is the most popular song in the English language.
  • Birthday cards are extremely popular in US though. Why so? That’ because 58% of all cards that are purchased in US are actually birthday cards! Almost 2 billion dollars is spent in the United States every year on birthday cards.
  • Do you known about Golden Birthday?
    Golden Birthday is that birthday when a person’s date of birth and his or her age is exactly the same..
  • Did you know that since you last celebrated your birthday till the time you celebrate your next birthday, your heart will have pumped 2,688,000 liters of blood throughout your body?
  • The month with the least birthdays is February.
  • More people are born on Tuesday than any other day.
  • The Germans started birthday celebrations for children called "kinderfest", which means child festival. Over time this changed into modern birthday parties which are for everyone.
  • The biggest birthday cake in the world was created in 1989 for the 100th birthday of Fort Payne Alabama. This cake was in the shape of Alabama and weighed 128,238 pounds 8 ounces with over 16,000 pounds of icing.
  • The most popular birth date in the history is Christmas Day. It was the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  • More people are born on October 5th than any other date, which falls 9 months after the New Year's Eve.
  • May 22 is the least common birthday date.
  • When your age and date of birth are same, the day is special and is known as the Golden Birthday.
  • The number of people celebrate their birthdays in August is more (about 9% of all people) than the number of people celebrate it in any other month of the year.
  • 29th February comes once every 4 years, it's the least common birth date.
  • William Shakespeare took his last breath on his 52nd Birthday: 23 April 1616.
  • The world's largest birthday cake was created in 1989 for the 100th Birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama. The cake weighed 128,238 pounds, 8 oz. and used 16,209 pounds of icing.
  • The Sultan of Brunei hosted the world's most expensive Birthday Party to celebrate his 50th Birthday on 13 July, 1996. The cost was a whopping US $27.2 millions.
  • Close to 2 billion Birthday Cards are sent each year in the U.S. alone, accounting for nearly 58 percent of all cards sent.


We have compiled a list of totally unique and really fun long distance birthday ideas to put a smile on anyone's face.  


Birthday package is full of super fun surprise, complete with card, balloon, confetti, sweet treat, and a personal note from you! 


While you can't be together in person,but you can watch together a movie online and can share online experiences.
Be sure to have popcorn and Cake handy. After all you are celebrating a birthday


Use Skype or Facetime to connect friends sitting at different locations to host a virtual party. 
Make it even more fun by sending a treat to all those included in on the birthday surprise.  


You can send some fun memories in an envelope. It’s a tried-and-tested method for sending birthday gifts by mail.

Keep it simple and classy by sending a beautiful full of sentiments  birthday ecard.

Birthday Party Ideas

With each year, we become more mature and gain more experience and knowledge. So each birthday demand a different kind of celebration as it celebrate the growing maturity of an individual. Thus, birthday parties ideas will differ every year. A teen age boy/girl will have different birthday party ideas than birthday party ideas of a girl/boy in their twenties or someone at their fifties Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

If your kid's birthday is coming up and you are wondering how to make it special with? Here are a few kids birthday party ideas to make the party exciting.

Kids Birthday Ideas

Kids Birthday Ideas

Barbie would be a wonderful party theme for your little girl. Make the kids come with their favorite Barbies. The kids could be kept engaged in making tiny ornaments for their dolls. You can even arrange a Barbie dress-over. Fill the goodie bags with Barbie stickers and candies. The thank you notes can bear the picture of each child carrying her own Barbie.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

  • It is the first major celebration of the birth of a new baby and is a very significant occasion for the proud parents of the baby girl/boy. Parents of the one year old plan this special event with a lot of care by thinking of fabulous baby's first birthday party ideas.
  • If the party is carefully planned, your baby will surely enjoy the day even if s/he doesn't realize what the party is for. Therefore try to plan a party that would be comfortable for your infant. A familiar location like your own house or a park your child frequently visits would be best for this purpose. Try not to stretch the party for too long to tire the birthday kid.

13th Birthday Party Ideas

A 13th birthday party is a special occasion, so it should be celebrated with fun and enthusiasm. When your children turn 13, they would like to explore things in their own way and develop an opinion of their own. So, you should sit down with them and find out how they would like to celebrate their most important day.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a sweet 16 birthday party ideas is a very difficult task. At sixteen the people are at the doorstep of maturity. So the party cannot be like an ordinary children party. At the same time it should not be formal also. So balance is a key point for the success of the fun filled sixteenth birthday party. There are several interesting sweet sixteen birthday party ideas that are fun filled but at the same time acknowledge adulthood.

