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Women's Day Activities

The International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated every year globally on March 8. Women's Day started out as a feminine movement in the early 1900s where women demanded equal opportunities, freedom and the right to vote. Today, the concept has evolved into something more. It may not be a completely rosy picture, but as compared to the years gone by, the conditions for women have improved drastically. And more and more people have started questioning patriarchy! An everlasting change is on the horizon that may be slow, but is inevitable nonetheless.

Following are some ideas on how we can celebrate this extraordinary day!

Women's Day is just as sacred as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day!
If you have any woman in your life, be it your mother, sister, girlfriend or friend, honour her with some flowers or a small present, do her chores for the day and take her out for dinner because Women's day is not just about remembering popular female revolutionaries, it is about every woman and every girl on this planet. So go ahead and make her feel special!

Activities at work
Various events are held on IWD the world over and some countries even regard this day as a national holiday! As part of a workplace environment, offices can organize parties where women workers are given special titles. Crowns and gift hampers may be given to add to the fun! A kitty party of sorts or a ladies' night out can also be organized with all the expenses covered. Alternately, women (and only women) can be given a day off from work!

Activities in educational institutions
It is essential for the youth in schools and colleges to be aware of women empowerment. After all, this young crowd is the one that will grow and help transform the nation's future. Moreover, it is easy to be influenced by ideas at a young age. So, why not help our youth in imbibing positive values about the equality of both genders? For this purpose, educational institutions across various levels can organize events on IWD such as documentary screenings, narrating historical examples through theatre and drama, and holding interactive discussions with eminent speakers.

Concerts, flash mobs and street plays
There is a big fuss over the 'danger women put themselves in by going out at night'. Although many protests have taken place pertaining to this issue which has gained widespread media attention, why not take another step to ensure its recognition? For this purpose, concerts, flash mobs or street plays can be organized at night. The venue has to be a public ground with as much advertising as possible to gather a large audience. Through these instruments, messages of freedom and equality for women can be conveyed directly to the public. 

  Lastly, it is imperative that both women as well as men work together in the endeavour towards woman empowerment. We need to bring females to the same stature as males and banish all biases towards what is called the “weaker sex”. If not now, when? If not us, who?