Last Updated: 6th June, 2019

The French Flag

French National Flag

The French Flag comprises of three colors – blue, white and red. The national flag of France features vertical bands of the tricolor combination. It is more commonly known as French tricolor. The French Flag had its foundation during the time of French Revolution. Today, the French national flag can be seen atop several public buildings. It is said that the French flag is a symbol of the Fifth Republic. Even on the national celebrations, the French flag is used as a symbol of honor.

French National Flag

Brief History of the French Flag

In the year 1789 in the month of June, Paris reached the state of high agitation. This was the state of the country exactly before the application of Bastille. In those circumstances, an armed force was formed.
Two distinctive colors mainly blue and red represented this militia. But, in the year 1794 the convention formally accepted the tricolor combination of blue, white and red. From time to time, various different meanings and symbolism have been attributed to the colors. The flag consisted of two main colors that were blue and red. These two colors actually characterized the working class people. But eventually, the color white was also added to it that characterized clarity.

Colors of French Flag

The three important colors of the national flag of France represent different meanings and values. Liberty, Fraternity and Equality are aptly defined by the tricolor of French Flag. Find out about the significance about the three main colors of the French Flag.

French National Flag

Blue –

It generally symbolizes freedom and liberty. Not only these, the color Blue of the French flag also represents justice, patriotism, prosperity, perseverance and peace. It aptly interprets all the features of the French revolution era and the movement of the common people.

White –

The color White of the French flag mainly symbolizes peace. This color also has some religious values attached with it. Additionally, it defines incorruptibility and purity.

Red –

The last and third color of the national flag of France that is Red signifies revolution, courage and fortitude. It truly matches with the history of the French revolution.

It is a common fact that different people perceive the tricolor of the French flag as per their own perceptions. The basic interpretation remains same. What is significant in this context is that the colors represent historical and rich cultural development of the country. Most importantly, the three colors embodied a united nation that is France.