Gone are the days when sweet sixteen birthday party ideas meant only dance party. Nowadays people invite DJ or live bands. Other ideas like live caricatures and candy bars have also become very popular.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

The 18th birthday party is a very significant birthday for teenagers. Turning 18 years of age is very special and marks a developmental milestone in people's lives. Turning 18 is more relevant in the United States, where 18 years old marks a legal adult.

21st Birthday Party Ideas

Standing at the juncture of an important stage, your life takes a different turn when you turn 21. It is a stage when the world comes to you with a lot of opportunities and options. Many doors open, which had hitherto been distant to you, a world which till date you had only glimpses of, a world of your dreams.

The age of 21 opens door to a world of freedom where you can enjoy in your own individual world. To top it all, you get a legal sanction to fulfill a lot of your wishes.

30th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 30 is a milestone, so you'd surely want to celebrate and enjoy your 30th birthday with your near and dear ones. Whether you're planning a party with limited number of guests or you want to have a bigger celebration, explore the 30th birthday party ideas shared here, and know how to make your party a success.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

In spite of the old maxim "life begins at 40", most people find their 40th birthday a knell for the end of their youth. With some exciting 40th birthday party ideas, plan a bash as you pass on into mid-adulthood.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

By the time you're 50, you've seen life in all of its colors. It's time to move into a new phase of life, and celebrating your birthday with your near and dear ones is the best way to mark the occasion. Start preparing for a fantastic birthday party that'll create lovely memories for you to cherish for years to come.

60th Birthday Party Ideas

Many people dislike celebrating their birthday as they grow old as it reminds them of old age. But honestly speaking, this is a very wrong idea because a 60th birthday party means 60 years of valuable experience. So the 60th birthday party must be grand, celebrating every precious moment of your life. Many refer to the old age as second childhood. So why not take advantage of your 60th birthday party and fulfill all your childhood dreams. You can have a blast with interesting 60th birthday party themes or ideas.

80th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays always bear special significances in one's life and the milestone birthdays are the special ones people love to commemorate. When a person turns 80 years old, the birthday is a day when loved ones express their love and respect. Milestone birthdays are times when you let other people know how precious they are. Here are some ideas that can make the 80th birthday party a day to remember.

Birthday Gift Ideas

A special day like a 'Birthday' is indeed a day of rejoicing. This day also demands that the 'star of the day' be showered with gifts. Finding a suitable gift for your loved one doesn't come easy though, and a lot of thought goes behind choosing the right one!

  • Designer Dress

  • Designer dresses are very popular these days. Top notch designers put their best foot forward in creating the most unique and resplendent dresses to be worn by star celebrities. Obviously in the higher price range, it could make for a perfect birthday gift item, for that once-in-a-year special occasion.

    Designer Dress

  • Nike+ Fuelband

  • This wearable gadget from the sportswear giant Nike is a device that can track all your physical activity throughout the day and in a way keeps you motivated to increase the frequency of your workouts. Gift your loved one this fitness partner on his/her birthday.

  • Surprise vacation

  • Surprise vacation

    Delight your loved one with a surprise vacation to some exotic tourist location which has been long awaited by him/her. Reveal it at the midnight hour when the clock ticks 12 to make it more special for the birthday guy or gal.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids Birthday Ideas

Your tiny tot is a year older and it is time to celebrate this special day and sing Happy Birthday songs. The cake is there, the party arranged, but what about the gift that will bring a big smile on that sweet face?

Coming up with new Birthday Gifts for Kids ideas for kids is difficult. They tend to out grow everything. But don't worry any longer. We are here to take care of this problem and present you with some fantastic birthday gift ideas.

A set of books

 A set of books

For a voracious reader, nothing can charm him/her better than a set of books. But make sure that you know the favorite genre of the person you will be presenting the books to and buy them accordingly.

Gifts are like the pearls of love as Kids Birthday Ideas. When put together they make a beautiful collection of memories and things. Build a perfect dreamland of gifts for your kid by selecting some innovative and nice Birthday Ideas for Kids and gift ideas for your little boy or girl.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Selecting a perfect gift for a woman can be quite a challenge, as there are varieties galore! is here to simplify this selection procedure by presenting a stunning array of lovely yet pocket friendly Birthday Gift for Women options for you to take your pick.

