World Schizophrenia Day
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World Schizophrenia Day

The World Schizophrenia Day is observed across the entire world on the 24th of May every year. This is the day when special efforts are taken to spread awareness about the disease, Schizophrenia. This disease impairs the brains and leads to mental disorder in a person. The stigma of getting infected with Schizophrenia often forces people to hide their actual condition. To prevent this and help patients tackle this illness effectively, the whole world joins hands on the World Schizophrenia Day. The purpose is to educate and make people aware of the disease and its recovery.

The World Schizophrenia Day finds the whole world voicing a similar concern for those infected with this health condition. This is to ensure that Schizophrenia patients are taken care of and helped to lead a better life. So, on the World Schizophrenia Day, send a special card to your dear ones to share your concern over this disease. Choose World Schizophrenia Day cards which can best convey your message and encourage your dear ones to spread awareness about this health condition.
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