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Anniversary Messages and Wishes

Happy Anniversary Messages to a couple who's wished not anything but the best, always. When you have got a sturdy love like yours, you can make it through anything. Anniversaries are days that celebrate years of togetherness and love. Here are some fabulous messages that you can send to the loved ones to make their day memorable.

Anniversary Wishes Card

Wishing you another wonderful year of marriage bliss together.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

May you love continue to hold strong and grow with the passing of the ages.
Happy Anniversary!


Every anniversary of yours is a special milestone.
You don’t need to wait for your 25th or 50th anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life.

I can’t count the blessing in my life without counting you twice, because your presence in my life doubled the joy in my life.
Happy Anniversary my lovely wife.

The first few years of marriage
are likely to be the best.
It is only later that life becomes a test.
But the love between you both
makes you better that the rest.
Happy Anniversary!

My heart is perfect because...
You are inside
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes

Wonderful wishes for “the made for each other” couple!
Cheers on your big day!

You to were made for each other
and nothing else matters.
Wishing you the best anniversary ever!

An Anniversary Message
You're such a special couple
whose happiness is clear to see
With a love and understanding that was always meant to be.

Having you in my life is a beautiful feeling.
You make me feel so special with all that you say and all that you do..
And today all I want to say is you are the one I love and will keep loving you.

May your love continue to bloom in all its glory for many more years to come.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Although both of you don't need a specific date to celebrate your love towards each other, I would like to congratulate you both for standing firmly by each other's side I hope that you continue to share this bond for many more years to come.
Happy Anniversary to both of you.

May you continue to grow ever stronger.
Happy Anniversary.

Another year's passed and you continue to show the world that true love does exists – a couple like you enjoys all its flavors, whether dull or romantic.
Happy Anniversary!

Wishing You A Happy Anniversary

You two give beautiful meaning to this fantastic relationship.
Wish you a very happy anniversary.

Sending Blessings your way let you know you are deeply loved and remembered.
May you have a Happy Anniversary;
I pray.

Anniversary Messages

Love you then, love you still, love you now and always will.
Happy Anniversary!

May your marriage never lack in happiness, joy, vigor, and bliss. Here's to many more years of happiness together.
Happy Anniversary

Wishing you a joyous and blissful anniversary!

Each of you is so special in your own way, and together, you’re just the best,how good it is to have a couple like you in our family. God bless you both on your anniversary.

The only secret behind a successful and happy marriage is to marry a person you love to be with.

You both boost each other all the time.
Happy Anniversary!

You both are the invisible force with each other at every moment of your life.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary.
May the love you have for one another continue to grow and blossom with each passing year.

Your everlasting love is an inspiration to us all.

Cheers to your fairytale love story and for continuing to live "happily ever after."

Marriage anniversary wishes to friend

Your marriage is not a love story,
But an epic tale of romance.
Your marriage is not a happy ending,
But a blissful loop of sweet memories.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!

This special day is reserved just for you.
Happy Anniversary!

You two make for a perfect couple, caring, daring, and loving - altogether.

It is not about how many years you two have been together;
it is about how much fun you both are with each other.
Happy Anniversary!

May each new day you share be ever more beautiful than the last.
Happy Anniversary!

As you celebrate another year together,
you continue to show the world that true love does exists.
Happy Anniversary!

You've truly been an inspiration to others by staying true to each other.
Happy Anniversary!

Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day. Anniversary cheers!

Marriage anniversary wishes for wife

One of the best memories of a couple is not just the magic of their first kiss
But the magic they create every time they kiss for the rest of their lives.
Happy Anniversary!

Sending you both loving wishes on your anniversary, may it be something so very special.

Sending all my love and best wishes as you celebrate another year of love and togetherness.
May you love continue to hold strong and grow with the passing time.
Happy Anniversary!

May this day bring countless joy to your life.
May the coming years of your life be spent in loving and caring for each other.
Happy anniversary!

Sending you many blessings and best wishes. May you continue to live a full and joyous life together for many more years yet to come.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries are the days to treasure your companion and let them know that you are going to create the best moments in the upcoming year.

You two were made for each other
and nothing else matters.
Wishing you the best anniversary ever!

Another year of bliss, another year of teases and another year of romance.
Congratulations on the new beginning.
Happy Anniversary!

Celebrate the memories of yesterday, joys of today, hopes of tomorrow and forever togetherness.
Happy Anniversary!

Not just a journey of love,
Marriage is a journey full of adventure and happiness.
Enjoy your blissful loop of sweet memories.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary celebration is more than just a pop of balloons, a shower of confetti, and a flash of lights.
It's about the moments and memories which we have made together in the previous year.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary!

Here, there, everywhere people talk about your colorful & joyful marriage
Happy Anniversary


Congratulations on building a love so strong which is going to last forever.
Happy Anniversary!

I still regret missing your special day!
May God bless you two with many more years of joy...
Happy Anniversary

You are together and you have each other and that is the only thing that matters...
Happy Anniversary

Wishing the perfect pair a perfect day full of love, laughter and togetherness.
Happy Anniversary!!

The way you speak of each other, and look at each other, radiates the love you share ...
Happy Anniversary ___

Maintaining a regular rhythm of forgiving and apologizing makes marriages last;
Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
Thank you for breathing life into my world and making it a happy place.

It took me a while to realise...marriage is a recurring investment.
Happy Anniversary.

Looking at your relationship I realized true love is not found, it is built.
Happy Anniversary Dear!

May you always be warmed by each other's smile,
Always take time to walk and talk a while,
Always know deep down you're each other's best friend and enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end.
Happy Anniversary

May your companionship grow stronger each day and may truth passion and love stay deep inside your hearts.
Happy anniversary!

May you look back on the past with joy,
Celebrate the present with laughter and anticipate the future with hearts full of love.
Wishing you God's best on you anniversary!

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Messages

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes is one of the most perfect moments to express love to each other.
Romantic Anniversary Messages

You are my sweet present and the best future I can ever ask for.
Happy Anniversary!

I will always need you in my life.
Happy Anniversary!

Romantic Anniversary Wishes Card

Happy Anniversary to the person who is my “Better Half” in every way.
Love You!

I love everything there is to love about you.

I hope this journey of love never gets over
My heartfelt thanks to my dearest
for being my companion in this beautiful journey
Wish you a very Happy Anniversary!

I consider myself lucky because you chose me to be the love of your life. Happy Anniversary!

The moment I met you I knew you were the one I wanted to be with forever. Happy Anniversary, My love

Thanks for showing me how great love can be.

For giving you hugs and kisses I need no specific reason. But, today I will get them to you in abundance because it's our day. Happy Anniversary Love!

Keep me embraced in your arms and close to your heart forever.
I feel blessed to complete another year with you.
Happy Anniversary!

It is easy to love but so difficult to stay in it.
I Love You with all my heart darling!
Happy Anniversary!

Beautiful Anniversary Messages

May you add many more chapters in your book of love and togetherness.
Happy Anniversary!

Yours are the brightest and liveliest set of eyes.
Happy Anniversary my love, keep seeing me.

The way you both look at each other teaches love to the rest of the world.
Happy Anniversary to the loveliest couple on the planet.

Marriage is not a journey but an adventure with you, it's not a book but an epic with you, it's not only a story but a fairy tale of romance with you.
Cheers to our love honey.
Happy Anniversary!!

This anniversary,
I vow to love you more fiercely,
I vow to keep you close,
I vow to love you forever,
I vow to share the deepest part of my soul.
Love you forever baby.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

Falling woefully short of words; all I can say is -
Thank you for being all that you are.
Happy Anniversary!

Sweet Wedding Anniversary Messages

Here are some lovely wedding anniversary wishes... And on the wedding anniversary of your dear one... Stay sweet and loving forever!
Sweet Wedding Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary!
“Warmest wishes to the wonderful
two of you on your anniversary.”

My heart only wants to love you, my heart wants to come only to you, and it always wants to stay just with you.
Happy Anniversary my love!

Best wishes On Anniversary

Best wishes to you both
on your Anniversary,
May the love that you share
Last your lifetime through,
As you make a wonderful pair.
Happy Anniversary!

Excited for many more love-filled days together
You’ve been by my side through every hurdle and I'm so thankful to God
Happy Anniversary dear

Happy Anniversary dearest
Thank you for being my best friend
It makes our marriage fun and exciting every single day!

Three cheers for the most wonderful couple who brightens our lives each day.
May this Anniversary bring gladness and well-being your way.

May special moments come your way all the year round...and fill your life with jollity, gaiety and cheer;
Happy Anniversary.

Happily growing old with you...
Happy Anniversary

Today is the day to be under the spotlight!...
After all, you guys have made it to the (number) year.
Congratulations on your ....(number) anniversary!!

