60th Anniversary Party Ideas

Sixty years of life is a big time that two individuals have spent together. If you want to cherish these sixty years then organize a rocking party on your 60th anniversary and make it an everlasting occasion. Give the couple a big surprise on their 60th anniversary party by organizing a grand party. All the near and dear ones can arrange a party and make this occasion a memorable one for the couple.
Decide for the anniversary celebrations beforehand and make sure that everyone enjoys the party.

There are number of things that have to be decided for a 60th anniversary party. Some of these can be:


Decide for the people you want to invite. Since the near and dear ones plan to organize the 60th anniversary party therefore it is very easy to make a list of the invitees.


Decide for a perfect venue to host the party. Let your venue be a perfect place to create a romantic ambience for the couple.


Decorations are an important part of the anniversary party. Decorate the venue, anniversary cake etc, as all these are a part of the anniversary decorations. To create a perfect ambience decorate the place in a very attractive way and let everyone enjoy the party. Decorate the place with balloons, streamers, ribbons etc and other decorative pieces.


The couple will decide for the anniversary gift they want to present to each other. Anniversary gift is a perfect symbol of your anniversary celebrations and will help you to go down the memory lanes and remember the romantic moments. You can even decide for a diamond gift for a 60th anniversary as it the traditional and modern gift for this anniversary.


Decide for the catering and set a menu for the party. Guests are always attracted towards the decorations and the eatables, so make sure that you serve them with delicious food items. Anniversary cake is also a very important part of the celebrations so look for a yummy anniversary cake.


Think for creative ideas to make your anniversary party a mesmerizing affair. Plan for some games, music etc so that all the people in the party are a part of these activities and they further enjoy them.


As a symbol of your love and thanks you can present the guests with anniversary favors. These favors will always make your near and dear ones remember your 60th anniversary party.

So just plan for the celebrations and make your sixtieth anniversary a memorable occasion.