Anniversary Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is the most passionate gift that you can give to your wife on your anniversary. A beautiful, aesthetic bouquet is sure to leave a memorable impression that will last for long. Express your profound love this anniversary by gifting an exquisite flower bouquet to your life partner. Here are the 5 all time favorite flowers that you can gift her along with the flowers that mark the anniversary years. Pick your choice.

All Time favorite Flowers:

  • Roses -

    The most classic and traditional flower gift, a red rose symbolizes passionate love. Opt for a bouquet to sweep her off her feet or a single stem to show the gentleness and keen love that you feel for your better half. A pink rose bouquet too would be a unique elegant choice to mark the occasion.

  • Roses

  • Orchids –

    An exotic, yet sophisticated bouquet of orchids symbolizes love, passion, and charm, it is filled with all the much appreciated qualities of your better half. Choose an orchid in your favorite color and fill your relationship with the exotic unmatched aroma of these utterly beautiful flowers.

  • Orchids

  • Lilies -

    Lilies symbolize awe-inspiring, splendid beauty, and fidelity. These are the perfect flowers that represent your relationship, your devotion and growth together. A mixed bouquet of lilies will be an apt gift for him/her to mark the passion of your years of togetherness.

  • Lilies

  • Tulips –

    Tulips symbolizes elegance and grace of a relationship. Red tulips says I Love you with no airs and a lot of ease. These flowers are available in variety of colors. Just pick a bouquet in your spouse’s favorite color and make them feel special.

  • Tulips

  • Daisies –

    A Daisy symbolizes joy, innocence and jovial nature and is unique choice for an anniversary flower gift. Daisies are also available in pink, red and white apart from yellow. They are perfect for a cheerful, jovial life partner who shares the same elegant qualities of a daisy.

  • Daisies

Anniversary Flowers

The Blissful Union of two souls in holy matrimony is an occasion that every married couple cheers in their life. To celebrate these auspicious milestones every year, various flowers associated with the year of the anniversaries. Read on!!

1st anniversary:

Shower your love on your beloved on the first anniversary by gifting him/her a bouquet of "The official" flower ‘the carnation’ that symbolizes pure love and good luck for the blissful first year of marital joy.

1st anniversary

2nd Anniversary:

"Lily Of the Valley", emphasizes on purity of love. It symbolizes return of happiness and devotion.

2nd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary:

Show your love to your beloved with a sunflower bouquet that symbolizes loyalty and longevity.

4th anniversary:

The official flower of fourth anniversary is ‘Hydrangeas’. It symbolizes heartfelt emotions and gratitude.

4th anniversary

5th Anniversary:

Daisy symbolizes innocence, stability and joyfullness in your matrimony.

5th anniversary

6th anniversary:

Calla Lilly, the official flower of 6th year of matrimony symbolizes faith and purity of feelings.

7th Anniversary:

Freesias symbolize innocence and pure love in a relationship.

7th anniversary

8th Anniversary:

White lilies, the majestic flower symbolizes love and the thoughts that "It’s divine to be with you"

7th anniversary

9th Anniversary:

A living plant celebrates the continuation of life and loves with the one you are blissfully married.

10th Anniversary:

Pink Rose symbolizes your profound admiration and unending love and commitment to your spouse.

10th Anniversary

15th Anniversary:

The official flower of 15th marriage anniversary is Stephanotis. It symbolizes stability and happiness in marriage.

20th Anniversary:

A bouquet of Pink and White Roses on 20th marriage anniversary says "I love you forever".

20th Anniversary

25th Anniversary:

A flamboyant bouquet of sterling silver roses symbolizes "Love at first sight" and states that your love is still youthful as it has always been.

20th Anniversary

30th Anniversary:

A bouquet of White rose symbolizes purity and profound love and lasting relationship on this milestone.

30th Anniversary

35th Anniversary:

The official flower of 35th year of matrimony is an African violet. It symbolizes faithfulness.

35th Anniversary

40th Anniversary:

The official flower of 40th anniversary is Red Roses. It symbolizes respect and profound love in the rock strong relationship. 45th Anniversary: Blue Iris, symbolizes the unabashed faith, and wisdom of one’s relationship.

40th Anniversary

50th Anniversary:

The joys of 50 magnanimous years spent together are aptly symbolized by Yellow roses. It symbolizes joys and gladness of the years of spent together.

50th Anniversary

55th Anniversary:

The beauty of 55 years blissfully spent together is aptly shown in an elegant bouquet of Calla’s that symbolizes ethereal beauty.

50th Anniversary

60th Anniversary:

An exotic bouquet of exotic orchids mark the 60 amazing years of togetherness. The orchids are symbolic of love, passion and charm.

Anniversary Flowers

So, now you are aware of which bouquet to be given in which year. Be ready to charm your better half this anniversary with elegant bouquets that will leave a lasting impression of your love in your beloved’s heart.

Last Updated: 24th April, 2020