Last Updated: 18th March, 2020

Vaisakhi Mela

Vaisakhi Mela

Vaisakhi festival is observed in mid April and there are different ways to celebrate Vaisakhi. One of the ways to celebrate Vaisakhi is to visit the Vaisakhi Mela or the Vaisakhi Fair. It is the most vibrant and colorful aspect of Vaisakhi celebrations. Mainly in Punjab and Haryana, Vaisakhi is observed on a large scale among the farmer community. The Vaisakhi mela is full of colors and one finds mirth and laughter through all corners. It is a harvest festival and denotes prosperity. People, both men and women, dress up in new clothes and get decked up with the traditional jewelry to participate in the Vaisakhi mela in full swing.

There are different Vaisakhi fair activities that involve people of all ages to feel the full mirth of the festival.

Vaisakhi Fairs Abroad

  • It is not only in the villages of Punjab and Haryana that the colorful Vaisakhi mela has gained popularity but they are also equally popular in big tier I cities and towns in Punjab and also across other states in India where is a considerable number of Sikh population.
  • There is also a huge Sikh diaspora across the globe in various countries, which has made helped make Vaisakhi Melas popular abroad as well.
  • In UK there is a chunk of Sikh population where Vaisakhi fairs are also popular. Vaisakhi melas are organized at the Trafalgar Square in London, which also draws people from other communities and religions.
  • Apart from London, Vaisakhi celebrations are also in full swing in Toronto, New York and New Jersey. There are loads of popular Indian cine stars who help to add more excitement to the Vaisakhi Fairs abroad.
  • Vaisakhi melas are very much popular in the villages of Punjab and Haryana. They attend the fair with their family members and friends and come all the way from far off places.
  • The most captivating trait of the Vaisakhi Mela is the bhangra and the gidda performances by men and women.
  • Other Vaisakhi mela activities include races, wrestling bouts, singing and acrobatics, coupled with performances of folk instruments, like vanjli and algoza.
  • The common features in a mela are those numerous stalls which sell bangles, toys, local-made handicrafts and domestic necessities. There are also varied types of food stalls which pull the crowd to a Vaisakhi mela.