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Religious Wedding Vows

Every religion whole heartedly supports the union of a man and woman tied together in a wonderful marital bond. Religious wedding ceremonies are the perfect way for a couple to pledge their commitment to each other before the God. A religious wedding ceremony provides faith and many couples feel that getting married in a church or temple gives their wedding vow a special meaning. The religious wedding vows are the focal point of the entire marriage ceremony. More importantly, they give meaning to the ceremony, even after the marriage celebration is over. Different religions follow different tradition of wedding vows, followed through many ages.

Here’s sharing with you some interesting facts about different and sacred religious wedding vows.
1. Christian Wedding Vows--- Christian wedding vows, reflect the mutual values of the couple. The significance of Christian vows is especially revealed in an orthodox wedding ceremony that takes place in a church. Normally the ‘Betrothal’ begins near the entrance of the church, where the groom stands to the right and the bride stands to his left.
The priest then blesses the bride and groom three times and gives them lit candles, which they hold until the end of the service. The candles represent the warmth of their faith and love of God followed by the ‘service of crowning’. Different traditions within Christianity have different form and content for their respective wedding vows even as the practice of exchange of vows remains the same throughout these traditions. A traditional Christian wedding vow ceremony begins with the church official saying words such as--- "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God, and in the presence of this company, to unite __ and __ in holy matrimony.
Marriage was ordained by God in Eden and confirmed in Cana of Galilee by the presence of the Lord, and is declared by the Apostle Paul to be honorable among all men. On this occasion we begin by asking God's blessing on this marriage service. Let us pray.”
2. Jewish wedding Vows--- Traditional Hebrew wedding ceremonies begin with the bride and groom signing a marriage contract, called the Ketubah. There are typically many different wedding vows between the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform branches of Jewish culture. In many Jewish weddings, the vows are exchanged as the groom puts the ring on the bride's finger, or during a double-ring ceremony. The groom says, "Harey at mekuddeshet li B'taba'at zo k'dat Moshe V'israel" meaning "Behold, thou are consecrated unto me with this ring according to the Law of Moses and of Israel." The groom then puts the ring on the bride's finger.

3. Muslim Wedding Vows---- Every religious wedding vow has a spiritual significance attached to it. According to the holy scriptures of the Islamic tradition, the bride recites “I, _________, offer you in myself in marriage in accordance with the instructions of the Holy Quar'an and the Holy Prophet, peace and blessing is upon Him. I pledge, in honesty and with sincerity, to be for you an obedient and faithful wife." While the groom says, "I pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to be for you a faithful and helpful husband."

4. Hindu Wedding Vows ---- Though there are different ceremonies associated with the Hindu wedding customs, the most general ones being ‘Saptapadi’ or ‘Saat Phere’ where the bride and the groom walk around the fire. The ritual of ‘saptapadi’ symbolizes the journey of life, in which both bride and bride groom travel together hand in hand. They should be with each other through all thick and thin. According to Hindu belief, if the bride and bridegroom walk seven steps together then they will remain together for life.

Thus, wedding vows are an indispensable part of every wedding celebration.

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