Most couples are able to hear each other's words, but I have seen you guys listening to each other's heartbeat.
Congratulations on completing .... (number) years of togetherness!

Anniversary Wishes and Messages

May the love you have for one another
continue to grow and blossom with each passing year.
Wishing you endless happiness, joy and love on your
Anniversary and always.
Happy Anniversary.

You guys create a magic wherever you go.
Wish you many more years of togetherness.
Happy Anniversary!

I look back and realize it has already been a year since we are together, honey, but I still fall for you everyday.
With you, time doesn't pass, it flies. Love you a lot.
Happy Anniversary!!

My life was like a blank canvas but you came and filled it with colors of your love.
I am so grateful to have you darling.
Happy Anniversary!!

I love you fiercely in all forms baby- now and forever.
Happy Anniversary love!!

Sweet Anniversary Messages

The more anniversaries you have,
the more memories yo make.

Looking forward to walking the journey of life together... with you;
Happy Anniversary!

Sending these flowers to make your special day even brighter; hope you like them.
Happy Anniversary!

How these fifty years have come and gone is beyond me. I still fall for you every day.
Happy anniversary!

Everyone can make promises, but very few people can keep them forever..
Happy Anniversary

Anniversary Messages for Couples

Some of the best memories of a couple
are not just the magic of their first few kisses
but the magic they create every time
they kiss for the rest of their lives.
Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Darlings...enjoy togetherness and intimacy until infinity.

Happy Anniversary, my Rock of Gibraltar.

Wish you Happiness, happiness and more Happiness... love you guys the most...
God Bless you with the BEST in life.

Waking up next to you all these years is one of the few good things in my life I took for granted.
But today I want to thank you for all the good moments you gave me.
Hoping to make more memories.
Happy anniversary.

They say marriage is a test.
And if it is, then we are definitely the top scorers.
All these years have been delightfully beautiful.
Happy anniversary sweetheart.

Growing old with someone is a dream for many but for us it is reality.
Happy anniversary and hope we have many more to come.

Wishing you both - lasting love

I cherish your love with each new dawn...
Happy Anniversary

Celebrate the ‘you two day’ with cheer.
Happy anniversary

My wishes are a few days old though...but infused with everlasting love.
Happy Anniversary

A decade of magical holidays; that’s what life with you has been.
Happy Anniversary

Thanks for giving me a lifetime of blissful memories;
Happy Anniversary

Hoping... we’ll always be cheerful together as we are...
Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Messages for Love

Happy Anniversary!
May your appetite
for each other's love and company
always remain insatiable.

Your togetherness is a treasure...binding the family in a string of love

Your lives are so beautifully intertwined that everyone considers you as one.
Happy Anniversary!

Wishing that you two will grow even closer together with each passing day.
Happy Anniversary

Yours is a tale of pure love told and retold time and again.
Happy Anniversary!

You are brilliant, dazzling and gorgeous all the time and you are next to me. Love you.
Happy Anniversary!

Your togetherness in good times and bad
Has taught us to be team-players
Happy anniversary Mom n Dad

I am happy to send you my best wishes and congratulate you both on your anniversary.
You guys make it look easy.

Another year's passed and you kept proving to us all that love is real -
Happy Anniversary.

Someone lives in my heart and the beats are music.
Love you, Happy Anniversary!

Love catches up, a marriage marches on - Happy Anniversary my love, this march is lovely.

Your love is always in demand, supply always falls short.
Keep love flowing, my love -
Happy Anniversary!

Cute Anniversary Messages

To my love.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my deeper self, You!

Like a fine wine, the years just seem to make the two of you better.
Well done! Happy Anniversary.

It's not really about the destination; it's not the journey but your travelling partner.
Happy wedding anniversary.

Roses are red, violets are blue, but I don't know of anyone who possesses love so real,
Happy Anniversary.

In my next life, I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.
Happy Anniversary to us.

It seems just like an hour ago when you both walk down the aisle.

More love, more joy, more happiness.
These things I wish for you on this particular day.

Doors to your heart are always open.
Happy Anniversary to us!

You both, make that possible.
Happy Anniversary!

Popular Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary to the couple who personifies love,
Exemplifies virtue, epitomizes perfection,
Characterizes righteousness and symbolizes the best in life.

How do you rate love?
I rate it by the longing I feel between one kiss and another - Love you.
Happy Anniversary!

Your wedding was a gala affair and look the fun never took a break.
Happy Anniversary to both of you.

When I need counsel,
I need you, my Counsel-In-Chief, my deep soul.
Happy Anniversary!

You inspire me most, you make me aspire for more. Love you.
Happy Anniversary!

Our love is larger than our lives.
Happy Anniversary!

With you around, there has been no waiting for love, love happens, always Happy Anniversary!

The little girl who was my first love is today my whole life.
Happy Anniversary!

You are gifted and I am blessed to have you.
Happy Anniversary sweetheart.
You are a darling.

Your policy of no money,
no problems but no honey,
all problems is fantastic,
sets priorities right.
Makes this marriage happen.
Love first

We are made of us.
Happy Anniversary!

Getting married to you taught me how to fly and keep flying. Thanks for giving me my wings.
Happy Anniversary!

We are both upfront and exposed with each other, it works magically.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary SMS

Anniversaries are days to celebrate
The love that makes
your marriage great.
Wishing you still more dreams come true,
more joy, more love
for both of you.
Happy Wedding Anniversary

Our marriage never became old and neither did you. You look gorgeous, my love.
Happy Anniversary!

You ensured that our marriage is accentuated by milestones and not millstones, love you my soulmate -
Happy Anniversary!

Marrying you was a bliss, life has always been without filters.
Thank you for your filter free love.

To the pair who know how to take romance to heart and treasure their day.
Happy Anniversary.

Yours is a love that is stronger than anything.
Happy Anniversary

You two live under shades of a banyan tree.
What a beautiful marriage.
Happy Anniversary!

Your kitty parties paid for awesome annual vacations, year after year. You rock, my partner -
Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate the best decision you ever made.
Happy Anniversary

Anniversary is the perfect time to tell you how I appreciate you love me, for who I am.

Best Anniversary Messages Card

Hope that your strong, sweet & soothing bond of togetherness & its freshness & fragrance continue till eternity.
Happy Anniversary!

May your Anniversary be the happiest kind of day.
As you recall the memories
you've shared along the way and may you find
this greeting adds just a little, too.
To the happiness this special day is bringing both of you.

Happy Anniversary to a great pair of people who belong together.
You are an inspiration to those who know you.
Congratulations on your anniversary!

The smart thing about our marriage is that we accept, demand and respect space. Spaces make for a home otherwise it is about wedding and not marriage.

You deserve to be told how much I appreciate having you in my life,
Happy Anniversary, my love.

I love waking up with you be my side
I love watching you sleep
Feeling your heartbeat next to mine
You mean a lot to me
Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

Latest Anniversary Messages

A real relationship is when destinies align, souls connect and hearts beat for each other, forever and ever- just like yours.
Happy Anniversary!

It doesn't matter where we're at or what we have, as long as I have you by my side, I'll be happy with that.
Here's to wishing us many more happy years together.

Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world and congratulations on your anniversary.

This is a promise
to be by your side ..
A promise to hold
your hand through good or bad..
Promise to be together,
always & forever...

Sending you loving wishes that you'll grow deeper and deeper in love with every passing anniversary.

This day reminds me
that God really loves me
For he gave the
most wonderful person
and chose her to be my life partner
I will always be grateful.
Happy Anniversary!

You make for awesome partners!
Happy anniversary, and may your dreams come true.

Cheers to the incredible chemistry between you two!
Happy Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

Choose from a huge selection of wedding anniversary wishes for wife. to greet her with a very special vibe and to rekindle your wedding's romantic bond.
Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

Happy Anniversary...
To the reason behind my happiness,
the reason for my success,
the reason for all my smiles,
the reason our marriage has lasted many a mile.

You are my everlasting better half.You are my dreams come true.
Happy Anniversary my love!

And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.

My heart is totally filled with emotions that words can’t express. This comes especially for you with all my love today.

You’re as beautiful today as you were on our wedding day.
Marrying you was the smartest thing I ever did,My love.

You're not my number 1. You're my only one.

The best moments in my life were the ones I had with you.
You are the Queen of my heart
Happy Anniversary, My love.

Having you by my side makes me the happiest, most grateful and luckiest person in the world. Happy anniversary to my soul mate.

Together, we will always have stability, friendship, laughter and joy.
I love you.
Happy Anniversary!

A very happy anniversary to queen of my heart

A very happy anniversary to queen of my heart.
Thanks for the wonderful time that we have spent together.
those moments are really precious to me.

You're without-a-doubt one of the greatest women that I have ever known.
Your love, care, passion and dedication are complete inspiration to me.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.

