Last Updated: 17th November, 2020

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether it's a wedding anniversary or love anniversary, it's a special occasion that calls for celebrations. This is when lovers or married couples offer exciting gifts to their partners and make them feel loved and treasured. Read on to get ideas on anniversary gifts any lover or spouse would like to present to their partners.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

Milestone Necklace:
  • Personalize your necklace as per your choice by adding your personal elements into it. You can add your and your partner's initials in the necklace along with the year of your marriage or the day when you met your significant other. Whether it's a gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend you can both wear a same neck piece and do twinning. Also, you can get your names engraved over it for making it an extra special gift.

  • If he is crazy about perfumes, then one of the most interesting gift ideas for him will be a collection of perfumes and deodorants. Make sure you get the brand that he would love to use.
Perfumes Gift Ideas

Keepsake Boxes:
  • You can get a keepsake box for him. This is one of the most exciting anniversary gift ideas for him
  • You may look for a silver or golden tone keepsake box with a colored lining.
  • Such keepsake boxes come with a key which looks attractive in the backdrop of the colored lining.
  • You can personalize the gift item with a loving message for your partner. Such a gift actually reminds your husband about your love for him.
Keepsake boxes Gift Ideas

  • If he is tech-savvy, you may look for a digital camera, a laptop, or i-Pod that he would love to receive from his beloved wife.
Gadgets Gift Ideas

Shirt Hampers:
  • You may get shirt hampers so as to help him replenish his wardrobe. You may buy a stylish formal wear or a casual shirt, and get matching trousers and neckties to offer that perfect present to your husband on his anniversary.
Shirt Hampers Gift Ideas

  • You may get a scrapbook from a local store or create one for your boyfriend. Include some photos of the two of you in the scrapbook.
  • Make sure the photos remind him of the lovely memories he shares with you. Write down some love quotes to show how much you care for him. You can also decorate the scrapbook with stickers, glitters, and heart-shaped paper cutouts.
Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gift Baskets:
  • You may get a gift basket full of items related to his favorite hobby. For example, if he loves gardening, you may present a gift basket full of gardening tools and equipments.
  • If he loves to play golf, offer him a gift basket with golf equipments like golf balls, scorecards, golf tees, etc.
Gift Baskets Anniversary Gift

Handmade Gift:
  • A handmade gift is one of the interesting anniversary gift ideas for men, especially boyfriends. That's because these gifts make them feel really important, and they appreciate the efforts their partners have given toward creating that gift.
  • A portrait of the lovers painted by the girlfriend can indeed be an exciting gift for her partner. Alternatively, one can paint a terracotta pot and plant a seedling inside to reflect her growing love for her boyfriend.

Gift Ideas for Senior Men:

  • If you have a senior person in the family celebrating his marriage, one of the exciting anniversary gift ideas for him is a gourmet food gift basket.
  • Beautiful Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • This gift would show that you indeed want him to stay healthy so that he can celebrate more anniversaries in life. You may look for items like blueberry crisp mix, almonds, cheddar herb biscuit mix, and organic tea in such baskets. In addition, you may include raspberry peach champagne jam, caramel swizzle sticks, and granola in the gourmet basket.
  • Among the best anniversary gift ideas for senior men, gifting a coffee table sports book is exciting indeed. Find out what's his favorite sport and find a famous book written on it, especially by a well-known player of that sport.
Top Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Young Men:

  • One of the best anniversary gifts you can offer to a young couple is a timepiece. Go for a brand that the couple prefers, and your gift is sure to delight them on their anniversary.
  • Whether it's your brother, a young friend or a junior family member, one of the interesting anniversary gift ideas for him is a spa package. Spa gift certificates for the couple can help them get a refreshing body treatment which will make them stress-free.
Anniversary Gift Ideas for spouse

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women

Below, you will find ideas for anniversary gifts that can be offered to girlfriends and wives. If you have a girlfriend, check out a list of gifts that you may offer to her on the anniversary of the date when you proposed love to her.

  • You can gift your girlfriend a piece of jewelry like a sterling silver necklace with a golden polished pendant.
  • If you get this gift from an online store, you can personalize it with your girlfriend's name and her birthstone.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women

Heart-shaped pocket token:
  • This can be the perfect symbol of your everlasting love for your girlfriend. She can carry it along with her in a pocket, wherever she goes. You can personalize such gifts by having your own message engraved on it.
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

Go on a cruise dinner:
  • Take your girlfriend to a cruise dinner and let her get a spectacular view of the natural scenery while having some of her favorite dishes. Gift her a bunch of red roses with a love note that says it all!
Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple

Jewelry boxes:
  • Jewelry is a woman's priced possession. Hence, she would surely like to protect it, and what better way to do so than to keep it in a jewelry box.
  • So, look for jewelry boxes which have beautiful carvings and designs so that your anniversary gift for your wife surely impresses her.
Jewelry boxes

A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers:
  • A bouquet of red roses, orchids, tulips, and carnations is the best way to express your love and passion for your wife on her anniversary. Such a gift is sure to make her smile on her big day.

Gift Boxes With Chocolate Kisses:
  • If your wife is fond of chocolates, then one of the thoughtful anniversary gift ideas for her will be a red satin-lined gift box which has lip-shaped milk chocolates. Such a wonderful gift is sure to delight on her anniversary.
Gift boxes with chocolate kisses

Anniversary Gifts for Couples

If you're looking for anniversary gift ideas for couples, check out the list of items mentioned below.

