Friendship Day 2015



Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.

You don't really need a special day to make your friends feel loved and cared about. But Friendship Day offers you the opportunity to give your friends extra attention and honor your friendship with others. Read on to learn about Friendship Day facts and find out how you can best celebrate this day with your friends.

When is Friendship Day 2015?

Friendship Day 2015 will be celebrated on†August 2nd.

Origin of Friendship Day

The tradition of observing Friendship Day began in 1935 when Congress declared that the country would dedicate a day in honor of friends and celebrate it on the first Sunday of August annually. Since then, this event has been celebrated by people of all ages in several countries, in addition to the U.S. As more nations joined in the celebrations, Friendship Day came to be known as the International Friendship Day.

Friendship Day In Different Years:

Year Dates
2014 August 3
2015 August 2
2016 August 7
2017 August 6
2018 August 5
2019 August 4
2020 August 2
2021 August 1
2022 August 7
2023 August 6
2024 August 4
2025 August 3


How to Celebrate Friendship Day?

  • Friendship Day is celebrated with fun and enthusiasm by sending cards, gifts and flowers to close friends.

  • A popular custom includes giving pink and yellow roses to your friends who've been there when you needed them.

  • A cultural phenomenon related to this event is the†Friendship band†that teenagers gift to their friends as a symbol of their friendship and bond that they want to cherish forever


Friendship Day 2015

Cards and wishes:

Greetings cards are a great way to send best wishes to your friends and make them feel special on Friendship Day. Browse through†Friendship Day e-cards†and choose the one that can best convey your feelings for your friends.


SMS and Online Messages:

Instead of a card, you can send friendship messages through SMS on this important occasion. If your friends have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can post your messages there.

  • Friendship Messages
  • Friendship is like a fresh rose,
    its fragrance lingers through out your life and keeps you fresh.

  • A friend remains a friend no matter how badly they fight.
    I know youíll always be there for me.
    Thank you for being my friend.

  • True friends are like pearls Ė rare and precious!

  • Friends are your harshest critics, ardent followers, compassionate guides, and, forever yours.

  • Friendship is a gift that money canít buy. It is a blessing that only the fortunate have. I am lucky to have a friend like you.

  • God first created humans and then he created friends so that we never feel lonely.

  • More Messages..

Friendship Day Gift Ideas:

You don't need to give an expensive gift to your friend on Friendship Day, but a thoughtful present to your friends can brighten their day and make them feel important.†
  • SCRAPBOOK - You can create a memory journal yourself by putting together a scrapbook of all of your thoughts about the lovely memories you share with your friends. You can paste photos of your friends in the scrapbook to make it a personalized gift for your friends.

  • Friendship day Gifts
  • PHOTOFRAME - Alternatively, you can gift a photo frame with a cheerful photo of your friend along with you.

  • Friendship day photo frame
  • FLOWERS - An interesting idea for Friendship Day gifts include a bunchof yellow sunflowers that symbolize the depth of your bond with your friend.

  • Friendship day flowers
  • COFFEE MUGS - If your friend loves to drink tea or coffee, you may gift them a ceramic mug with floral designs and a message that conveys all the good wishes you have for that person.
  • Coffee Mugs for Friendship Day




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