Happy Anniversary, darling.
On the day that we got married, my life changed for the better!
I look forward to spending many more years with you!
Happy Anniversary!

Being with you has become a dream come true.
Every year feels new with you!
May the years that come strengthen the bond that we already have!
Happy Anniversary!

I looked up "perfect" in the dictionary and there was a picture of you.

No matter how many years pass by in our marriage, there will be two moments when I will like to be with you – Now and Forever!
Happy Annuversary, my sweetie

You are my answered prayer,
My fulfilled wish, My realized dream.
Happy Anniversary

Sweetheart, with you, all the experiences are beautiful for me.
Wish you a Happy Wedding Anniversary!

The best things in life are better with you.
Our years of marriage have taught me to treasure every moment, spend with you, my love.
Happy Anniversary, sweetheart

When love is true life is beautiful.
Happy Anniversary my sweetheart

May this amazing voyage filled with mirth and laughter never ends with you.
Happy Anniversary darling!

Happy Anniversary My Amazing Wife

Life has given us a wonderful family,
a happy home,
and a love for each other that keeps
growing deeper as time goes by.
Happy Anniversary
my Love, my life,
my amazing wife

This year I want to tell you that I love you and I enjoy every moment shared with you.
Happy Anniversary!

On this day and everyday
I want you to know how much
you are valued for the
blessing that you are.
I love you!
Happy Anniversary!

Our love is getting better every year. I wish it stays this way for all coming years.
Happy Anniversary darling!

Let's pause today and look back to the time we have spent with each other.
Happy Anniversary dear!

Love the love we share
Happy anniversary my dear wife

Because of you,
there is a beam of lovely sunshine in my home
Happy anniversary sweet!

Beautiful Happy Anniversary Messages

On our Anniversary, I have this to say
I love my life because it gave me you.
I love you because you are in my life.
Happy anniversary!

So grateful for the beautiful years
wrapped in your loving nature,
and in the peace of our wonderful home
Wish you a very Happy Anniversary dear, wifey!

I am so grateful to you my loving wife
You've journeyed by my side throughout it all
Thank you, a very happy Anniversary to you!

Happy Anniversary to my better half who is sugar to my coffee, strength to my weakness and the love of my life.

Your presence fills me with passion, pride and power.
Whatever I have achieved is because of your support.
Happy Anniversary my wifey.
I Love You!

Happy Anniversary My Beloved Wife

Happy Anniversary
My Beloved Wife

You manage all ups and downs, twists and turns of your relationship in the finest possible way.
I have realized no one can match your excellence.
Happy Anniversary, wifey!

From being together in college to being together in life we have finally made it.
Happy Anniversary my lovely wifey!

I wish every year our love increases and reach to new heights.
Happy Anniversary, my darling!

Out of all the biggest moments in life, our wedding tops the list.
Happy Anniversary, love!

This time again say you want me forever as I know “you do”.
Happy Anniversary Darling!

You are my heart... Anniversary Messages

You are my heart,
My soul, my treasure,
My today, my tomorrow,
My forever and my everything.
Happy Anniversary!

No one makes me burst into laughter by his little things except you.
You are my best part of the day.
Happy Anniversary darling!

I feel content realizing that I share a love so true, with a loving lady like you!!
Happy Anniversary Dear Wife!

I feel so lucky to have my best friend as my wife and also my soul mate.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the woman who owns my heart.
Thanks for being my wife and my buddy!

Our marriage anniversary is a celebration of another year of our togetherness, contentment and love for each other.
Happy Anniversary, Wifey!

Cute Anniversary Messages for Wife

To my beautifully
On Our Anniversary
There isn't anything in life
not could there ever be
anything as wonderful
as the love you share with me.

There is no better day than today to tell you I am still so much in love with you and I fall in love with you every day.
Happy Anniversary Wifey!

To really understand a man; you have to know his wife
My greatest influence; the anchor of my life
Happy Anniversary

I still feel the moony-eyed beholder; of my charming beau
You are the rare jewel; life has been incredible with you
Happy Anniversary

Because of you I am me
Happy anniversary

Hoping to give you forever
The love that awakens the soul
Happy anniversary

Best Anniversary Messages for Wife

Just being with you makes me fall in love with you all over again..
Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife.

The camaraderie we share
Has given pleasant memories to cherish for life
Happy anniversary

May the companionship grow with each passing day
Happy anniversary

Lone hours are hard to fly
Thinking about you
May the companionship grow with each passing day
Happy anniversary

All these years,
I hope I've been the kind of guy that an amazing woman like you truly deserves...
Happy Anniversary

You are the answer to my life's questions
You are the destination of my life's journey
You are the solution to my life's problems
You are the crux of my life's destiny..

Thinking of you today
with loving wishes,
as you reflect on all the
wonderful memories of the past
and future days to share.

On this special day I want you to know that I am so happy we are together.

Our house would never have become a home without you.
Our kids would never have understood the meaning of family without you.
I would have never experienced love without you.
Happy anniversary.

All my dreams, are about making yours come true.

Time has stopped ever since the day we got married.
I'm stuck in a warp of sunny hues, smiles and everlasting love.
Happy anniversary

It is not just about the lip-smacking food you make, it is the company you are. Happy Anniversary, my dearest.

It is because of you that I am extremely happy in this relationship.
Let's celebrate another milestone of love with music and some wine.
Happy anniversary!

Every year with you is sweeter than the last.
You are such an inspiration in this relationship.
Happy wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you've given me.
Your love makes my days so very bright,
just knowing you're my darling wife.
Happy Anniversary!

I thank God everyday for sending you in my life.
Thank you for being my everything and so much more.
Happy anniversary!

Wishing you lots of happiness today and forever more.

A good wife gives happiness and long-life to her husband. Allow me, dear, for our anniversary to wish you to share this long life with me!

We accept anniversaries way more serious than birthdays. But there are a lot of years and many anniversaries before us! I'll meet you on the next!

It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree with each other.
All that matters is our love, which is unconditional.
Today, as we celebrate our anniversary,
I just want to say thanks for everything!

Time has stopped ever since the day we got married.
I wouldn't have ever experienced true love if we hadn't gotten married.
Happy anniversary.

All I dream of is to make your dreams come true in this lifetime.
With that commitment, let me wish you a wonderful anniversary my love.

Not only our names, our heart and souls were also meant to be together.
I am overwhelmed to have you as my partner for life.
Happy Anniversary!

I never realized it's been...(number) years. Every day with you is an adventure. I am so lucky to have you.
Happy Anniversary!!

There have been bad days...but there have been thousands good ones you;
Happy anniversary.

I've learned to embrace being alone...on my own... and now have the confidence and self-assurance that comes along with it.
All thanks to you.
Cheers, celebrate a mirthful anniversary together.

This closeness and oneness is one of the most exhilarating, most exciting experiences.
Happy Anniversary Love

Life can't get any better! With you, each passing day is better than yesterday, and each year grander than the last.
Happy anniversary to the world's most beautiful woman.

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated to commemorate love. Garb the romantic & lovely collection of wedding anniversary wishes for husband.
Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

No one else in this world would understand me the way you do.
Thank you for sharing this life with me.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, with all my love, to the strongest, kindest, funniest, best guy I know.

Anniversary Messages for Husband

On Our Anniversary
For My Wonderful Husband
No heart could hold more love
than my heart holds for you.

How lucky am I to have a man like you in my life?

Here’s to many more years of love and happiness together.

Our love is not about how many days, months, or years we’ve been together. To me, our anniversary is about how much I love you every single day.

To the man I’d say yes to over and over again.

I feel saddened for those who have never had the joy of loving you.
Happy Anniversary!

It’s a special day to me because from that day I came to know what is called thinking for someone, love for someone and caring for someone.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

You are and will always be my happy place.
Happy Anniversary, My love

Words can’t describe what it feels like to have you in my life.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the only person in the world that I want beside me always for the rest my life.
I love you, sweetheart.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my one and only. 

There aren't enough words in the world to express my feelings for you, so I will just say:
I love you. Happy Anniversary

Happiest Anniversary dear husband!
Thank you for staying strong with me throughout the good times and the bad.
Thank you for never giving up on us and staying strong with me.

Anniversary Wishes for Husband

That special day is here again
The day we took our vows
You're just as special to me today
As you still get me aroused.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half.
Marrying you was the smartest thing I ever did.

For all these years you have been my strength when I’m weak and helped me up when I fell.
I wish you lots and lots of love and affection.
Happy Anniversary my lovely husband!

Greatest Anniversary my love!
My love and affection will yours forever.
I adore you so much.
Greatest Anniversary my love!

I’m still wearing the smile you gave me on our wedding day!

Our anniversary is not just a celebration of our wedding day.
It is the celebration of every day of being married to an awesome guy like you.
Happy Anniversary!