We understand your needs and have hence gathered a wide variety of items ranging from the simple to the ultra fancy. Depending on the woman's age, occupation and personality type; the kind of gift for her will also differ. Come to us for the gift that's just right!

Jewelry is loved by nearly each and every woman on this planet. The type of jewelry does differ though. Pearls are universal favorites and you can be rest assured all women from 25 to 75 love them!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Mom, a three lettered word.. but encompasses a gamut of emotions!!! Affection, compassion, kindness, concern, warmth, empathy .. these are some of the words that express the unconditional love that our moms bestow on us.

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new".

Mothers are the angels sent by the god to help us cross all the obstacles of our lives.She is someone who endures all our worries so that we don't suffer.I know a simple birthday gift won't pay back all that your mom does for you... but still Birthday gifts for Mom are expressions of your gratitude and appreciation to all that she has done for you!!! So, settle in and read about some of the Birthday Gift for Moms.

Spa Kit:

Spa Kit
It's a known fact that women deserve pampering. So make your mom feel like a princess on her birthday. This spa kit with all the divine gifts will not only relieve her from stress but also make her feel superb all over again. For instance, a gift kit with an assortment of body soap, body lotion, bubble bath, bath salts, peppermint foot soak, soothing gel mask, padded hangers, exfoliating bath cloth, hand cream bath caviar, slippers, body butter, soap saver sponge, wooden nail brush, bath cream, body towel or wooden foot brush will be received with open arms. A relaxing day at a spa would also make a great gift for mom.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

Choose a perfectly thoughtful gift for the number one woman in your life: your wife! Your gift doesn't have to be expensive - she'll appreciate the thought you have put into her gift.

Depending on your wife's personality and her needs, you'll want to choose a practical gift or a fancy gift.

Photo frame/ Antique mirror

For decorative pieces, try a silver photo frame or a beautiful antique mirror.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is the person whose very presence brightens up your world, whose single smile takes you to the seventh heaven, and whose words are a comforting melody for you. She is the special lady in your life, and her birthday is the perfect excuse for letting her know how much you feel. With a simple present you can make her sense how special she has been to you and how lovely she has made your life. Your girlfriend is sure to treasure any gift given by you, but wouldn't it be better to give her something to reflect your concern? The gift need not be an expensive one, and you can put aside the more romantic ones for Valentine's Day. For her birthday, go for something sweet enough to make her beam with affection with great Birthday gift ideas for girlfriend.

Chocolates work wonders on women. So gift her box of assorted flavors to give her sweet tooth an ardent tingle.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

There must have been times when you thought mom loved her more, or couldn't help being jealous when she looked prettier than you in that party...there must have been times when she gave you the shoulder to cry, times when she saved the candy for you...your sister had been the one constantly by your side, at times a dear friend and at times an annoying sibling. Now its time for Birthday Gift for Sister.

An album with your snaps, right from your baby picts to the present ones, and few fond words scribbled in between would make the loveliest birthday gift ever.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

He is the special person in your life, the person who always finds you the prettiest and is there to wipe your tears away. This most precious guy in your life is worth having a fabulous birthday present to make him feel how much he means to you. Finding a suitable present for a guy can be a bit difficult, and all your ideas tend to nestle back to the same old sports kit and electronic gadgets or some other great Birthday gift ideas for him .

Your guy too would be thrilled with a bottle of good wine with his name or picture on the label. The glasses and beer mugs can also be customized by embossing the birthday boy's name on them.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Your husband's birthday is a special event that you'd like to celebrate with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. Your husband might expect you to offer him an exciting gift. You too would probably like to choose something unique to make him feel special on his birthday. Read on to find out what gifts you may offer to your husband on his birthday.

Plan a surprise cruise dinner:

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband
A cruise dinner can serve as a romantic birthday gift for husbands, and it can be even more exciting if it is planned as a surprise. Just choose a location that has spectacular natural scenery, so that you two can enjoy the cruise while eating food that you'll simply relish.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

The birthday gifts lose their color if they are not apt for the person receiving it. The guys therefore would naturally hate receiving gifts that are ideally meant for girls, or are unfit for their age. So if you are wondering what to gift the birthday boy, here is a list of items that any boy would be thrilled to receive on his birthday:

Gift Ideas for Boys:
  • Video games
  • Skate board
  • Remote controlled planes/cars
  • Favorite super hero toy
  • Favorite super hero costume to dress him up for the birthday party

Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

Gift Ideas for Guys

Confused as to what to give a guy on his special day? dgreetings is here to take care of all your worries - let's help you pick that perfect Birthday Gifts for Guys by giving you all these exciting options to choose from! You can bet on us to give you the best possible alternatives when it comes to getting a cool present for any guy in your life; he may be your brother, boyfriend or boss!

