Last Updated: 28th August, 2019

Autumn Flowers

"Autumn the year's last and loveliest smile"

With the advent of the Autumn Season, every nook and corner of nature seems to be painted with colours never seen before. It is the perfect time to celebrate life, with the Autumn flowers adorning your garden. Here is a list of the best Autumn flowers that you should plant in your garden :

Top Best Autumn Flowers


These lavender, red and blue blooms are easy to cultivate and take care of. They grow and flower quickly. They are symbolic of the message "forever mine".


These flowers grow from the underground tuber. They come in the double petal as well as the single petal varieties. Dahlias come in varied colours. When you plant the Dahlia, synchronise the colours to match with the other flowers in your garden. Dahlias symbolise blessings and enduring grace.


With striking green foliage, elegant shaping, and brightly-coloured blooms, camellias usher in the Autumn and are the highlights of a garden. They can be grown over the hedge and in case you do not have a garden, they can also be grown in pots. The symbolic meaning of camellia is a vision of loveliness that takes away the breath.


These flowers are the perfect decorative addition to your home or garden with their large and attractive flowers. With great medicinal value, these flowers are indeed amazing. They symbolise "outward expression of joy and happiness".


Also known as the Princess flower, Tibouchina add the lavender effect to your garden. They are indeed royal in nature, adding the essence of glory where ever they are planted. Easy to grow, Tibouchina symbolise "dreams to be fulfilled"

David Austin Rose

This breathtaking and glorious plant can be grown in the garden as well as the pot. Apart from regular watering this plant is easy to take care of. The roses will add an essence of subliminal beauty to the surroundings. Roses by any name are symbolic of "love".

Double Perennial (Impatiens)

Available in varied colours, these flowers remain dormant and grow when the season is right. They add beauty and a sense of activity to the garden and have been rightly nicknames as Busy Lizzie. They symbolise "motherly love" and are dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Autumn Flower Gift Ideas

Autumn is indeed a season of rapture and beauty. Celebrate this season with the gift of autumnal flowers to your near and dear ones. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a bouquet of the exotic autumnal flowers. Be sure to synchronise the varied colours.

  • You can send a pretty window box, elongated in shape, with an assortment of pot-friendly autumn flowers.

  • Orchids are evergreen and defy every season in all their glory. Send your loved one a beautiful orchid to cherish.

  • David Austin Roses gifted in a beautiful crystal container will convey the message of eternal love.

Autumn is here. Revel in its glory as you celebrate life. Cheers!!