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Raksha Bandhan Calendar
Thu Aug 18 2016
Mon Aug 7 2017
Sun Aug 26 2018
Thu Aug 15 2019
Mon Aug 03 2020

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that commemorates the relationship of brother and sister. This festival is celebrated usually in the month of August on the Shravana Purnima. The atmosphere of jubilation starts mounting up much before the occasion.

Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi is an Indian festival that symbolized the loving bond between brothers and sisters.

  • On 2017, Rakhi will be celebrated on Monday, August 7; the festival does not have a fixed date and is celebrated on full moon of the month of Shraavana also known as Shravan Poornima.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

  • Let's start with the meaning of Raksha Bandhan. 'Raksha' is a Hindi word that means protection and 'Bandhan” means the bond. Thus, Raksha Bandhan stands for the bond of protection between brother and sister.

  • How is Raksha bandhan Celebrated?

    • On the auspicious eve of Shravana Purnima, the girls tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. In turn, the brother takes the vow of protecting his sister from all the dangers that come her way.
    • Many women observe fast till the completion of the rituals. After the thread tying ceremony, the girls perform Arti of their brothers so as to invoke divine blessings to bestow on their brothers. Traditionally, the following mantra is chanted while performing Arti:
      "Yena baddho Bali Raja
      Daanavendro mahabalah
      Tena twam anubadhanaami
      Rakshe maa chala maa chala"

  • Every year on the day before Rakhi, sisters can be seen applying mehendi on their hand and buying all the things required for doing the puja before tying the thread around their brother’s wrist.

  • Applying Mehendi on Rakhi

  • Brothers can also be seen doing last minute shopping for gifts to be given to their sisters; many brothers prefer to give cash, so that the sisters can buy whatever they wish to. Though Rakhi is primarily a Hindu festival, people from other religions also take part in this.

  • Rakhi Gifts

  • The brother in the celebration does not necessarily have to be a blood relation, any male can be adopted as the brother and the Rakhi can be tied on his wrist.

  • Rakhi Celebration

  • In different parts of India, the day of Rakhi is celebrated in their traditional way and is known by various other names as well.

  • Other names of Raksha Bandhan are

    • Pavitropana in some parts of Gujarat
    • Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkand and Bihar
    • Nariyal Purnima in Maharashtra
    • Rakhi Purnima in North and South India.

    other names of Raksha Bandhan


    Last Updated: 3rd July, 2017