Gift Ideas for Guys:
  • Space shooters
  • Mechanical robots
  • Remote controlled planes/cars
  • Mini table tennis
  • Sports watches

Birthday Invitation Ideas

Birthday Invitation Ideas

A great birthday party is incomplete without an equally exciting invitation. Not only is the party invitation, the first step to the big birthday bash it also lets your guests know, that a fun day is lined up for them! The birthday party can be for your young kid, teenage kids or an elder in the family, and accordingly we are sharing with you some awesome birthday invitation ideas. So choose the one that best suits you!

Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles

Time to blow up candles! That too as many as your age! Yes of course, it's an old tradition. The number of candles on the yum cake must be equal to your new age. Perhaps, the greatest reason for having birthday candles is that they bring warmth and cheer to the big day celebration.

A shining candle is a sign of goodwill. A beautifully lit up birthday cake looks cheerful and full of life.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday cakes are basically sweets which were originally coarse bread-like product which later became a much sweeter version called Geburtstagorten. It is believed the tradition of birthday cakes originated in Germany in the Middle Ages. It was the Germans who would celebrate their children's birthday by making this bread-like product. With the passage of time, basically, in the 17th-century birthday cakes became popular and were made more elaborate with details like icing, decoration, and layers.

Later, in the 18th and 19th century when cakes for weddings and celebrations took contemporary form and also became prevalent.

Birthday Jokes

Birthday Jokes
  • Why do we put candles on the top of birthday cakes? Because it’s too tough to put them under the bottom!
  • Did you hear about the love affair between cream and sugar?
    It was icing on the cake.
  • Why do we put candles on the top of birthday cakes?
    Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom.
  • What song do you sing a Snowman on his birthday?
    "Freeze a jolly good fellow..
  • What do cakes and baseball teams have in common?
    They both need a good batter.
  • What do you always get on your birthday?
    Another year older.
  • What does every birthday end with?
    The letter Y
  • Why did the robber break into the bakery?
    She heard the cakes were rich.

Birthday ECards

What about sending eCards! ECards are all the rage right now. But it’s getting more and more acceptable to ditch paper cards and go digital. So,What are you waiting for?

Come on, how many people ACTUALLY save paper cards? Your house would be filled to the brim with greeting cards from holidays passed. Why waste money on buying cards? Do the environment a favor, and spend a few minutes customizing an ecard for someone's birthday, tons of options to choose from, Stay connected to friends, family & loved ones!
Send free eCards with the look and feel of paper greeting cards.

Birthday Ideas
Happy Birthday Ideas


Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday Celebration Ideas

With an invitation like this, we are sure that you would expect a mob for your party! But sometimes that may not be enough. An interesting twist to your birthday celebration would not only make a party enjoyable for the guests but for you as well. You can either choose a great theme or add some ‘never heard before' ideas to perk up the celebration. We quite understand that this might be tedious, and therefore we are sharing with you some tested ideas that would be a hit with your guests.

Birthday Party Food Ideas

Birthday Party Food Ideas

What to serve at your kid’s next party? We’re here to help! Here are some adorable birthday food ideas that the kids are sure to gobble up.
Everyone loves birthday parties. It brings about special joy and a numerous memories from childhood and we believe that whether you are a kid or a grown up, one should indulge in celebrations with much buzz.

The high point of any birthday party is the food and it is rightly said that one would never forget a party if the food served was great too! Planning the menu can get really chaotic and therefore we are sharing with you some exciting ideas to simplify things at your end.

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

If you are planning a birthday party then you must be seeking for some birthday party decoration ideas also. So here you will find many ideas that will definitely help you in decorations. Birthday Parties celebrated at home are by far the best nostalgic moments remembered by both young and adults alike. So, here are a few handy tips for Birthday Party Decorations that will turn food tables into telltales and walls into magnificent craft. Read On!!