You mean the world to me
Nothing will never come between us
No matter what
You will always be in my heart forever and ever.
Happy Anniversary!

Being with you is my passion.
To me the real definition of paradise, is in each other's arms
Thanks for becoming my love and fulfilling my life with awesomeness.
Happy Anniversary, my dear Hubby!

Ever since the day we met
I knew you were the one for me
My life’s most beautiful memories are
the ones that I’ve shared with you
Happy Anniversary, Dear Husband!

It's not just today that I feel special with you, but every day that we've been together.
Thank you for your years of love and support.

Happy Anniversary Dear Hubby

Just a little way to say I love you.
Just a little way to say thank you for the memories and all the happy memories that we share.
Happy Anniversary Dear Husband

To the most handsome man who has given me the most beautiful life, a very happy anniversary.

I want to love you, adore you, take care of you and make you the happiest person, my love.
Happy Anniversary sweetheart

I wanna share more sunrise, more sunsets and I wanna fall in love with you only every single day!.....
Happy Anniversary!

Your love gives me a million reasons to smile every day.
You are a great find.
Happy Anniversary, my love!

Your love gives me a million reasons to smile every day.
You are a great find.
Happy Anniversary, my love!

The secret of our successful marriage lies in the sweetness of togetherness which we feel with each other.
Happy Anniversary darling!

Anniversary Messages

Being married to you...
means that my best friend
is always by my side.
Love You, buddy, my love
Happy Anniversary!

I want to live my life all over again in order to love you more, so much more.
Happy Anniversary darling!

A good marriage is the one in which there is love, friendship, joy, and enormous care.
We have everything in ours, honey.
Happy Anniversary!

If there is anything like infinity in this world,
I would like to attain it with you.
Happy Anniversary, Darling!

I can't imagine my life being married to any guy other than you.
You are my best friend and also the love of my life.
Happy Anniversary, honey!

We quarrel, we fight, we love, we dance... Marriage is bliss with you darling!
Happy Anniversary!

Perfect marriage was just an overrated concept for me but you walked in my life and made it a reality.
Happy Anniversary, dear Husband.

How amazing it is to be married to your best friend and how wonderful it feels being in a partnership to love each other forever. Happy Anniversary!

We have been through all good and bad times. I wish we stay together forever and ever.
Happy Anniversary darling!

I have fallen several times before, but at all times it is with you.
Happy Anniversary Darling!

Ever since I met you,
Your hugs and kisses are like the stars that light up my life when things get dark.
something I hope never changes.
Happy anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

If I had my life
to live our again...
next time
I would find you sooner
so that I could love you longer.
Happy Anniversary to us!

I wish I would’ve married you sooner
Happy Anniversary
My Love

I love you more than the stars in the night sky.
I love you than I can ever express.
Love you madly darling!

Happy Anniversary to the man I want by my side today, tomorrow and forever.
I Love You more every day.

I wanna listen to your giggles and get locked in your cuddles forever.
Happy Anniversary my best half!

Thanks for holding on to me during all tough times.
Blessed to have you as husband darling!
Happy Anniversary!

Not only us but also our souls are committed to each other.
Love you so much.
Happy Anniversary darling!

Marriage is not only about vows but also about sacrifices, love, care, and emotions we have for each other.
Congratulations on completing another year of togetherness.
Happy Anniversary Darling!

The day we said “I do” to each other is the day I got not only the love of my life but also my best half.
Love you darling,
Happy Anniversary!!

The first time I kissed you I never thought it is going to last forever.. Love you..
Happy Anniversary!

Your positivity and confidence in me continues to baffle me each day ...
Happy Anniversary

You walked into my life and have changed my whole world...
Happy anniversary dear.

You are such a wonderful hubby.
I am reminded every day why I married you.
What a privilege to be your wife.
Thank you for the way you love me.
Happy wedding anniversary to you and to us!

I’m so pleased to do life with you.
You are my supporter, my best friend, my lover
Happy anniversary dear

Happy anniversary to the greatest guy I know!!!
You mean the world to me
I can’t imagine a more perfect person to go through life with,
love you endlessly.

Together we have experienced some of the weirdest, wackiest things
Wishing you & us more fun together
Happy Anniversary, dear husband.

A very happy anniversary to my partner in life!

Happiness is...
being married to your best friend
Happy Anniversary, dear!

Thanks for never judging me and also for always being by my side in all circumstances and situations.
Proud to have you as my life partner.
Happy Anniversary dear Husband!

Forever may sound like a really really long time but I don't mind it spending it in your arms.
Happy Anniversary dear husband!

I still enjoy being with you just like I used to.
Deeply in love with you, my dear husband.
Happy Anniversary!

The only reason behind a successful marriage is marrying the right person.
Thank God I got you!
Happy Anniversary dear hubby!

May every year bring bright new joys to share as husband and wife with many happy drams come true.
You'll cherish all your life.

Anniversary Messages

Blessed by God
spoiled by my husband.

The unspoken words of love between us echo the loudest in my mind.
I thank stars for having me met you.
Happy anniversary to my gorgeous husband.

It's not just today,
I feel special with you every day.
You are an amazing husband...
Happy Anniversary Love!

Finding the thrill of pleasure each day ... with you;
Happy anniversary my dear wife / husband

You are a huge part of my life... my cool and suave husband...
Happy Anniversary

Thanks for being Mr. Right and Mr. Quiet wrapped in one.
Happy Anniversary darling husband!

We are living a new love story post marriage but our love is still the same. Love you so much dear husband!...
Happy Anniversary

I appreciate the understanding, support and strength which you always give to me.
I feel so blessed to have you as my life partner.
Happy Anniversary darling!

The way you accept all my flaws and still love me more every day makes me go crazy about you all the time.
Happy Anniversary, my dear Husband

Anniversary Messages

It doesn't matter whether
we always agree or disagree.
What matters is that
I love you and you love me.
Happy Marriage Anniversary!

To the man I have chosen to be with forever –
I love you so so so much.
Happy Anniversary!

I’ve lived my best life with you...
Happy Anniversary, my better half

You are always such an inspiration to me... you’ve made my life million times better.
Happy Anniversary

Thank you for coming along and making me a better person...
I wouldn’t be the same without you.
Happy Anniversary

Time really flies by when you get to spend it with the man of your dreams...
Happy Anniversary, my love.
Can’t believe it’s been ____ years already

You are a true gentleman!
Such a blessing to have such a supportive and devoted partner...
Happy Anniversary

You have changed me in the nicest way possible...
Happy Anniversary Love

Happy Anniversary Dear ____ (husband/ wife) Thankful to the multitude of blessings that continually surround us!

'Love' and 'Sorry' walk together
Making our friendship shine
Feeling lucky to have met you
Happy anniversary

Our relationship is the sunshine cherished dearly
Happy anniversary

Anniversary Messages

For you there is a special place in my heart and it is called permanent.
Happy Anniversary

Happiest when I'm right next to you
No word fits to define your love and support to me
Happy anniversary

True relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give upon each other. Because of you I am me.
Happy anniversary!

I searched all the dictionaries to find the meaning of life but I found nothing.
But when we got married and I looked into your eyes, I found everything.
Happy Anniversary

Hundreds of love you for you is still less,
because, you have handled our marriage with finesse.
Happy Wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

Wishing you nothing but happiness on our anniversary.

Let's celebrate our anniversary and raise a toast to our togetherness. Sweetheart, I cherish the memories that I share with you.
Happy anniversary to you!

With each passing year, I see your business and your business acumen improving significantly. Good to be a part of your ecosystem. Congratulations!

Anniversary Messages

You are truly a blessing from God.
Thanks you for being my partner,
husband, lover and friend.
Happy Anniversary!

One day a year to recognize 364 other days of putting up with me,
it doesn't seem fair.
Thank you for working so hard and putting up with me.

Happy anniversary, dear.. Let this date don't stop you from enjoying life and every single day of it!
I wish you many happy returns with all my heart!

You are truly a blessing from God.
Thank you for being my partner, spouse, lover, and friend.
Happy Anniversary!

If I had my life to live over again…next time I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.
Happy Anniversary to us!

True love is spending one day getting married and the rest of your life feeling glad you did.
 Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my Darling Husband
I love you for your thoughtfulness
your understanding way and
for the countless little things
you do for me each day.
I love you for the hopes and dreams
you've helped to make come true
but most of all I love you
just for being you.
With all my love today and always.

Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary!
To the man
I want beside me every night
for the rest of forever.

As we travel the pathway of life,
my love for you grows stronger every day.
Thank you for being my husband,
my best friend,
and the love of my life!
Happy anniversary

To May wonderful Husband..
Who has shown me what love really is.
Who is the reason for my happy days
& the comfort in my sad ones.
Who cheers my success & comforts me in my failures.
I am so proud to be your wife.
I love you Cheers!

