Last Updated: 4th May, 2020

Anniversary Invitation Wording

List of ideas for casual and formal anniversary wording.

Anniversary Wording - For Casual Invitations

1.) We'd like to share with you the joy and excitement of our wedding anniversary. To celebrate this special moment, we invite you to join us for food, music, and celebrations.

2.) Since you're a dear friend who's supported us all throughout, we'd like you to be a part of our anniversary celebrations. Let's enjoy this special moment together, and make it memorable for us!

3.) Come and join us as we celebrate 15 years of our love, marriage, and bonding with food, wine, and dancing.

4.) The wine is poured and the table is set, for an anniversary party you will never forget ! Join us for Dinner in celebration of our Wedding Anniversary!

5.) You are warmly invited at a get together to share our happy and precious moments to celebrate our Anniversary!

Anniversary Wording - For Formal Invitations

1.) We request the pleasure of your company at our wedding anniversary party. Please come and grace this occasion as we celebrate 20 years of our marriage and bonding.

2.) Please be our guest at a dinner party held in celebration of our wedding anniversary. We look forward to your gracious presence on this special occasion in our lives.

3.) In honor of our 35th wedding anniversary, we seek the pleasure to have you in our dinner party, as we celebrate a lifetime of love, warmth, and sharing.

4.) You are cordially invited to our wedding anniversary party. Your presence on this occasion is the only gift we look forward to.

5.) Please join us in making new memories as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary!


Invitation Wording - For Silver Anniversary

1.) You're invited to add cheer to our 25th wedding anniversary celebration, with your lovely presence at a dinner party that you'll remember for years to come!

2.) We request you to be our guest at our silver anniversary celebration. Kindly be present on this occasion to celebrate with us an ever-lasting bond of love and togetherness.

3.) As we embark on our 25th anniversary, we request you to join our celebrations on this special occasion. Your wishes and blessings will truly make our day a memorable one!

4.) As we're on our way to celebrate our silver anniversary, we invite you to share our joy and happiness at having completed 25 years of love and bonding.

Invitation Wording - For Golden Anniversary

1.) Please join us as we celebrate 50 golden years of our marriage over a dinner party. Your presence and participation will bring us immense joy and make our celebration extra-special.

2.) We request your gracious presence over cocktails and dinner in celebration of our golden anniversary. Your charming presence will truly add to our precious moments on this occasion.

3.) As we are on our 50th year of marriage and still going strong, we'd like to share with you the joy of an eventful life together. We invite you to enjoy a barbecue with food, fun, and more on our golden wedding anniversary.

4.) Once in a while you get a chance to witness what true love and caring is all about. Join us as we're on our way to commemorate 50 golden years of our love and togetherness!


Anniversary Wording - For Invitation by Children

1.) Because you have shared in their joy and sorrow, we invite you to join the anniversary celebration of our loving parents. Looking forward to your cheerful presence on this joyous occasion.

2.) Please be our guest as we toast our parents on completion of their 25 years of marriage. You're warmly invited to grace this occasion!

3.) As we embark on our 25th anniversary, we request you to join our celebrations on this special occasion. Your wishes and blessings will truly make our day a memorable one!

As we embark on our 25th anniversary, we request you to join our celebrations on this special occasion. Your wishes and blessings will truly make our day a memorable one!

4.) Together our parents have created a beautiful world around us with their love and warmth. We'd like you to join us as we celebrate their 50 fulfilling years of love, happiness, peace, and joy.

Anniversary Invitation Ideas

Wedding Photographs

  • You can put your wedding photograph within an envelope and send it as an invitation for your anniversary party. This is best suited for your 50th anniversary celebration, especially if you include gold chips created out of gold metallic paper into the envelope. Instead of using gold chips, you may include chocolates shape coins wrapped with golden paper.
  • The photograph can be decorated with a golden border that makes your invitation a unique one indeed!

Scroll Invitations

  • One of the most exciting anniversary invitation ideas is a scroll invitation. To create such invitations, print the text on off-white cardstock paper.
  • Place wet coffee grounds on the paper. Next, remove the coffee grounds and keep the cardstock below a weighted object. This is to ensure that the coffee grounds can be dried easily.


  • To create a formal look for your invitation, you may use calligraphy to write the text.
  • Then roll the invitation and tie it with a ribbon that matches the color of the scroll invitation.
  • It is preferable that you use a red ribbon for 1st anniversary invitation, a silver and golden ribbon for your 25th and 50th anniversary invitations respectively.

Video Invitations

  • A video is one of the best ways to invite your loved ones to your anniversary party. You may create a video by choosing portions of your wedding ceremony recorded earlier.
  • You should also use video recordings of the couple from the celebrations they've enjoyed together, to create a timeline of their lives.
  • You may end the video by specifying the date, time, and venue of your anniversary part.

Anniversary Photo Invitations

  • Photo invitations are those which give special emphasis on the images used for the occasion when you'd like your dear ones to join your party.
  • The text used in anniversary photo invitations is minimal compared to the wordings in an invitation card. Know more about anniversary photo invitations before you choose them.

Anniversary Invitation Cards

There are a variety of e-cards that can be used to invite your dear ones and associates to your anniversary party. These cards come with a wide range of images that can best reflect your emotions and excitement for your celebrations.

  1. You can personalize e-cards by adding the images and text that best conveys your thoughts on this special occasion.. You can add to the look and feel of the card by using damask designs along its borders.
  2. Other interesting images/photos you can have on your anniversary invitation cards are floral designs that make your invites appealing indeed.
  3. A collage of your photos of the special memories you share with your husband.. Such invitations will surely be appreciated by one.
  4. If you'd really want to choose anniversary invitations that are attractive and appealing, look for cards which come with images of a couple hugging and kissing each other.
  5. For your 25th anniversary, then you can choose a rectangular shaped card that comes with a silver border and have the words "Happy Silver Anniversary" printed on it.The card may be decorated with confetti and small pieces of silver paper to add value to it. You can attach silver rings to a ribbon hanging from the top of the card.
  6. For your 50th anniversary, you can actually go for a similar card that comes with a golden border.