Last Updated: 5th September, 2019


Tuesday, 29 October Bhai Dooj 2019 in India

Bhaidooj Festival


About Bhai Dooj

  • The festival of Bhaidooj is celebrated between brothers and sisters. On this festival, they strengthen the bond of love they share.

  • In Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, This festival is also known as Bhaubeej, Bhav Bij or Bhai Bij among Konkani and Marathi speaking communities.

  • Among Bengalis it is known as Bhai phonta or Bhai-phota.

  • It falls on the second day of the five day celebrations of Diwali.

  • According to Hindu calendar, this is the second day of the Shukla Paksha on month of Kartika.

Bhai Dooj Date

This year, Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on Tuesday, 29 October. As this festival is very close to the Diwali celebrations, the highly energetic festive spirit of the Diwali celebrations continues up to the Bhai Dooj festival. It actually doubles the entire spirit of this auspicious day. This remarkable day is known by different names and is celebrated with tremendous zeal and fervor.

Bhai Duj Calendar

Bhai Duj Dates
Weekday Date Year
Fri Nov 9 Bhai Duj 2018
Tue Oct 29 Bhai Duj 2019
Mon Nov 16 Bhai Duj 2020
Sat Nov 6 Bhai Duj 2021
Wed Oct 26 Bhai Duj 2022
Tue Nov 14 Bhai Duj 2023
Sun Nov 3 Bhai Duj 2024
Thu Oct 23 Bhai Duj 2025

Ceremony of Bhaidooj

  • On this propitious day, sisters invite their brothers for a sumptuous feast.

  • This ceremony connotes a brother's duty to protect his sister and a sister's blessings for her brother.

  • Sisters apply tilak on forehead of their brother and pray for their long life.

  • Brothers also promise their sisters to protect them and stand by their side in every hardship of life. They also give gifts to their sisters.

  • Women and girls who don't have a brother celebrate this occasion by worshipping Moon God Darpanagayesha.

  • This festival is celebrated as Bhai Tika in Nepal.

Ceremony of Bhaidooj

Celebrations of Bhaidooj

  • Festival of Bhaidooj is celebrated with lot of zeal and jollity, especially in Maharashtra and Goa.

  • Sisters and brothers look upon this festival with a lot of zest.

  • Exchange of gifts between brothers and sisters takes place as a token of love and gratitude for each other. It adds charm to this occasion.

  • Bhaidooj gives time of a family get together. The reason is that all brothers and sisters in the family meet on this day.

  • Basundi Poori and Shrikhand Poori are special sweets and are savored with many other special dishes of this festival.

Celebrations of Bhaidooj

Legends and Myths of Bhaidooj

Legend - 1

Other than many names of Bhaidooj mentioned above, ‘Yama Dwiteeya' is another name of this festival. The legends say that Yamaraj visits his sister Yami on this occasion. She applies tilak on his forehead and prays for his long life. So, it is believed that anyone receiving tilak from his sister on this auspicious day will never be thrown to the fires of hell.

Legend - 2

Another legend states that Lord Krishna visits his sister Subhadra on this day after slaying the Narakasura demon. She gives him a warm welcome with flowers, sweets and tilak on his forehead.

Legend - 3

One more legend tells story of origin of Bhai Dooj. It says that when Mahavir Swami attained nirvana, his brother King Nandivardhan was distraught. He missed him and his sister Sudarshana comforted him. Since that time, women have been looked upon with respect during Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj in India

  • In India, Bhai Dooj is known by different names. However, the basic ingredients of celebrations remain the same in all the states.

  • The rituals and customs of Bhai Dooj celebrations differ from each and every state. But, what remains same is the festive spirit throughout the country.

  • On this day, sisters after applying the tilak on the forehead of the brothers receive their blessings and the brothers also promise their sisters to guard and save her from all hardships and troubles.

  • Bhai Dooj is defined as a very sweet festival that depicts the sweet bond between a brother and a sister.

Ceremony of Bhaidooj

The festivities

  • Sisters start making preparations for the festival days in advance. They buy sweets, gifts, fancy garments and other products.

  • On the day of Bhai Dooj, sisters perform aarti and put tilak on the forehead of their brothers and also offer them sumptuous sweets.

  • Brothers reciprocate by blessing their sisters and offering them gifts or cash.

  • In some states such as Haryana and Maharashtra, women who have no brothers worship moon God.

  • Whatever name or form the festival may take, the significance is the same – it is a brother's duty to protect his sister who in turn worships for his good health and long life.