 Cakes, wine, and flowers:
  • One of the best anniversary gifts for couples is a hamper that includes a chocolate cake, a bottle of branded wine, and a bunch of pink roses. Instead of pink roses,
  • You may gift a bouquet of carnations, gerberas, and wild orchids. Make sure that the cake is topped with a pair of red sugar roses. It will not only add to its look but also enhance its taste.
Cakes, wine, and flowers

Gift certificates or vouchers:
  • Make a couple smile on their anniversary by offering gift certificates or vouchers so that they can purchase items of their choice or go on a lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant.
  • However, you should get the couple gift vouchers on items that they love to use. Find out whether the couple loves to try out new dresses and jewelry or use gadgets. Then check out the brands they prefer. Accordingly, you can get gift vouchers on items that are of the same brand.
Cakes, wine, and flowers

Toasting flutes with a vase and stand:
  • One of the most exciting anniversary gifts for couples is a pair of toasting champagne flutes kept in a miniature stylish vase that is fitted to a stand. If you purchase such a gift online, you may be able to personalize it by adding your own message to the vase. This will indeed make an elegant and classy gift with which you can greet a couple on their anniversary.
Toasting flutes

 A pair of special bands:
  • A pair of wedding bands placed on a small satin pillow within a silver plated box is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for couples. The wedding bands may come intertwined with each other just as the partners are bonded to one another.
A pair of special bands

 Gift for home décor:
  • A home décor item gifted on their anniversary is sure to be appreciated by a couple. If you choose a piece of wall art that includes floral painting with vibrant colors, it will help adorn the couple's living room.
  • Such a gift framed with barn wood and metal makes the perfect gift for a couple's anniversary.
Gift for home décor

Gift Ideas for Special Anniversaries

Whether it's a first anniversary, 25th or 50th anniversary, here's a list of gifts that can be offered on such occasions.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Watercolor portrait of the couple:
  • A couple can be gifted a portrait painted with digital watercolors. One can use the photos of the couple he has, in order to paint the portrait. In case he can't paint it, he can get experts to work on it.

Vintage clock:
  • If a husband loves antique objects, well then a vintage clock is one of the most interesting anniversary gift ideas for him. He'll love to receive such a gift from his wife, more so if it comes with a personalized love message.

A trip to her favorite destination:
  • A romantic vacation is among those wonderful first anniversary gift ideas that are valuable to every married couple.
  • On the first anniversary, a husband can take his wife on a trip to her favorite location. She'd love the idea of a vacation and look forward to making it a memorable experience for her husband and herself.
A trip to her favorite destination

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

25th anniversary plate:
  • One of the exciting 25th anniversary gift ideas for a couple is a personalized silver plate with a message congratulating them on this occasion.

Anniversary poem:
  • An interesting 25th anniversary gift idea for a husband is a love poem written by his wife. The wife can then laminate the poem with a frame having floral designs.

Red rose crafted with silver:
  • A bunch of red roses crafted with silver can be gifted to a wife by her husband on their 25th anniversary. This gift can be supplemented with a crystal base which makes it one of the exciting 25th anniversary gift ideas for her.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th anniversary wind chime:
  • A finely tuned musical wind chime can be a perfect anniversary gift for a couple. A golden wind chime would best suit a couple who's celebrating their 50th anniversary.

A signature vase:
  • A beautifully designed ceramic vase having love messages engraved on it is one of the wonderful 50th anniversary gift ideas for wife. Of course, a bunch of red roses in the vase would make it the ideal anniversary gift from a husband.

Glass photo frames:
  • A wife can offer a glass photo frame with beautifully etched designs to her husband on his anniversary. She can personalize the gift by having the anniversary number engraved on the frame. This can be a great gift to preserve a memory shared by the couple.

Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you love your beloved more than anything else then celebrate your relation by organizing an anniversary party. Your anniversary is an ideal way to rejoice the moments you have spend with your beloved since years and this celebration further encourages you to maintain a healthy relation. Celebrate your anniversary as a grand occasion and let people know about your perfect match. A number of things have to be kept in mind in order to plan for an anniversary party. The major thing is to decide for an anniversary gift for your beloved. Try to present a special gift to your soulmate on your wedding anniversary and let them feel their importance in your life.

If you really feel that nothing can be more precious than your soulmate for you then utilize your spare time and design a special homemade anniversary gift for him or her.

To provide you with different homemade gifts dgreetings has come with a variety of gift ideas that will help you to decide for a perfect homemade present for your anniversary.

Personalized pullovers: Utilize your spare time and make a personalized pullover for your spouse. Whenever your beloved will wear this pullover you will always be remembered and this pullover will also keep you close to him or her. If guys try making these personalized pullovers then it will surely make their love feel on the top of this world.

Dinner and drinks: Make delicious and special dinner for your love on your wedding anniversary and plan for a romantic candle night dinner at your home. Take guidance from different cookeries and make some refreshing drinks along with the food. Let your anniversary be a perfect time to share some romantic moments that will always remain fresh in the years ahead.

Paintings: Painting is an art, so why not become a painter on your anniversary. Try to paint a beautiful painting on your anniversary with the colors of love for your spouse. You can make your beloved feel his or her importance in your life by presenting this homemade painting, as it will show your personal effort and creativity as well.


Handcrafts: Utilize your skills and make some handcraft material for your spouse, as this will make him or her really happy. These kinds of presents are always kept safely and often make you remember moments associated with them even if years pass by.

Homemade Gift Baskets: If you want to gift your beloved with a variety of presents on your anniversary then homemade gift basket would be a perfect idea for you, as this will help you to gift a collection of homemade presents to your spouse.