40th Anniversary Party Ideas

Plan for your 40th anniversary celebrations and host a rocking part on your anniversary. Let your 40th anniversary party be a perfect time to celebrate your pious relationship. Invite your near and dear ones on this momentous occasion and make your 40th anniversary a mesmerizing affair.

Plan for your anniversary party beforehand to avoid confusion.
A number of things have to be decided and some of the common things that need to be decided for a 40th anniversary party are given below:


What is the amount of budget you can afford and accordingly you can decide for your 40th anniversary party.


Decide for the kind of invitations you want. Invitation card, email or call can be a good way of inviting your near and dear ones. Invite two weeks before the occasion so that your guests can prepare in the mean while.


Decide for a romantic venue to host your anniversary party that all your near and dear ones would admire. Get the venue decorated so that it creates a perfect ambience for your celebrations.


Organize delicious food for all the invitees. Anniversary cake with a tempting flavor should be decided so that it gives a perfect taste to all the guests. Look for a good caterer who will provide you with the best dining.


After all the things are decided now search for a unique gift to present your spouse and make this occasion a memorable one. You can also make your anniversary an everlasting occasion in the minds and souls of your guests by presenting them with anniversary favors.

There can be number of other things that you can decide for your 40th anniversary party like a party theme, number of guests etc. Once you have planned for your 40th anniversary party now look for the ideas that will help you to make your anniversary party a real rocking one. Some of the ideas that will make your 40th anniversary party a memorable occasion are given below:

Party themes:

If you want you can have a theme for your anniversary party. Ruby stone is a special stone for 40th anniversary party and you can have this as the theme. Even a particular dress code can be the theme for your anniversary party.


Organizing some games on your 40th anniversary party will create an excitement among all the guests. These games will make everyone participate in your party and thereby your party will be a memorable occasion.

So plan for your 40th wedding anniversary party and make it an everlasting affair that will remain fresh in the years to come.