Yes! You are Mr. Perfect - Tall, Dark and Handsome.

Darling,I love for caring ways that mean so much to me I love you, for making our home such a special place to be, I love you, for being thoughtful, kind and understanding, too.
But I hope you know that most of all I love you because you're you.
Happy Anniversary

I love you more than ever, my love.
Today is the day we raise a toast, because it's our anniversary and we are ready for another awesome year.

Anniversary Messages

Thank you for washing away my life's deepest regrets with you love..
Happy Anniversary!

I would love to celebrate many more years of marriage with you. No other man could have made me feel more loved as you do.
Happy anniversary!

My friends used to say there is no Mr. Perfect, but the day I met you I realized they were wrong.
You are the most perfect man and I am happy to be with you.
Happy anniversary!

You may give me fancy gifts on our anniversary, but do you know what my greatest gift is?
It is you.

I'm so happy that we're in this together.
I just want to show you how much I love you.
Happy anniversary, my precious one.

Growing old together is my favorite gift I have got from you.
I love you, man!

Home is where you are, my dear husband.
The love I have for you is immeasurable, and this anniversary, let me thank you for another year of wonderful marriage.

Anniversary Messages

I thanked my lucky stars the day when you walked into my life. I knew my life is never going to be same again with you around.
Happy Anniversary my love...

I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this indeed is the best day of my life.
Happy anniversary, my rock star.

To my handsome husband: I wish you the happiest wedding anniversary.
With the promise, to celebrate many more of these wonderful days together!
I love you!

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband in the world.
No other man could make me feel as love and cherished as you do, and I love you more with each passing day.

No matter how much or how little we may have, your love will always be enough for me.
Thank you for being the most wonderful husband ever.
Happy Anniversary.

I will not let our love for each other die,
I will love you to the very end.

Happy Anniversary.
Thanks for making me feel so special, each and every single day.

I just want to wish a happy anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary to the most adorable, caring, handsome, and loving husband in the whole wide world.
I love you!

Promise me, we will stay together forever like all these years till we are alive. .... Happy Anniversary darling!

I am glad you put up with me and weather my changing mind... love you for all the support.
Happy Anniversary

Anniversary Messages

We have changed over the years,
But the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever,
And my love for you is even stronger
Be with me in all my tomorrows,
Make my today so wonderful.
Happy Anniversary!

Everyday we discover something new together. I can't believe it's already a year now with you.
Happy Anniversary dear hubby/wifey!

We don't need to express our feelings in words because we understand the language of each other's heartbeat.
Happy Anniversary!

Together we are stronger and unbreakable as well.
You are a part of me, darling.
Happy Anniversary!

You have always been a constant in my life, inspiring, supportive, loving and caring.
Happy Anniversary!

Cheers to this another wonderful year passed with you...
Happy Anniversary Love!

While capturing amazing moments with you I didn't realize we would come this far...
Happy...(number) Anniversary Love!

Being married to you and waking up next to you every day is the best feeling in this world.
Happy Anniversary Darling!

You are love in its purest form.
Happy Anniversary, my better half.

If there is anything like infinity in this world,
I would like to attain it with you.
Happy Anniversary, Darling!

Even after all this while, nothing overwhelms me as much as your smile..
Happy Anniversary!

It doesn't matter whether we always agree or disagree.
What matters is that I love you and you love me.
Happy marriage Anniversary

I want no parties, fancy dinners or get-together. I just want you and me at all times.
Happy Anniversary my Love!

There is no other man in this world that could ever take your place.
Happy Anniversary from your adoring wife.

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Couple

Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary
to a beautiful couple!
Wishing you a wonderful day
filled with much love.

Your relationship has taught me patience, gratitude, and endless love Cheers to many more.
Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations for another wonderful year of falling in love with each other.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

Love is like dancing - when you find the right partner, it's easy!
Happy Anniversary to a great couple.

Congrats to the coolest couple who knows how to keep it hot.

May you have many more chapters to this love story.
Enjoy your wonderful journey together!

May you have many more years of glasses to clink,
surprises to throw,
cakes to cut,
gifts to give and smiles to put on each other’s faces.
Happy Anniversary!

Love is a friendship set to music.
And you two seem to love the band!

May you always be each other’s best companion
May your mutual love continue to grow
May your successful marriage continue to thrive
May love flourish, prosper, bloom and glow
Have a wonderful day on your Anniversary!

Your dreams, ambitions, and hopes for the future may not be always the same.
But the beauty of your marriage is that you both live to make each others' dreams come true.
Happy anniversary to a perfect couple.

May you both continue to love, cherish and honor one another for years to come.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!
May the freshness of your love always remain.

Invest more and more quality time with each other
Do not get lost in the oftentimes chaotic parenthood and work life
Carve out time for just the two of you.
Happy Anniversary

I am so happy for you!
I hope this year brings you both nothing but pure bliss
Happy anniversary

There are a lot of quotes which signify or define love but none can match the love possessed by you two.
Happy Anniversary!

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing couple in my friend list who literally give goals to us.
Happy Anniversary our love birds!

You're one of those couples
that really show the world
the beauty God Created
marriage to be.
Happy Anniversary!

Best wishes on the monumental occasion of your anniversary.
Cheers on completing another year of togetherness.

Anniversary Messages

Wishing you joy
on your beautiful day,
blessings in all that you
share and love on every step of your journey together.
Happy Anniversary

You two were made for each other
And nothing else matters.
Wishing you the best anniversary ever!

It feels so heartwarming to see those people reconcile who are meant for each other.
Happy Anniversary to you both!

It is the strong bond which exists between you two that has kept you together since so many years. Wishing you so many years of togetherness.
Happy Anniversary!

As a couple,
we are fortunate to know you both.
You two are an inspiration.
Happy Anniversary!

You two are the right mix of tradition and modernity
Stay blessed!
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

On your Wedding Anniversary

You're one of those couples
that really show the world
the beauty God created
marriage to be.
Happy Anniversary!

May the Lord bestow his choicest blessings and bring many more years of togetherness in your life.
Happy Anniversary favorite couple!

We celebrate the happy couple with toasts; lots of hugs ...
wish you a very Happy Anniversary

Perfect marriage may be a myth but for me your marriage is perfect.
Congratulations on completing another year of love and togetherness.

Anniversary Messages

Congratulations on surviving another year without killing each other.

An anniversary is like a milestone.
One should revise the journey after achieving them in order to relive the happy moments.
Happy Anniversary to both of you!

May love continue to illuminate your lives for ever and ever.
Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Congratulations for completing another year of love, togetherness and laughter.
May you tolerate each other for many more years to come...
Happy Anniversary love birds!

May all coming days of your life be as special as your wedding day.
Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Completely in awe of you both... You both look so majestic together...
Happy Anniversary!

May you both never stop loving each other today, tomorrow and forever.
Happy Anniversary!

Today is the day when you both formally accepted each other's company and began this journey of love.
Happy Anniversary to both of you!

May you both continue to hold all your love together and remember the good times today.
Happy Anniversary!

An anniversary is a day to celebrate all the beautiful moments which are spent together. Let's walk down the memory lane today.
Happy Anniversary!

Hey, lovebirds! Take a moment to reminiscent the amazing time you both have spent with each other.
Happy Anniversary to you guys!

There is no more romantic., friendly, loving and caring relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.
Happy Anniversary both of you!

You both are not just any other beautiful couple.
There is something special between you both..
Just looking at you both talk like two teenagers in love, makes it seem that your pair was matched by the heavens above.
Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary
To the cutest couple ever.
It is such a beautiful
thing to watch
your love blossom every day.

Life’s adventure is so much fun when you get to share it with your person!
God bless you both.
Happy anniversary

Happy Anniversary you beautiful peeps
sending lots of love to the two incredibly special people
have a wonderful day and many more to come.

Adore the soft and gentle love between you two
You are such a joy to be around
Blessings to you on your anniversary!

May you always laugh through life together!
Happy Anniversary lovelies.

Congratulations on adding another year of togetherness to your legacy of love.
Happy Anniversary, favorite couple.

The smiles at your faces while looking at each other signify the bliss of your marriage.
Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful couple I know!

Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary
Just a little wish
that your anniversary
will be a wonderful and joys one.

Most couples complement each other's look but you both complement each other's soul. May you be together always.
Happy Anniversary!

You both deserve the best and nothing else.
Happy Anniversary to the hottest couple I know!

Anniversaries are days to remember the lovely years the couple has spent together.
Wishing you a long and joyous life.
Happy anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

May your anniversary
be a special day...
And may it be filled with sweet
memories of the love
you've shared and the life
you've lived together.
Happy Anniversary

You are a special couple; social, lively and always so loving.
Many happy returns of the day.

