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We've Moved Cards

If you’re relocating or you’ve already moved to your new home, it’s necessary for you to inform your friends and family about it. This is when you may send we’ve moved cards to show your dear ones how happy you are to have shifted to your new home. Also, you’d like them to know about your new address, so that they can keep in touch with you. It’s even more important when your contact number is likely to change, as a result of which your dear ones may not be able to contact you, unless they send you an email.

Ideas for Visuals Used in We’ve Moved Cards

Whether you look for we’ve moved announcement cards online or at a local card and gifts store, you may choose one that has the image of a home. There are cards with images of keys which indicate that you’re about to get into a new home. If you find we’ve moved e-cards with these visuals, you have the chance to add images apart from the existing ones. So, you can customize such cards inside and out, front and back. There are websites which allow you to do so absolutely free of cost!

We’ve moved cards with floral images and designs are widely used by those who’re willing to share the joy of relocating, with their loved ones. Flowers are a reflection of the happiness and excitement one experiences when moving to a new home. This is why we’ve moved e-cards with floral images are often used to share one’s happiness after relocation.

If you’re looking for we have moved cards with interesting visuals, go for the ones having images of a car and a truck carrying your luggage. This implies that you’ve found a new home and you’re relocating. An interesting idea for we’ve moved card is to go for one having the image of a home in addition to visuals that indicate it’s time for celebrations.