16th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sixteenth wedding anniversary is a blissful occasion, just like any other anniversary. Your gift on sixteenth anniversary should carry an appreciative note for togetherness of the couple for fifteen years. If itís about your anniversary, you have a good chance in hand to show your spouse how much you have enjoyed this journey together.

There is no traditional theme linked to sixteenth anniversary. So, you can choose from the broad range of gifts. Here, several sixteenth anniversary gift ideas are given. You can choose the best one for your spouse or a couple.


  • Peridot and aquamarine are the gems that are related to the sixteenth year. The couple can give it to each other. Husbands can give jewelry of these gemstones and wives can gift cuff links or a plain ring band of either of the two gemstones.

  • Topaz is also a good choice to be gifted after fifteen years of your togetherness.

  • Silver Holloware

    • Silver Holloware makes the sixteenth yearís modern anniversary theme. Your wife will love serving dishes of silverware like coffee pots, soup tureens and teapots.

    • If you are planning to give a silver holloware to a couple, a piece of classic silver hollowware like a goblet or a candleholder will make a thoughtful gift.

    Creative Gift ideas

    • Make a scrapbook for the couple that displays their fifteen-year journey of togetherness. Add significant milestones of their life in the scrapbook such as birth of their children or shifting to a new home. Make it in such a way that when they turn pages of this scrapbook, they recollect beautiful moments of their married life from their first anniversary to fifteenth.

    • You can give a gift complementing the home of the couple. A small sculpture will be appreciated by them.

    • You can also present a self-composed poem or hand-knitted woolens.

    More Gift ideas for Sixteenth Anniversary

    • You can also help them to create their own memories by giving tickets for a trip to their favorite destination.

    • If you want to give them something of practical use, you can go for a kitchen appliance or a barbeque grill.

    • Flowers are timeless gifts of love. If itís about giving a gift to your spouse, you can opt for giving a bouquet of sixteen flowers of his/her choice. These sixteen flowers will signify your sixteenth anniversary.

    Sixteenth anniversary gift ideas should reflect respect and celebration for the coupleís long relationship of fifteen years. Whether it is a bouquet, a poem or any jewelry or gemstone; itís all about giving and adding cheer to the coupleís day. Itís not the price that matters, itís the spirit of giving that counts. Sixteenth wedding anniversary gift ideas in the above account are sure to help you in giving a heartfelt gift to the couple. They symbolize the spirit of wonder and appreciation for a life shared and celebrated by the wedded couple.