Anyone who has followed your marriage has learned the art of loving without conditions.
You are a wonderful couple.
Happy Anniversary!

Your marriage defines three English words -
Sustainability, Agility and Ability,
you are our Rockstar couple,
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

Blessings On Your Anniversary.

You guys are the brightest couple around in every single party.
Happy anniversary!

What a love-storm you two are as a couple, keep loving each other and teaching others -
Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the most awesome couple.
Befriend one exceptionally committed and the second, exactly ditto, comes absolutely free.

Anniversary Messages

Always stand by each other's side,
No matter how harsh is the tide!!!
Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

To my favourite couple.
Happy Anniversary and best wishes to you.

Love is everything, defines you as a couple.
Happy Anniversary!

Our marriage is sensuous like Waltz, hot like Salsa and soulful like Jazz. We're the couple which can dance to any tune of life. Happy anniversary.

May your exemplary marriage spread love and radiance always and forever.
Happy Anniversary to my fav couple!

Happy Anniversary to the happiest, coolest, hottest and the sassiest couple in town!

You two have been together since you both grew, sharing a love which appears so true. Congratulations on completing another wonderful year in each other's company.

The secret ingredient in a happy marriage is care and fondness for each other which is in abundance in yours. Happy Anniversary dear love birds!

No marriage is perfect but it is you two who make it appear like a bliss.
Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on completing yet another year of marital bliss. May your match made in heaven last for a lifetime.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

On your anniversary I want to convey my love to you both and say continue to spread your radiance of love and wisdom forever.
Happy Anniversary!

Here's to the perfect pair who is an inspiration to people today, tomorrow and forever.
Happy Anniversary!!

Just wondering how amazing it is to be surrounded by such a lovely couple who always ushers in love. Happy Anniversary buddies.......Love You both!.....

Happy anniversary to you both!!! May god keep blessing your marriage... for many more years to come

Anniversary Messages

Hope you two continue
having the best in life with
each other...
Happy Anniversary

You make a loving pair.
On your anniversary, I wish that you experience years of joy and pleasure while being with each other.
Happy anniversary!

It is a great pleasure to congratulate two happy people.
We wish your life to be full of love and understanding forever!

Remember the yesterdays
Plan your tomorrows
And celebrate your today
Happy anniversary to a lovely couple
God bless both of you.

Hoping that the love you shared years ago
is still as strong today as it was then.
Bringing you much joy, love
and happiness to celebrate again.
Happy Anniversary

Best Wishes To Both Of You On Your Anniversary,
May The Love That You Share Last A Lifetime,
Happy Wedding Anniversary

For your anniversary, dear ... we wish you all the happiness in the world and let your life be long and interesting like the Milky Way and soap opera series!

Anniversary Messages

For a special couple
On your anniversary
Hoping your anniversary is filled with many lovely moments...

You could never have been a man and a woman in anybody else's arms. You are made for each other! Happy Anniversary!

You are smart, she is smarter and you love that! Happy Anniversary, you two are awesome.

A year ago two souls became one. May God bless you with years of togetherness. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

On your most special day, I wish you lots of happiness and many years of togetherness. Happy anniversary.

I wish that with each passing year may the bond of your love deepen and become more stronger. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

The two of you have faced the joys and sorrows of life together.
May the years ahead see love grow and happiness abound in your life.
Happy anniversary.

Wish you lots of love and happiness on your anniversary. Have a great day ahead.

You guys are the most beautiful couple I have known! Your love for each other can be felt, and not just seen. Happy anniversary, love birds.

You are the kind of couple whom no one can beat. May God bless you with more years of love, happiness and togetherness. Stay in love, always.

Every couple faces ups and downs in their life, but it's wonderful to see how you manage everything so nicely and keep each other so happy.

May the two of you live the rest of your life in harmony and happiness. Wish you a very happy anniversary.

Your marriage has seen a lot of love, fun and a bit of trivial spats. This anniversary, I'm hooked to your love story. Celebrate in style!

Kiss of love and a bear hug of care, hold on to the wonderful bond you two share. Happy anniversary, love birds.

Anniversary Messages

A successful marriage isn't the union of two perfect people.
It's that of two imperfect people who have learned the value of forgiveness and grace.

I wish I can describe my wishes for the two of you. Hope you are happily married till the world ends.
Happy wedding anniversary.

I congratulate you on completing another year full of love. May your marriage be blessed with more love, joy and companionship. Happy anniversary!

Thinking of you today
with loving wishes,
as you reflect on all the
wonderful memories of the past
and future days to share.
Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!

True love stories never end.
Happy Anniversary.

May your day be filled with warm memories
And the year ahead be filled with happiness
Happy Anniversary!

No matter how old you both get,
never stop holding hands,
and never stop saying,
I love you.

Celebrate your special day with lots of love and joy.
Wishing you both a very happy anniversary.

The two of you really make a wonderful pair.
May your love grow with each passing year.
A very happy anniversary to both of you.

Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary to a cute couple...
and two lovely heart who are inseparable!

To the most wonderful couple,
may the years ahead bring you more joy, love, good health and prosperity.
Have a lovely anniversary.

You make a wonderful couple.
Wish you many more years of togetherness.

Let me tell you a secret. You two look as fresh as a couple as you looked on the day of your wedding. May you be the same forever.

You two as a couple inspire everybody around. May you remain the same and be blessed with a wonderful life ahead.

Day after day, month after month, year after year – you two keep making it happen. Happy Anniversary!

You are made for each other! Keep loving, stay contented and connected. Happy Anniversary!

Search is on for a couple who rocks and rolls better than you! Happy Anniversary!

Guys, are you ready for another rocking year? Yes, of course you are – Happy Anniversary!

Couples like you are good for friends! Happy Anniversary, and keep treating us to delicious food.

Wishing the perfect couple a lifetime of joy and happiness.
Wishing the beautiful couple a very happy anniversary.

Anniversary Messages

Wish every single day of your life fills you with new surprises and lovely memories that stay with you always. Happy Anniversary!

Marriage is that relation between
man and woman in which
the Independence is Equal
the Dependence mutual and
the Obligation Reciprocal
Best wishes for Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Keep it up, my friends! And let your next anniversary be so full of joy and love like this one!

Happy anniversary to the gorgeous couple! We wish you lots of patience and even more happiness and joy. Good luck!

I remember when you thought it is impossible to be in love, you both were so broken; now, you are together for four years, I'm so proud of you, you deserve to be happy!

May the magic of your love never fade,
May your beautiful marriage last a lifetime.
Happy wedding anniversary, dear friends!

We are sending you happy anniversary wishes,
For the years of joy and happiness!
Let every year bring you
Lots of great memories to treasure!

May the love and affection that you share bring you strength, joy and true happiness.
May your beautiful marriage last forever!

Best wishes to both of you on your anniversary.

Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world and congratulations on your anniversary!

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

Remain in love. Your intense love and admiration is an inspiration for me. Happy Anniversary!

Wishing that the fragrance of your love and bonding continues till eternity.
Happy anniversary!

May your marriage be blessed with love,
joy and companionship for all the years of your lives!

Do not forget your first date, cherish your partner and the happiness will always be with you!
Happy Anniversary

To the beautiful couple in all the land
May your anniversary be Happy and Grand.
Happy Anniversary

We wish Good Fortune to bring you today, tomorrow and always a stroke of luck and bless you with an everlasting love!

Wishing that the fragrance of your love and bonding continues till eternity.
Happy anniversary!

To the best couple I know
I'm wishing you all the best
And love each other to the fullest
Happy Anniversary!

May your anniversary mark the beginning of another year of love and joy. Here's hoping that the bond you share remains as strong as ever.
Happy anniversary!

Hope you share precious moments on your anniversary and discover more about each other as you move on with life together.
Wishing you a happy anniversary!

You both ensured that your love for each other fostered lifelong relationships, with friends of the other.
Happy anniversary!

Sending my warmest wishes to a wonderful couple on their special day. Hope that you have a sparkling celebration on your anniversary.

I pray that you will continue to abide in the presence of the Almighty. It's been years since you two have been together and I'm looking forward to see you that way in the years to come.
Happy wedding anniversary.

Every flower has a character distinct to itself. Each year of your marriage can be associated to at least one flower. What a time you guys have had!
Happy Anniversary

On your anniversary, I wish that your marriage is blessed with everlasting love, togetherness, and happiness.
Have a memorable anniversary celebration!

Hope that you'll celebrate the day you took your vows with special moments which you'll cherish forever.
Have a joyous anniversary!

You two are gems! Beauties inside out!
Happy Anniversary

It's easy to fall in love, but, it's really difficult to stay in love.. You two are doing it for years..
Happy Anniversary!!

