When is Women's Day ?

International Women's Day is on March 8.

 Women's Day
WeekdayDate Name
Sun Mar 8 2015 International Women's Day
Tue Mar 8 2016 International Women's Day
Wed Mar 8 2017 International Women's Day
Thu Mar 8 2018 International Women's Day
Fri Mar 8 2019 International Women's Day
Sun Mar 8 2020 International Women's Day

Public Life

In some countries International Women's Day is a public holiday.

  • Armenia.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Belarus.
  • Moldova
  • Russia.
  • Ukraine.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • The International Women's Day is observed every year on March 8. This year, Women's Day falls on Thursday. Women's Day is a very significant day and is observed on a large scale by countries around the world. The achievements made by women are recognized on this day.

    History of the Day

  • The earliest Women's Day celebrations dates back to 1909 when it was held as a socialist political event in New York City, United States. In 1917, Women's Day was declared a national holiday in the Soviet Union. It later on spread to other countries and is now a global event celebrated across the world.


  • Grand celebrations are held on Women's Day around the world. Various events are organized on the day. Women who have achieved success in various fields such as education, business, entrepreneurship, media, science and technology among others are invited to give their views and opinions at seminars or conferences.

  • Debates or presentations are also organized in schools on the issues concerning women.

  • Many children participate in these with enthusiasm.

  • Many students also bring gifts for their female teachers as a mark of their appreciation while in many countries employers also give gifts to their female employees.

  • Many posters, information booklets and newsletters that are published on International Women's Day feature the faces of women regardless of background, age and nation.

  • The International Women's Day also has its own logo which comes in purple and white. The logo also features the symbol of Venus.

  • Last Updated: 11th January, 2018