Last Updated: 17th July, 2019

Anniversary Quotes For Friends

Each year of marriage is very special and unique.
And the soul sings anthems of love.
We wish you to hear this divine music forever!
Great wishes on your anniversary, My Friend, Hope you are happily married till the world ends!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Hope you two continue having the best in life with each other...
Happy Anniversary
It looks like married life agrees with you, And I wish the best for both of you!!! Thanks for being my friends!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!
Happy anniversary!
May the ever growing days be the testimony of your love for each other,
It may not have been happy all throughout,
But you make use of what's there.
Best wishes for both of you.
Keep loving and cherishing each other.
Happy Anniversary!
An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today,
the memories of yesterday,
and the hopes of tomorrow.
- Unknown
May the love between you,
bring lots of joy,
and may that happiness no one can destroy!!
Happy Wedding Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary
May your marriage be blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of your lives..
Bod Bless you Both!
No one in the world would understand you, In the best way you each other do!!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
From best buddies you turned to spouse, And made a home out of a house!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Hold your hands and take a vow, That you'll always be there for each other just like you have been till now!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!