May you two together have a life as fragrant as roses, colorful as a rainbow, and cheerful as a lark.
Happy Anniversary!

No one and nothing is perfect in this world. But, you two make us realize that exceptions are always there.
Happy Anniversary love birds!

May the book of your married life get a lot more new chapters.
Happy Anniversary to you both!

Your love has grown stronger with time and has shown the world the real meaning of togetherness.
Happy Anniversary lovebirds!

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

Happy anniversary wishes for parents along with anniversary messages, greeting and quotes to wish your mom and dad on their wedding anniversary.
Anniversary Messages

You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy Anniversary to our dear parents.

You made is believe that soulmates do exist.
Happy Anniversary dear parents

Anniversary Messages

Thinking of you today and
wishing you happy memories to cherish,
special moments to enjoy, and
many beautiful tomorrows
to share together,
Happy Anniversary!

With every passing year your marriage isn't becoming old—it's becoming beautifully vintage and priceless.
Happy anniversary dear Mom and Dad.

Most people don’t believe in ‘forever’; but seeing how both of you love each other so much makes me believe in the existence of ‘forever’.
Wonderful anniversary mom and dad.

Your togetherness through life's ups and downs has taught me teamwork, your tolerance, patience and your solidarity.
Happy anniversary to the couple who taught me everything I know!

Thanks for helping me believe that soulmates do exist.

Mom & Dad, with every passing year, you’re the living embodiment of a great marriage
Happy Anniversary!

All of my goodness comes from you
And my desire to be better, is simply because of you
Happy Anniversary mom-dad

I delight in your pure Love
Best anniversary wishes to my loving Mom-Dad

Two souls but with a single thought
Two hearts beating as one
that’s you, Mum and Dad
Happy Anniversary!

God bless you Mom-Dad
thanks for all you did and do
Happy Anniversary

You are Love and you are Loved
Happy Anniversary, to our dear parents

Warm anniversary wishes to the most elegant gray-haired couple

You both are my precious gems...remain embedded in the ring of love together forever. Happy anniversary Mummma-Papa.

Anniversary Messages

Mom and Dad,
the home you've made and
your loving commitment
to each other have,
blessed our family in more ways
than we can count.
Happy Anniversary!

No words can adequately express my appreciation, love and respect for you.
We are fortunate to be your children.
Happy anniversary mom and dad.

Mom and Dad,
your commitments towards each other have blessed our families in more ways than that can be counted.
Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Your tolerance of each other has taught us patience
Wishing a very happy anniversary to my parents.

You are the parents we kids aspire for
Happy anniversary to our Loving pillars of support.

Happy anniversary to the busy parents scrambling for baby diapers.

Bible Verses for Wedding Anniversary Wishes

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. 1 John 4:16

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. “So shall they put my name upon the people of Israel, and I will bless them.” Numbers 6:24-27

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:2-3

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. Mark 10:9

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

1st Wedding Anniversary Messages

Take the time to tell your husband /Wife how much you love him and how much he/she means to you–after all, your first wedding anniversary only comes around once.
Anniversary Messages

Since the first time you,
to the first time you confessed
your love for each other
both of you have come a long way
and bloomed into a beautiful couple.
Happy First Anniversary

May this First Anniversary of yours be the first of many great ones to come.

It's been a year ago when we began the most beautiful love story and since then there has not been a single day in which we have not enjoyed our love together.
Congratulate you on our first anniversary!

We've been married for 525,600 minutes, but I still feel like a newlywed.

Our first year was so excellent that I want to break up, so that we can get back together again for another first year together.

It doesn't seem like we've been together for an entire year.
It seems like it has only been 365 days.

Anniversary Messages

One year ago,
you kissed me goodnight for the first time.
Happy First Anniversary, Baby!

One beautiful year you have spent together, And hope in future, many good wishes you both gather. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

May your love for one another continue to shine warm and bright. Wishing you many more years of joy and unconditional love together as husband and wife.

Be the shine, for your own beautiful world - light it up with Love
Congratulations on your first anniversary!

Promises are made and renewed
of eternal love and warmth this year
Happy first year of togetherness dear

Anniversary Messages

Happy First Wedding Anniversary
Here's to many more years of love and togetherness.

One year ago today I married the love of my life
Marriage has been the most incredible gift from God
I cherish YOU, my man; every day
and would marry you all over again!

Thanks for being the perfect partner!
Happy first anniversary.

Even after one year together, I get butterflies every time I see you.

Happy first anniversary to the hottest, cutest, and sweetest husband ever.
You rock my world!

In the first year of our marriage, you've shown me all the good things that I've been missing all my life.
Wishing us both a happy first anniversary!

Our first year of marriage has proved that no matter how fiercely we fight with each other as cats so, we always end up loving each other like swans.
Happy 1st Anniversary

Your Wedding Anniversary is the perfect time to say,
both of you are thought about in the warmest way.

Wishing you beautiful moments
to share
to cherish
to remember.
Happy 1st Anniversary

May plenty of wishes come your way,
not just for a year but forever,
together you stay!!
Happy 1st Anniversary

First anniversary – the moment when both of us can start showing our true colors and when the gloves can finally come off.
Good luck.

We shared many wonderful memories as friends, and later as boyfriend - girlfriend...
Happy first marriage anniversary dear...feeling joyous and looking forward to living a perfectly balanced and harmonious life with you.

Everything seems great and your partner's annoying habits seem cute and even quirky... this is during the first few heady years...
Don't let grumpiness set in...
Happy first Anniversary

Our marriage has turned one year old! It’s been such a good year... building trust, rapport, and deeper connection;
Happy anniversary

10th Wedding Anniversary Messages

Best 10 year Anniversary Quotes to make anyone's 10th anniversary more special and become a part of their special time by sending a special message.

Tomorrow marks 10 years
since YOU proposed to me ‘n’
made me the happiest woman in the world!
Happy anniversary precious

My favourite thing to do is make memories with you.
Happy 10th to us!

Ten years and no accounting, just love lived ..
Happy Anniversary!

As I reflect on the ________ (10) years spent together...only one word comes to mind...WONDERFUL. We have been truly blessed. Happy anniversary!

Congratulations on completing a decade with each other. Wishing you many more years of togetherness.
Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for an amazing decade darling. Wish many more years of togetherness.
Happy Anniversary darling!

Waking up next to you is my daily fantasy. You are the woman of my dreams.
Love you darling!

25th Wedding Anniversary Messages

Wish a "Happy 25th Anniversary" with this collection of 25th wedding anniversary wishes for parents, friends, partners.
Anniversary Messages

25 glorious years of marriage and there are many more to come May your life always be this happy!
Happy Anniversary

Wow!25 solid years!
I wish you all the best as you mark this remarkable landmark in your union.
Happy 25th anniversary.

Anniversary Messages

Your silver wedding anniversary shines with your love for each other, and reflects the light of God's love.
Happy 25th Anniversary

It takes only a moment to fall in love but a lifetime to prove that it was truly meant to be forever. Happy silver anniversary.

Hug each other tight, with all your might. Remember the day that you wed, and the beautiful future that lies ahead. Happy 25th anniversary.

Even after [25] years, I've never known anyone more kind and more loving than you.
Happy Anniversary to my one and only true love.

Happy 25th anniversary.
We've had so many wonderful memories together already.
Here's to many more!

25 years filled with incredible love, joy and memories I treasure dearly!! I’m so excited to see how our next years add to the story of our life! Here’s wishing my love a very happy anniversary

Anniversary Messages

Congratulations on 25 years of marriage!
It is wonderful to see your love and affection for one another You're and inspiration!

I am more grateful for you than I know how to express
I light up whenever I see you
I love you with all my heart; this day and forever
Happy 25th wedding anniversary

Today is the day to be nostalgic; ecstatic
on this joyous occasion of silver jubilee
I send my best wishes to both of you
Keep cherishing and loving each other
Happy 25th Anniversary

As you mark your silver jubilee today,
I wish you stay unseparated and intermingled with each other.
Happy 25th Anniversary!

The momentum and love in your relationship should flow forever and ever.
Happy 25th anniversary!

Celebrating 25th anniversary is not just about achieving a milestone rather it is an official testimony of your love.
Happy 25th anniversary!

Hold each other tight, with all your might.
Remember the day that you wed, and think about the beautiful future that lies ahead.
Happy 25th anniversary

25 glorious years of marriage and there are many more to come.
May your life always be this happy.

Anniversary Messages

25 years back, everyone was sure
This wouldn't last long!
Congratulations for proving all of us wrong!
Happy Marriage Anniversary!

You both should write a book about your marriage.
It should be titled, Forever. Happy anniversary.

You have loved one another so deeply all through these years. You have shared hopes and dreams, cherishes precious moments.
May your love continue to bring you joy as you celebrate 25 years of love and togetherness.