First and foremost select a theme according to the interest of the birthday boy/girl. Themes could be age appropriate i.e. for a child mostly cartoon characters, animals or hobby are best and for adults, favorite colors, number themes, retro etc. For instance, if you’re having a skate boarding hobby party, then you can create a mini skate boarding arena style table in your house and decorate with favorite skateboarding posters etc.

Colourful Party

If you are not planning your party according to any particular theme, then keep the party more on the color sides. Choose a combo of two colors, one bright and other a complimenting pastel shade and then use this color schematic in decorations of your house with balloons, streamers, table cloth, birthday supplies technically everywhere possible that includes the invitation cards as well.

Balloon Decorations:

Balloons add an ambiance of playfulness and merry to a decor. Here are a few balloon decoration ideas to inspire your creativity...

  • With the help of some sugar paper, felt pens and colored tissue paper, decorate the balloons with animal faces. All you need to do is to draw cute animal faces like a pup, cat, bunny etc. on inflated balloons and attach ears made from sugar paper on it.
  • Attach a plastic straw at the end of the inflated balloons and stick them upside down from the ceiling creating a chandelier effect over the food table. It will be a masterpiece in its own way.
  • Greet your guests on a walkway created by pinning balloons on both sides of the walkway with an exquisite welcoming ambiance of a party.
  • Add glamour to your party decor by using the wall behind the sweet table counter as your canvas and covering it entirely with balloons. This backdrop can also be used as a beautiful backdrop for party photo session.
  • Attach helium balloon with the initials of the child’s (guest to be seated) name on it and make them feel extra special.
  • Take a big box and fill it with lots of balloons and create a ball pool for kids to play with balloons, decorate them or simply toss them around.
  • Decorate the cake and goodies table with ice cream cone balloons. All you need is some sugar paper and tape. Make cones with sugar paper and secure them with tape, and rest the balloon on top of the cone, with string pulled down and attached to all corners of table.
  • Make flower balloons by assembling white or pink colored balloons in a flower shape with a yellow balloon in center. Attach them to a fence or use them for a nature theme party.
  • Decorate the main gate of the house with loads of balloon to make it easy to find the party house.
  • Decorate your balloon with glitters, colorful strings, mini pompoms etc. for an added flair to your bash.
  • Also, fill clear balloons with confetti and attach them to the favor bags as a party remembrance. Kids will love to receive them.


  • For a colorful decoration of the furniture, wrap streamers around chairs, stairwells and fences.
  • Make your own streamer chandelier by taping one end of a dozen streamers to the mid of the fan and other end to the ceiling in different directions. Use rainbow colors for a gorgeous effect.
  • Make a brilliant streamer by adding several birthday notes filled with compliments, wishes a humor and decorate it all through the house for a sweet remembrance.
  • Decorate the birthday boy/girl chair into a splendid throne by covering it up with crepe paper, and decorating with glitters and stones.
  • Decorate the doorway with streamers hanging down from the top and crayons taped at the loose end to keep them in place.
  • Another brilliant way of decorating the doorway is with bunch of candy’s attached to strings hung down at the doorway.

Decorating With Food

Amaze everyone with your decorating skills by serving food in the most stylishly presentable way.

  • Using theme related bowls and dishes to keep food.
  • Use toys, action figures etc. for holding food and beverage labels.
  • Add color to the food table with multi colored confetti’s, M&Ms, cookies and cupcakes.
  • Use swirl lollipops pinned in a Styrofoam ball to make a centerpiece for the table.
  • Arrange confetti’s and cupcakes in the shape of initials of the birthday boy/girl for a beautiful table presentation.

Decoration with exquisite tableware’s

Add more appeal to your party decorations by involving crockery and tableware’s in it as well.

  • Wrap napkins to the plastic cups and secure with a ribbon for a festive feel.
  • Create place-mats with felt or sugar paper and decorate them with your party theme.
  • Pep up boring looking plastic cups by pasting glittered fancy tape to the rim of the cup, plates and cutlery’s as well.
  • Using a hole punch, make lots of confetti’s shapes from different colored glitter construction paper and sprinkle them on the table for a dazzling effect.
  • Use bowls in alphabetical shapes that spell happy birthday or party etc. and fill them with confetti’s, dry fruits, nuts, jelly’s etc. and pep up the mood of the party.

Now, you are all set with the decoration, party food and Cake of course. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.