Happy 25th Anniversary To two people who have lived together, loved together, laughed together, grown together...

Here's to your 25years of togetherness!
May your love grow with time.
Happy Anniversary

50th Anniversary Messages

Here you'll find great examples of happy 50-year wedding anniversary wishes, phrases, and quotes for parents, grandparents, mom, dad, spouse, friends...,and your loved ones.
Anniversary Messages

Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Golden Anniversary To the Happy Couple.

Your marriage is something to celebrate.
Hope to have the kind of love you have for each other.
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations on fifty years of unforgettable moments.

Anniversary Messages

To my love, when I look into your eyes,
I know your love for me is truly unparalleled.
Thank you for 50 wonderful years.

Congratulations on a love story that has stood the test of time-50 years and counting!

May the love & joy
that brought you together,
continue forever.
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

You are the man of my dreams and I am so happy to be your wife.
My dreams have been fulfilled these last 50 years.
Happy wedding anniversary, dearest husband.

Our 50th wedding anniversary is a time to look back
at the wonderful times and look ahead to discover our dreams together.

I am so blessed to have you as my husband/wife.
Happy 50th anniversary to you my darling.

Today I wish you both much happiness and joy as you celebrate these 50 wonderful years together.
Many congratulations on 50 years of happily married life together.

Happy 50th wedding anniversary!
May God grant you more years of togetherness, happiness, and prosperity.

60th Anniversary Messages

A couple's 60th wedding anniversary is a remarkable achievement. Known as the diamond anniversary, it is a milestone few manage to meet. Happy 60th anniversary messages from family members and friends.
Anniversary Messages

Sailing through the sea of life together,
You have seen sixty shores so far...
And it is wonderful to know,
That you have been each other's guiding star...
Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary

Wishing you both a happy 60th anniversary.
You’re an inspiration to us
You’re such a wonderful couple, and we’re proud to be part of your family.

Congratulations, and best wishes for a happy 60th anniversary.
All wedding anniversaries are special, but this one is extraordinary!

Anniversary Messages

Love grows deeper as time passes by,
Happiness and Joy comes in oversupply.
Memories remain in your hearts forever,
And towards prosperity you may endeavor.

Happy 60th wedding anniversary.
Congratulations to you both.

You’re such a special couple.
You’re the epitome of true love and marriage.
Your commitment to one another gets stronger with each passing day.
Happy 60th wedding anniversary.

Thanks Wedding Anniversary Messages

Make your loved ones happy by showing your gratitude for the wedding anniversary wishes.
Anniversary Messages

Thank you
for your warm wishes
on my wedding Anniversary
We cherish all
the heartfelt blessings
that came our way

Thanks for being the best companion in this roller coaster journey of life.. Love you forever.
Happy Anniversary!

It does not matter what the destination is, all it matters is the company beside you. Thanks for being the best companion.
Happy Anniversary!

Kindly accept our deepest appreciation to thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet by remembering our anniversary. Thanks a lot.

Anniversary Messages

Thank You
for sharing our Wedding day with us
and making it so special.
Your generous gifts and message are
very much appreciated.
With Love

Thank you for your warm wishes on my wedding anniversary. We cherish all the heartfelt blessings that came our way.

We are so touched when we read your thoughtful and kind anniversary message for us. Thank you for sharing this happy day with us.

I feel so blessed to have friends like you who double the joy on my anniversary.
I am so touched by your thoughtful gestures.
Thank you once again.

Anniversary Messages for Mother and Father-in-Law

Anniversary Messages

May your love keep blooming & may this celebration continue
Happy anniversary
To the most wondesrful Mother and Father-in-Law!

Anniversary Messages

For a loving Mother and father-in-law
Whose warmth and care make me feel welcome in the family...
May your Anniversary sparkle with moments as special as both of you.

A mother-in-law as sweet as you is hard to be found.
A father-in-law as caring as you is rarely found.
May love and happiness greet you on your anniversary and always!
Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Anniversary Messages for Sister and Brother-in-law

Anniversary Messages

As you celebrate another year you're wishes much joy and good cheer to bring a smile to both of you, that will last you both the whole year through.
Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

Anniversary Wishes Sister-Brother-In-Law
Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world and congratulations on your anniversary.

Anniversary Messages

Lets love unite you always.. Wish you many more years of happiness.
Happy Anniversary Sister-in-law!

Wishing you a very happy anniversary Sister-Brother In Law.

As you celebrate another year of love and compassion. May you have many more years together filled with love, happiness and prosperity.

Anniversary Messages for Brother & sister-in-law

Anniversary Messages

For a Special Brother & Sister-in-law
Wishing you both a very happy day.

Anniversary Messages

You have loved one another through all these years.
May your love continue to bring you joy as you celebrate your anniversary of love and togetherness.

Anniversary Messages for Daughter & Son-in-Law

Anniversary Messages

Words cannot express...
How special you both are to me...
And so on this special day, I am sending you these flowers to wish that your life blooms with happiness today & always.
Happy Anniversary

Anniversary Messages

Sending heartfelt wishes & blessings to our beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband...
Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary Messages

Sending heartfelt wishes and many congratulation to the nicest couple.
May you both find the day filled with happiness.
Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary Messages for Son-Daughter-in Law

Anniversary Messages

Dear Son & Daughter-in-law
May your world be filled with infinite love & happiness today, tomorrow & forever.
Happy Anniversary

So happy that you two find such peace and joy in each other

Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary my dearest son and lovely d-in-law

On this Anniversary of your wedding day; comes a bundle of wishes for more happiness in the years that lie ahead. Happy Anniversary Dear Son and Daughter-in-Law.

Marriage cannot be needs to be felt and breathed. Sometimes it feels joyous; sometimes it hurts...Happy First Anniversary to my dear son and daughter-in-law.

Marriage is no fairytale; you have to try every day to reach the happily ever after ending...Happy Anniversary my dear children. May you be blessed always.

Anniversary Messages for Grandparents

Anniversary Messages

May you always stay together and embrace each other's company
Here's wishing you both... many more years...
Of happy married life...
On your wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Messages

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
If people could choose their grandparents...
Everyone would want like to have grandparents like both of you.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Messages

A sugary dose of potion of love, With spells of magic cast above,
To bring you even more delight,
Good times in day and good times in night!
Happy Wedding Anniversary
The wonderful Grand Mom and Dad.

There have been bittersweet experiences and many milestones; we’ve seen you sharing ...
Happy Anniversary to our loving Grandparents

You always make me feel full of love! Happy anniversary to my loving grandparents

Funny Anniversary Messages

Make your anniversary wishes humorous with these funny happy wedding anniversary wishes for your husband, wife.
Anniversary Messages

Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!
Happy Anniversary!

You two go together like popcorn and Butter.

Cheers to two imperfect pieces that fit perfectly together.

Anniversary Messages

On our Wedding Anniversary.
I just want to give a big party from your pay.

On our anniversary, I want you to know how much I've enjoyed annoying you all this time & how excited I am to keep doing so in the future.

It's a truth that wife stand with you in every time of difficulty.
According to research wife stands with you in 80% problems and it's another fact that 90% of your problems are caused by her.

Anniversary Messages

Oh! You have made it for another year
And boy, aren’t we happy?
You two look perfect together even when it may sound sappy.
Happy Anniversary!

We are together like “copy” and “paste.”
Happy Anniversary Baby!

Cheers to another year of pain and suffering.

Anniversary Messages

I am so happy to find that one person I can annoy for the rest of my life.
Happy Anniversary dear!

Today we celebrate your most difficult accomplishment, staying married to me all these years.

It would be hard to imagine a life without you - laundry, cooking and cleaning don't just happen by themselves.
Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries remind me that I am can annoy you again.
Thanks for last year giving me plenty of opportunity.
For now, happy anniversary!

I congratulate you, you've been working so hard.
Dealing with a man like me for all these years.
Happy Anniversary, dear!

I’m not yet sick of you, completely.

We have a love-hate relationship – we love one another but hate to be without each other.

I know that loving me isn't always easy, but at least it's worth it.

Anniversary Messages

On this special day
Let's celebrate our love
With lots of kisses and hugs.
Happy Anniversary!

Each year that we celebrate our anniversary
I still can't stop wondering what made me marry you and stay with you all these years,
Happy Anniversary though.

A married couple are well suited when both partners usually feel the need for a quarrel at the same time.

The very first moment I laid my eyes on you,
I knew our hearts were meant to be.
You are my courage, my Angel...
You are my solider.
You saved me.
I Love you.

Anniversary Messages

It's remarkable how long we've tolerated each other.
Happy Anniversary!

Welcome to the big leap of getting married which is harder than getting employed.

You are Honey and he is dear
I hope after marriage your children are not bear.

Finally you got a permanent partner to irritate all your life.
Have a lovely married Life.